Smite Xbox Pro Interviews Pt. 1

As we get even closer to the Smite World Championship, I wanted to take some time to talk with some of the biggest players in the current competitive xbox scene and find out what brought them here in an amazing two part interview! It was really intriguing to find out how people with such diverse backgrounds could come together for one game and one ultimate goal, the Smite World Championship.

I present to you the diverse five of Epsilon Kenshin, COG Paul, Macetodafaceq, eLevate Uzzy & Assailant2032.


I was really curious as to how these players got into the Smite scene originally before they found themselves on xbox. So I asked: How long have you been playing Smite and what got you into the game?”

Uzzy: “I’ve been playing the game since August 2012. I found the game from a random ad on YouTube and was getting tired of playing Call of Duty as I felt they were progressively getting worse.”

Kenshin: “I’ve been playing since August 2012. The first thing that drew me to the game was the mythology and the second was that it was strictly PvP which is what I primarily like in games nowadays. It was a breath of fresh air from the games I felt like were getting stale such as CoD and Halo.”

Mace: “I’ve been playing since 2012 and my brother introduced the game to me.”

Paul: “Since the 2012 Closed Beta.”

Assailant: “I’ve been playing Smite since early 2013. A friend of mine actually got me into the game.”


So as you can see these players have been playing Smite for quite sometime and it is very apparent with their in depth knowledge of the game. It’s also important to note that all of the recorded a quality amount of time on PC before moving to Xbox which is definitely the reasoning behind the gap between them and most new Smite players.

Having spent quite a considerable amount of time on PC. I asked Kenshin, Assailant and Mace what things they like about Xbox Smite that doesn’t happen in PC.

Kenshin: “I actually really like that we get the patch about a month behind PC. It gives me time to study the patch and figure out how to react to it instead of jumping right in like on PC. What I dislike is the inability to type during games to people who do not have mics.”

Assailant: “I like the fact that some gods get played more on Xbox because of the controls. I dislike that I can’t look into the sky and see that Thor is on his way to dunk on me with his Ult.

Mace: “I really like that MLG (Major League Gaming) lets teams reschedule matches if the players have a time conflict which is really cool. The only thing I disliked was how hard it was to find information about the Xbox scene when I switched but that seems to have gotten better now.”

I really thought their perspectives on the differences were very interesting and rather true on the side of Assailant in particular. Smite Caster FDot (Thomas Badinger) stated: “The bigger the circle, the better the god.” That has really proven to be true so far in Xbox Smite.


Next, I was really curious for Kenshin and Uzzy on their opinions for what has happened since the beginning for the competitive Xbox scene. So I asked: How much has the Xbox scene evolved since you first joined it?

Kenshin: “The scene has dramatically changed since I first joined. People have gotten way better and more PC transfers have made their way here.”

Uzzy: “The game is pretty much the same but with lower FPS and a lot more different players. With SWC coming up soon, a lot of PC players are coming over to Xbox to get a chance at worlds.”

I think everyone expected PC players to move over to Xbox if they felt that they would have a chance to be competitive. However, I don’t think anyone saw the EnVyus team moving over after failing to make Worlds for PC. It’ll be really interesting to see at Open Bracket if they move themselves into the final four.


Having already crowned our first three qualifiers for SWC Xbox Invitational. We only have one question left to ask and that is who will win the Open Bracket. I asked the players if they planned on attending the SWC Open Bracket.

Uzzy: “We had our chance at MLG but some unfortunate things happened and we ended up not qualifying for SWC. We plan on taking that loss as motivation and improving more than ever to win the Open Bracket.”

Kenshin: “Yes of course! Trying to get to worlds is my greatest passion currently.”

Mace: “Definitely!”

Paul: “Already qualified baby ;)!!”

Assailant: “I currently do not have any plans to join the Open Bracket.”

With Paul already having qualified with a win over eLevate in the MLG Columbus tournament, he will have nothing to worry about in the coming weeks in terms of preparation to make worlds. For the other three, I look forward to covering their preparations for the Smite World Championship.


As we come to the end of the more serious part of this interview. I want to end this article with a very intriguing question for the players. What made you decide on the role in which you play.

Uzzy: “I’ve played all the roles in my time playing Smite but the solo lane was the most enjoyable for me.” Solo

Kenshin: “Because I noticed at FIRST that there was a lack of talent at the position and know that the role is very extremely important to team success late in the game.” Support

Mace: “When I started playing the game, 2-1-2 was the meta. I really didn’t want to have to rely on anyone else when I was queueing alone.” MID

Paul: “Because, Damage” ADC

Assailant: “I have always liked burst characters in video games so mid was the choice for me.” MID

It’s always interesting to hear the reason behind why someone chose the role in which they did. Especially when there are roles that might be considered “more important or better”.


Well that wraps up Pt. 1 of this two part interview. Expect to see part two launch on our site tomorrow morning around the same time! Be sure to give these guys a follow on Twitter and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for giveaways, articles and more!!

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