North American LCS Takes Shape; Echo Fox and Team Impulse Round Out Rosters

Echo Fox Roster Announcement


2016 is upon us and with it comes Season 6 of League of Legends and a brand new year of competitive League. As always, this includes brand new teams in each respective region. One of the newest teams in North America is Echo Fox. Echo Fox is owned by former NBA star Rick Fox. He purchased Gravity Gaming’s spot in the LCS and has looked to field a competitive team quickly. Fox has assembled his roster and had his team tweet out a “sneak peek” picture that can be seen below.

With this picture and clues surrounding the team, the Echo Fox lineup will be as follows:

  • Top: KFO
  • Jungle: Hard
  • Mid: Froggen
  • ADC: Keith
  • Support: Baby
  • Sub: Kori
  • Coach: Cop

The biggest name on this team is obviously Henrik “Froggen” Hansen. He is a living legend when it comes to competitive League of Legends and will look to lead his team to the top of North America. Froggen was very adamant in the off-season about wanting to move to North America for Season 6. He was contacted by many teams, but has finally found a home on Echo Fox.

Froggen will not be doing it alone this season, joining him are many familiar names to fans of competitive League. Yuri “Keith” Jew, formerly with TSM and Team Liquid, has finally found himself in the starting lineup of a team at the start of a split. He’ll be looking to prove once again he is a LCS quality ADC in North America. Joining him in the bot lane is Terry “Baby” Chuong. Baby was the former starting support on Team Imagine and substitute for Team Dragon Knights.

In the jungle is Antony “Hard” Barkhovtsev, who spent Season 5 with the Cloud 9 challenger team and as a Cloud 9 substitute. Hard has been around the challenger scene for a long time, so this will be his first opportunity at competing at the pro level. Another familiar name to League fans on this roster is Marcin “Kori” Wolski (formerly known as SELFIE) as the team’s substitute. He came on to the scene in Europe as part of Supa Hot Crew, which later carried over into Meet Your Makers where the whole “Big Sorry” incident became huge news last year. Froggen and Kori are looking for fresh starts in North America and will hopefully improve each others game in the mid lane and redeem their careers.

Echo Fox’s top laner has been identified as a Korean top laner whose in-game name is “KFO”. Sources close to the team revealed his name which led to Reddit detectives finding out exactly who it is. KFO was a top 40 ranked player in Korean solo queue prior to him coming over to North America to join the team. Speculation around KFO arose after Fox tweeted two days ago that he would need a Korean translator in the Los Angeles area, a tweet that has since been deleted. The final spot on this team is their coach David “Cop” Roberson. He carried over from Gravity Gaming along with Jake “Ginko” Fyfe, who was Gravity’s manager.

With the roster complete, Echo Fox will need to prepare for a North American league that has greatly improved in the off-season. There will be tough competition from almost every team and I project that Echo Fox will be a middle of the table team fighting for that last playoff spot. Anything can happen however, and with this team you can’t be sure how well or poorly they will do.


Team Impulse Roster Announcement


Want to talk about change? Look at the new Team Impulse lineup. Team Impulse, who were trying to sell their spot in the LCS, lost 4 starters and maybe their chance to compete with the best of the best in North America. Team Impulse was left in shambles and ended up starting their rebuilding process with their only returning player, Austin “Gate” Yu. Gate was the team’s substitute player before finally being forced into action after XiaoWeiXiao’s boosting scandal landed him out of professional League of Legends. Gate was not an LCS quality mid laner, but now has a chance at a fresh start as starting support for Team Impulse. The team surrounding him is not even close to being as good as last season’s team, but here is the rest of the starting lineup.

  • Top: Feng
  • Jungle: Procxin
  • Mid: Pirean
  • ADC: DontMashMe
  • Support: Gate
  • Sub: beibei
  • Coach: N/A

The only player alongside Gate to have any competitive experience is thier ADC Brandon “DontMashMe” Phan, formerly of Team Coast. He struggled every time he has made it to the pro level, but he will need to finally overcome that hump for his team to become a playoff contender. With the bot lane containing all the experience, who is holding down the mid lane and making noise in the top side of the map for Team Impulse? The answer to that question is simple, rookies. Not all rookies are bad, but it is hard to judge going into the season. They could turn into stars or flop into duds. Only time can tell how well they will adjust to being on stage competing against the best of the best.

In the top lane is North American player known as “Feng”. There is almost no information on Feng, so hopefully he makes a name for himself. In the jungle for Impulse is Kim “Procxin” Se-Young, who was last seen playing for Detonation FocusMe, a Japanese team. He hasn’t played competitively since July which explains the reason for this team to have a substitute jungler. Meng “beibei” Zhang is that substitute that could bring out the best in Procxin in order to keep his starting role. Zhang was formerly with Team Liquid Academy in the North American Challenger scene.

The final player on this team may be a hidden gem, but for now he is just hidden. Taking over the mid lane duties will be a Korean solo queue star name “Pirean”.  There is almost no information on Team Impulse’s solo laners. which makes it extremely hard to predict how well they will do. However, the immediate reaction yesterday after the roster was released was extremely negative from the community. Team Impulse are the front runners for last place as everything stands now, but they will be doing their best to prove everyone wrong and shock viewers in the process.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy