Team Breakdown: Aware Gaming EU

Well Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come. SWC is upon us as we kick off the first of four days to crown two world champions. So to begin the day, I want to release the third and final preview of the qualified Xbox Invitational teams. Time to learn about our boys from across the pond, Aware Gaming.

The Roster


Watson is one of the best if not the best player in the world currently. Competing in SWC will be where Watson can prove that this title is truly deserved. Many have doubted the overall skill of Watson due to the the belief that the European Xbox Smite Community is over lesser skill. Facing Cognitive Gaming in the first round will be an interesting start to see exactly where Watson is in terms of skill. There’s a very good chance that we could see Watson getting the camping treatment from his opponents in North America due to the fact that his performance in the ESL qualifier didn’t go unnoticed by many.


Skizzle since joining this team has found himself as one of the premiere junglers in not only the European scene but the North American scene as well. He has a tendency to stay up and compete in inhouses and other competitive games which has allowed the NA scene to kind of understand how skilled he is and how he plays. Whether that will come as a disadvantage for him, only time will tell. His picks aren’t very predictable which is definitely a good trait to have going into the World Championships but many do know that he loves playing Thor if given the chance so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cognitive try to take that away from him if need be.


Liquidz came on to the roster as a replacement for Syncronotion directly after a rather convincing LAN performance for Aware. Many would say that he is the biggest question mark for this team having been on it for the least amount of time but there is definitely no doubt that he has the skill and knowledge to compete at a very high level. Having been on the third place EU team, Liquids was still able to compete with every Mid-laner in EU so his face to face matchup with Freya tonight in the Mid-lane will be a huge test.


Many criticize Dobson for having a rather small god pool which we all know can lead to troubles down the road if the opposing team can spot this early in a set. Luckily for Dobson, his first matchup is against COG Paul who is a rather skilled carry but has a concentrated god pool. Dobson was an addition to this squad actually right before the LAN, arriving from Paradigm’s Xbox team. With obvious networking issues between EU and NA, it has almost been impossible to tell how Dobson will stand up with the North American ADC’s but tonight truly will be a huge test for him and a great opportunity to prove himself.


The Captain of this Aware team has a lot of weight on his shoulders going into the Smite World Championships. The NA Community has deemed in some ways that the EU scene is of “lesser” skill so it’ll be interesting to see how Zenborne prepares his squad to convince the community otherwise. Zenborne personally will be in a battle of his own playing against Gustavy who is about as sneaky as sneaky gets in the Support role. Zenborne is known to play very aggressive and even in times has found himself caught out of positiion which is something that the North American community, COG especially, tends to punish. Some criticize Zenborne and claim that he has a small god pool but I think it falls more on the fact that they truly value the Geb Shield and thus pick Geb into a lot of their comps.

What to expect

From this team, anything is possible. We’ve seen them win the ESL, deeming themselves the best team in Europe but what we don’t know is how that relates to the overall Smite community and more specifically the NA community. They have a very tough matchup with Cognitive Gaming, a side who will punish you for every misplay and mishap your side has. Aware never seemed to get punished very hard or at all when playing competitive so this wil definitely be something they haven’t experienced before. Nevertheless, the matchup between COG and Aware is going to be one that won’t disapoint in my opinion. Aware doesn’t have too high of expectations from the community, however Captain Zenborne had this to say about Aware representing EU in the Xbox Invitational.

“I wouldn’t say we have a lot of pressure to represent the EU community but we also want to achieve the best result possible, thus representing the EU scene very well.”

The obvious question about the EU team is how they are preparing for this competition seeing as they have had very little chance to face the NA teams. Zenborne said this about their preparation to face NA.

“We’ve obviously been watching the NA scene for quite some time now. MLG tournaments, LANs and the Pro League have given us quite a bit of information to prepare for LAN. We did manage to get a few scrims in against some NA teams to familiarize ourselves with the differences in gameplay so that definitely will be helpful at Worlds.”

Well, with SWC upon us. Only time will tell for the European community if they can top the NA Community. Tonight, live on we will see Cognitive v Aware, the battle for the first birth into the Xbox Finals and a larger share of the $150k prize pool. Be sure to tune in to not only that game but all day as well as we begin the first of four days at SWC!!