The End of an Era: Rain Retires

In a surprising announcement made at Flash’s retirement ceremony Rain informed fans that he had donated a part of his liver to his father and would be taking time away from competitive Starcraft to recover, however shortly after this announcement Rain announced his retirement from Starcraft 2 altogether. This came as a shock to me with the success Rain had in Heart of the Swarm, Rain had won two GSL championships during HotS as well as regular top four appearances in tournaments like the SSL, and IEM’s alike. Considering the success that Rain had I was sure that he would be back for more in Legacy of the Void, I am just hoping that he has a retirement like MC and still continues playing/streaming and attending events.

Rain’s Starcraft career began late in the Brood War era and he played under the handle “Sun” during this time. While he never really achieved much as far as individual tournaments go he made a name for himself playing for SKT in Proleague, his most accomplishing moment being in the finals of the STX Masters cup when he all-killed Hwaseung OZ which was a team consisting of the likes of sHy, Jaedong, Killer, and HiyA. Since Rain has announced retirement he has been seen streaming Starcraft: Brood War which has been making people wonder if he might be making a return.

Rain quickly found success during the 2012 season Rain managed to take high finishes at many tournaments, winning WCS Asia as well as the OnGameNet Starleague, but that is not all he also would make a top 4 finish in the GSL and a 3rd place finish in the world championship. The 2012 season was just a preview for what Rain had in store for the Starcraft 2 scene as he would become a mainstay in the big tournaments finals and top 4 finishes. Any time people would discuss who the best Protoss is Rain would always be in the discussion, known for his solid defensive style building up to his ideal army, and then marching across the map to end the game.

Towards the end of  2014 many Korean pros were looking to join foreign teams. Players ranged in reasons from saying they wanted a little bit more of a relaxed time, or wanting to go to more international events without Proleague being such a huge impact on them. Rain was among the players in this group and at the end of his contract with SKT he opted to sign on with My Insanity. There was a lot of speculation about how well he would do after he parted with SKT considering players like Innovation have gone to foreign teams and then had results start to diminish. However Rain would put these questions to rest quickly by winning the 2015 GSL Season 2 also becoming the first non Kespa team player to ever win a GSL.



Whether or not Rain will make a return to the professional Esports scene is yet to be determined. However with the amount of time he streamed BroodWar it seems that he will still be around even if it is just as a streamer, While Rain’s retirement was shocking I think I can safely say we all wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors as well as hoping to see him back in the scene some way. Good luck, Have fun Rain.

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