PC SMITE: SWC Team Previews – Enemy and Epsilon


Many were surprised when Enemy took down a veteran TSM in the first round of the Super Regionals, knocking out last year’s 3rd place team from Worlds. Even more of the Smite faithful were shocked when Enemy rattled the scene and defeated the number one seed, EnVy, in the 2nd round to secure their spot at Worlds. A true underdog story, Enemy have battled their way into the Smite World Championships when many didn’t see them even making it to Super Regionals.
The Enemy roster comes with controversial, yet humble beginnings. Captain and support, PainDeViande, decided to remove everyone from the Legion of Carrots roster from the Summer Split, and bring in his own group of players for the Fall Split. This was seen as a surprise to many, as DJPernicus was their jungler, and seemed quite capable of performing at the SPL level. Determined to make his own path, Pain brought together a team of lesser known players, under a new flagship, Enemy Esports.
The team had a lot to prove going into the Fall Split. A roster full of part time subs and players who never quite fit in, Pain put together his “band of misfits” and did just enough to make it into the Super Regionals, placing 5th in the Fall Split.
After their stellar performance at Super Regionals, it is no doubt Enemy have some quality individually as well as an ability to play together. SaltMachine, who never truly locked down a starting spot on Legion in the Summer Split, has really found his groove on Enemy as the front line warrior harasser that every team seems to need in this meta. His play on Bellona itself is something to be admired. While SaltMachine has defined himself in the solo lane, the real transformation occurred in the duo lane with adc Vetium and support PainDeViande. Both of these players have stepped up their game exponentially since the Fall Split, and seem to strive in the underdog role, as they played against highly skilled and veteran duos in TSM’s Snoopy and Eonic, as well as EnVy’s Allied and Incon. Vetium himself has found success in Sol and Hou Yi, while Pain has become very diverse in his play as support, most notably his Khepri play during the Super Regionals. Enemy will look to continue their underdog story at Worlds, placing in the group with both Fnatic and Avant Garde. The road won’t be easy, but no team should underestimate Pain and his group of overlooked players.

We had a chance to ask Pain a few questions about his team and his expectations at Worlds.

BigBad: How’s it feel to take a team of fresh pro players and qualify for Worlds over some of the more veteran teams like Eager and Envy?

Pain: It feels pretty satisfying to show the World why I ended up picking my current teammates over the previous roster. Despite our performance at LAN, it seems like most people still believe we are not deserving of a top level spot in the NA ranking. I guess expecting a slight bit of recognition for our latest achievements does not come in easily. That’s why while I’m glad we’ve shown our strength at LAN over TSM and EnVy, I won’t be satisfied fully until we perform at Worlds and bring home at the very least a second place.

BigBad: When it comes to your preparations for Worlds, is your focus more so on your own development as a team, or is learning your opponent equally or more important?

Pain: Coming into Worlds, we definitely look into the opposing teams but at this point we’ve had enough content to watch to know how each team plays. We’re more focused on ourselves bringing unorthodox picks and strategies going into LAN that our opponents won’t be able to predict.

BigBad: Obviously winning Worlds is the main goal, but is there a finish that you as a team would be content with outside of winning it all?

Pain: As I’ve mentioned, I wouldn’t be satisfied unless we took 2nd place at the very least. NA has always been the dominating region in Smite and we intend to perpetuate the tradition this year once more. We’re seeing a C9 vs NME revenge finals.

Pain: P.S. Finally, shout outs to all the “analysts” for putting their faith in my team and for probably expecting us to lose to a team of Brazilian Bronze IV players if there ever were one playing us at a LAN. I’ll be looking forward to shoving it up your guys’ throat as usual *winkie face*

A huge thank you goes to PainDeViande for providing his time for the short interview. His social links include twitter.com/NMEPainDeViande and twitch.tv/paindeviande

The rest of the team can be found here:
Vetium – Twitter.com/NME_Vetium
Khaos – Twitter.com/NME_Khaos
SaltMachine – Twitter.com/NME_Saltmachine

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Considered by many to be the “Money Ball” team of Smite, iRaffer put together a team of some of the most technical and mechanically sound players in Europe. Before this split, many of the players weren’t considered top of their respective roles. After their amazing 27-1 domination of the Fall Split, each of these players were voted best in their role in Europe, now getting the recognition they all were missing the splits before.
What iRaffer and Epsilon have done in the Fall Split was something truly amazing. A 27-1 record in such a long season, with teams like Paradigm and Fnatic is something that has yet to be seen in the game of Smite. While they dominated the Fall Split, they were unable to snag the number one seed out of Europe, falling to Paradigm in a tightly contested Europe final at Super Regionals. Some will say they didn’t give their best as they wanted to avoid the “curse of the #1 seed” at Worlds. Whether that may be true or not, Epsilon have something to prove this year at Worlds, especially now as they aren’t seen as unbeatable anymore.
For anyone who has watched EU Smite this year, they will know this team revolves around their star player and jungler, Adapting. Maybe the most mechanically gifted player in all of Smite, Adapting has an inept ability to make the right plays at the right time. It’s impossible to ban him out of the game, as he can take virtually any assassin into the jungle and can carry Epsilon when they need it most. Behind Adapting, solo laner Dimi has put himself in the conversation as the best solo laner in the world, even over the likes of CycloneSpin and Omega. Dimi has shown he can play virtually anything in the solo lane, from Loki to Nu Wa, there isn’t much he hasn’t tried. His versatility will become very useful at Worlds, against so many teams from outside the SPL, who play very off-meta team comps and strategies. Following them, iRaffer, Yammyn, and emilitoo have all performed at the highest levels to put this team in the position and respect they are today. Epsilon will definitely be considered a top favorite to take home Thor’s Hammer this weekend, despite their mishap at Super Regionals.
We were lucky enough to catch up with iRaffer over the holidays and his birthday to ask him a few questions about his team and their group stage matchups with the lesser known teams at Worlds.

BigBad: Having 3 unknown teams in your group, what kind of mindset does the team have in preparations for the group stage, and have you been able to review footage of these teams and their play styles?

iRaffer: We’re pretty confident in our first sets of games, and will probably hold back a lot of the stuff we’ve been holding. I’ve seen a couple of games and I know our coach ‘Youngbae’ has been looking into these. I don’t think they’re a big threat but hopefully these words don’t come to bite me back!

BigBad: Many have called Epsilon the “Money Ball” team of Smite, with each of your players being some of the most mechanically sound players in the SPL all the while being somewhat overlooked before the Fall Split. How does it feel to have accomplished everything you have so far with this group of guys?

iRaffer: The team I’ve forged are like family. We all get along perfectly and it is a positive atmosphere, which is what I was looking into when creating the new roster. To be this successful with these bunch of guys is not surprising. I knew them prior to making this team and expected to be a top 3 team in the EU scene with ease. I hope we perform as well as we hope at worlds and good luck to all the teams participating.

A huge thanks to the ever confident iRaffer for taking time to answer these questions, and a late happy birthday as well! You can find the captain of Epsilon and his antics at Twitter.com/Epsilon_iRaffer and twitch.tv/iRaffer

The rest of the team can be found at
emilitoo – Twitter.com/emilitooSMITE and Twitch.tv/eemilitoo
Adapting – Twitter.com/EpsilonAdapting and Twitch.tv/TheAdapting
Yammyn – Twitter.com/Epsilon_Yammyn and Twitch.tv/Yammyn
Dimi – Twitter.com/Epsilon_Dimi