Team Breakdown: Cognitive Gaming

With the second part of a three part series breaking down the three teams already qualified for the Xbox Invitational, we have another North American team in Cognitive Gaming.

Team Overview

The organization Cognitive Gaming has been in the Smite scene for quite some time, even being crowned World Champions last year while sponsoring the PC team we now know as Cloud9. Their current Xbox team started out in the competitive scene under the name Release Gaming. They really got their name out there after winning the MLG 10k tournament that landed them a spot at MLG NOLA in which they secured a spot in the Pro League. After a very stellar performance in the Pro League and a few roster changes, Jungler Shing was able to land the Release Gaming squad a sponsorship with Cognitive Gaming as they headed into MLG Columbus. MLG Columbus is where Cognitive Gaming soared and later secured their spot at SWC with Team eGr’s victory over XGN.

The Roster

Lispy37 (Shing)

Ever since he announced his departure from PC team Denial eSports and his arrival to the Xbox scene, Shing has found himself succeeding at a very high level. Shing was always known as a very high skilled Jungler on PC and he adapted very well to putting an Xbox controller in his hands. He was able to put up rock solid performances at every LAN he attended and thus found himself able to push the squad past a very strong eLevate team and landing their ticket to SWC.


Freya finds himself in a newer role in the mid lane but nevertheless has performed very well at every role he has played. His prominence in the mid-lane is very important to his team’s success and his ability to do so has been very key in their success to date. His role for Cognitive isn’t necessarily to carry the team but rather put his team in a very good position going into the late game, allowing Shing and Paul to do what they do best, Carry.


If you haven’t had a chance to read my sit-down interview with COG Paul, I suggest you do it and do it ASAP. This man has done nothing but show his dominance in the duo lane since he emerged in the Xbox scene. Paul does have a rather concentrated god pool but he isn’t the type of player that you can ban out during PnB’s. His Hou Yi game-play is absolutely game changing and that is something that Aware is going to have to worry about as they prepare for this stacked roster.

Soup Kitchen

As captain of the team, Soup finds himself laning in Solo. He doesn’t ever seem to lose lane which is always a confidence booster for the team going into the late game. His god pool is rather large so there’s not too much teams can do to prevent him from taking off in the Solo lane. I expect to see Aware target to weaken him during PnB’s and in the early parts of their match-up. He as well as the rest of this Cognitive Gaming roster are very good team fighters and their extreme tactical skill helps them escape the early game.


Some may remember Gustavy on his days on Team eLevate where he seemed to excel as a player but the team didn’t necessarily excel with him when everything was put in place. He doesn’t have these same problems on Cognitive Gaming and he actually gels almost perfectly with this Cognitive side. He plays a very aggressive style and is very sneaky with his rotations. He is definitely in the back of the mind of every Jungler and Mid when they attempt to go for mid camps. If he can establish dominance in the early and mid game for Cognitive, very positive results will be in store for them.

What to Expect

I’ve always been a huge fan of this team after seeing them come in last minute and win the MLG 10k tournament right before MLG NOLA. After a few key roster changes, this squad has done a very good job of performing when they were required to. Shing having the experience that basically nobody in the Xbox scene has (except for EnVyUs & XGN) has also been a huge part of their success. Captain Soup Kitchen had this to say about Shing and how having him on the team has impacted them.

“Having Shing on the team has definitely helped team communication and how we control the Picks and Bans. He has a much better attitude than most of us and his extreme knowledge of team compositions and counterpicks was huge because previously we lacked this as a team.”

It is obviously very important to have Shing bring his A game when they take the stage in the Cobb Performing Arts center seeing as he seems to be the Heart & Soul behind everything for the team. On a closing note, Captain Soup Kitchen wanted to thank Team eGr for booking their first class flight to SWC because most of the team wasn’t feeling the Open Bracket.

Well that wraps up Part two of this three part series and look out as I break down what to expect from the boys coming to Atlanta across the Atlantic. Make sure to give these players a follow on Twitter as well as follow Big Bad on twitter for live updates at SWC, giveaways and much much more!