Smite Xbox Pro Interviews Pt. 2

As promised, the second part of this two part interview has arrived! Ahead I will talk with some of our favorite Xbox Pros yet again about the more light hearted side of Smite.

Here’s a quick reminder of the wonderful and gifted players who I was able to speak with! eLevate Uzzy, Epsilon Kenshin, Macetodafaceq, COG Paul & Assailant2032.


So to start things off, I wanted to stir up some teammate drama, so I asked the five players who their favorite teammate was and why.

Uzzy: “I love all of my teammates! They are all great guys and meeting them at the most recent LANs was awesome.”

Kenshin: Let it be known that people still aren’t respecting Kenshin’s unreal Support skills and that he is no longer a member of Epsilon. “I like all of my teammates but I especially like playing with Sealcar. He is extremely talented and has great energy throughout the game.”

Mace: “Shadowq, he’s my brother so it’s not really fair.”

Paul: “Gustavy because we spend so much time together :D.”

Assailant: “It would have to be TSmall, I’ve known him for a long time because we were on a team together on PC.”

As you can see, Uzzy the cat lover is the only one who couldn’t decide which teammate is his favorite. Whether that has anything to do with his love for cats is still to be determined.


The next two questions I asked had to pertain with Smite gameplay itself. I asked the players who the most OP god they believed was in the game and why it could use a nerfing.

Uzzy: “Xing Tian, he just doesn’t die.”

Kenshin: “Thor, like I don’t even care. That god has been OP for almost two years now and has so much available to him and never sees any sort of nerfs.”

Mace: “Guan Yu, securing kills is much harder to do on xbox so his healing capabilities on top of a protections shred is very valuable.”

Paul: “Sol, you don’t even have to try and win lane, you just win it. You walk into lane and press your abilities and it’s basically an instant death for your opposition. If you lock in Sol you can definitely expect your elo to be on the rise in the next 20 minutes.”

Assailant: “I think Kumbhakarna is really strong and can get you through the early game with much ease.”

I thought it was very interesting how all the players had a different god in whom they thought was overpowered or too much to deal with. It’s crazy to see how playing a different role can give you a different perspective on how much a god is to handle.


Next I took things to the opposite side of the tracks and asked the players which god they believed needed a Buff to become more relevant in the Conquest scene.

Uzzy: “Ravana.”

Kenshin: “Nemesis. I think the meta is currently involving a lot of tankier gods and her protection shred is very valuable. I think she deserves some love!”

Paul: “Ravana, he hits as hard as a potato and is relatively squishy. His ultimate is basically a normal ability and if you jump into fights you die instantly. HiRez plz..”

Assailant: “I would love to see a buff to Vulcan’s passive ability, his passive just isn’t good enough to keep him relevant in Conquest.”

Well if there’s one thing that could be taken away from this article, I think it is that Ravana might need a buff sometime soon. Luckily for us Xbox Smiters, HiRez heard our prayers and just released a Ravana buff in the most recent PC patch: The Reborn Prince. Hopefully that patch will hit Xbox soon but don’t be surprised if it isn’t pushed behind SWC as performance quality is much higher on the HiRez priority list at the minute.


Lastly on the topic of gameplay. I was curious for the players at the top of the scene whom their favorite God to play was. So I asked who is your favorite God to play.

Uzzy: “Nu Wa, she is so much fun!”

Kenshin: “Ne Zha is my overall favorite God to play but in my role I would have to say Athena.”

Mace: “Janus because who doesn’t love running in circles around the opposing team.”

Paul: “Hou Yi, the plays you can make with him are absolutely insane. From triple bounces, dive bombs over walls and crashing the Suns down on your enemies, Hou Yi is just bundles of Joy.”

Assailant: “My favorite God to play would have to be the God of the Gods, Zeus.”

Well to no surprise, everyone chose their favorite God as someone who is quite relevant in their respective role in this current meta. The most recent buff to Zeus has most definitely added him to the top of the priority list for Mages and Hou Yi’s ability to outbox almost any Hunter has kept him with a pretty high pick rate in the competitive scene. I’ll be looking forwarded to possibly seeing these guys use these gods when the SWC Grand Prize is at stake.


Lastly, I wanted to end my amazing experience interviewing these guys with a more light hearted but serious question about ranked. So I asked the players who their favorite player to Duo Queue ranked with is.

Uzzy: “Epsilon Shame.”

Kenshin: “Forger Vulcan, we have a great record playing together and he’s my cousin so that kind of helps his case a bit!”

Mace: “Bronx, because he’s the only one crazy enough to follow my crazy calls.”

Paul: “The one, the only Matt Koiz also known as eGr’s jungler. He makes ranked hilarious and fun even when we end up with Silvers on our team in a Master’s ranked game.”

Assailant: “My favorite would definitely have to be Shing. Because win or lose I can always get a good laugh in listening to his excuses on why he died so much.”

Well everyone likes to TRY and have a good time while queueing ranked. Whether that ends up happening is a story that only time ends up telling. It’s good to hear from some competitive players on how they keep themselves entertained while at the same time playing at a more casually competitive level that can end up quite stressful and annoying at times.


That wraps everything up for me on this segment from my ‘Diverse 5’. It truly was a pleasure talking with these five extremely talented players and I wish them all the best as we approach SWC and Season 3 shortly. To all who haven’t done it yet, give these five guys a follow on twitter. While you’re at it check out our Twitter to participate in our current giveaway of an SWC Digital Loot Pack!