Team Breakdown: Team eGr

With SWC just a week away, I wanted to take some time to give everyone a full breakdown of the three teams currently qualified for the Xbox Invitational as well as give an in-depth preview of what to expect at SWC Open Bracket. So to start things off, we’ll start with America’s favorite, Team eGr.

Team Overview

Team eGr was one of the founding teams of the competitive Xbox scene. They became very widely known after wreaking havoc in multiple MLG and UMG tournaments, winning them all by a very large landslide. After a few controversial roster changes, Team eGr found themselves at the top of the competitive heading into the MLG Smite Pro League, despite falling to Team eLevate in the finals of MLG NOLA. Christmas came a little early this year for Team eGr’s Xbox squad however, they were able to secure their spot at SWC at the UMG LAN invitational held at HiRez Studios in November. Despite having no real reason to need to compete in the MLG Pro League, eGr was still able to qualify for MLG Columbus in December and managed to actually win the competition thus securing their spot at the top of the Xbox scene and booking a ticket for Cognitive Gaming to SWC.

The Roster


Being one of the three remaining players from the squad that has torn up the Xbox scene since it’s beginning, Aircougar finds himself at ADC and team captain. A lot will be riding on AirCougar’s shoulders as he tries to keep this team focused on the ultimate goal at SWC as well as making sure he can keep his own attitude and gameplay in a positive light. Aircougar will have his chance to prove to the Smite Community that he is one of the best if not the best ADC’s and leaders in Smite when eGr takes that stage on January 9th.


SamBam being one of the oldest players on Team eGr has stepped into a rather father figure role for Team eGr whether it was intended or not. Time after time SamBam has shown that he can put up rock solid performances and proven there isn’t really anyone who can outplay him in the midlane. Being paired with one of the best players on Smite in Matt Koiz has only made the havoc in the midlane for opposing teams even worse.


After joining the team after basically a roster swap with Team Epsilon for Support Kenshin, Jelly has done nothing but show that eGr may have made the right move. Despite a few poor showings on gods he wasn’t so comfortable with. Jelly has shown that the Support life was destined for him and given eGr some very rock solid games at Support. Unless forced into some bad positions in PnB’s, expect to see Jelly causing problems for opposing teams and getting captain AirCougar some free meals in the Duo Lane.


At the beginning of the Xbox Smite competitive scene, Dwurst found himself towering down opponents at ADC. After the roster change that added Matt Koiz and removed Warmachine, Dwurst found himself towering down opponents still but rather by playing Warriors or his ever so famous Hades in Solo. Dwurst had great success in the MLG Pro League and at multiple LANs, even finding himself being 3-man rotated on very early in games. Unless teams continue to rotate on Dwurst time after time at SWC, I don’t think anyone quite has an answer for him and Dwurst could quite literally being the pushing point that puts eGr as World Champions.

Matt Koiz

There’s not a question at all on whether Matt Koiz was a great pickup for this squad. Time after time Matt has found himself bailing eGr out of tough positions or turning around a game that was fixing to be thrown. Everyone basically knows that Matt Koiz is dangerous man with a controller in his hand and even more dangerous with Ymir or Cabrakan. Whether teams aim to target him in PnB’s or don’t acknowledge him at all, I personally expect Matt Koiz to be throwing the peace signs on stage Sunday, January 10th after the SWC Finals.


What to Expect

I think eGr will have a very interesting Semifinal experience seeing as a very good EnvyUs PC Roster will be making their way into Open Bracket as well as a few other top tier Xbox teams. eGr has obviously shown in the past that they can handle most of the Xbox scene but EnvyUs would be a task that they have never seen before if they manage to adapt to having a controller in their hands instead of keyboard and mouse.

I asked AirCougar about his team’s mentality heading into worlds and how he plans to keep them on track.

“Our team mentality is simple, stay focused, stay positive, pick OP gods and win worlds. SWC is going to be the hardest competition we’ve had to compete in so far, so it is very important that we don’t think we’re unbeatable due to our past success and that there is always something to improve on.”

Very inspirational and focused words were what I received from the captain and that really shows that he does have the skill and knowledge to take this team to the top. I guess only time will tell us if eGr has what it takes.

This is just the first of three articles covering the three teams that have qualified for SWC Xbox Invitational. Check out Team Eager on twitter and give the members of this dedicated team a follow!

– Bryson