PC SMITE: SWC Team Preview – Fnatic


This team has been near the top of the Smite world since their early days as SK Gaming in Season 1. While they’ve always been close to the top, the glory of being the best team has alluded them to this day. The roster itself has been together since the EU Kick Off LAN, and have always been able to place in the top 4 of every competition they’ve entered. Now, the most consistent team in Smite looks to break their curse and be crowned the best team in Smite.
Fnatic are a very well rounded, and highly capable team, comprised of some of the best players at their respective positions. Led by captain and adc Realzx, Fnatic was able to place 2nd in the EU Fall Split, just behind Epsilon’s amazing 27-1 record, with the only loss coming from Fnatic themselves. In the Super Regionals, Fnatic was taken by surprise in their first set, being swept by Paradigm 3-0, leaving many to doubt they brought their A-game on the plane ride over. However, they were able to battle back to beat London Conspiracy for the wildcard spot and chance to play Eager for the final SPL spot. The crowd favorite Eager was expected to win over the struggling Fnatic; instead, Fnatic played their best set they may have ever played and completely dominated the struggling Eager, bullying them in every way possible and even getting into their heads with their rambunctious and overwhelming yelling and cheers with every objective that went their way.
Fnatic will take their form into Worlds with the confidence to beat anyone after decimating North America’s second best team over a month ago. The stars for this team are without a doubt adc Realzx and mid laner Zyrhoes, and jungler CaptainTwig. Realzx himself has gained the respect of the entire Smite community for his play as Rama and Freya, to the point where one of them is nearly banned against him every single game. Zyrhoes himself has become such a dynamic player in the mid lane, being able to play virtually any mage or hunter, and synergizes perfectly with CaptainTwig, who has at times been the Achilles’ Heel of this team. A special player no doubt, CaptainTwig has been found to get behind early in games due to playing highly aggressive, and at times finds it hard to get back into the game. But when he’s on his game, Twig has shown he can carry the boys in orange with an array of assassins at his disposal. While Fnatic may be lowest on the totem pole in terms of SPL ranks for SWC, no team should overlook them, or be surprised if we see them holding the check on Sunday.
We had a chance to catch up with captain and adc Realzx about his outlook on the group stage and their team’s signature antics in their team comms.

BigBad: Aside from Enemy, you have two teams from outside the SPL in Avante Garde and Qiao Gu. How hard is it to prepare for these lesser known teams, and does that force you to focus more on your own development as opposed to focusing on their strengths and weaknesses?

Realzx: Well we have seen some of their games and we don’t think they are as good as any of the EU or NA teams so it’s really hard to predict what they will do. I think the best thing you can do is just work on your own game and making sure to focus on your own strengths rather than studying them too much.

BigBad: As we saw at Super Regionals, you guys are very emotional in the team comms, especially ManiaKK. How does that affect the team whether good or bad, as well as it being a strategy to get in the head of your opponent?

Realzx: I think I adopted the loudness from the old school Counter-Strike days, I’m not too sure where ManiaKK got it from; I think he’s just an emotional player lol. It normally affects us positively to be honest, because most of time we are winning so it can only help. It’s not so much of a strategy to get in the enemy heads; it’s more to boost our own confidence and drive forward with the momentum, but I’m sure it does affect some of the teams when they hear the shouting after a big team fight.

Once again, thank you to Realzx for taking the time to answer our questions. You can find him at Twitter.com/FnaticRealzx

The rest of the team:
Badgah – Twitter.com/FnaticBadgah
Zyrhoes – Twitter.com/FnaticZyrhoes
CaptainTwig – Twitter.com/FnaticTwig
ManiaKK – Twitter.com/FnaticManiaKK