PC SMITE: North America Rosterpocalypse

The face of the North American Pro League will look very strange to many who became accustomed to the names and faces of season 2. Old friends have parted ways, perennial powerhouses have dissolved, and word of a “Dream Team” have emerged in these Doldrums we call the offseason. In case you’ve been under a rock or haven’t kept up to date, here’s a rundown of the current roster changes, as well some possible rosters we could see form in season 3.

COG Gaming – ADC Cabom and Solo Meerkat leave – This may not be a very big surprise, as COG never seemed to sync during the SPL, and were certainly out of sorts during the Super Regionals. Captain and Jungler DJPernicus pointed to a lack of consistent serious practicing for the team and an overall lack of will to get better as a team. Cabom had a lackluster performance in the Fall Split, not really able to live up to the “carry” role, while Meerkat played as many expected him to, being a middle of the pack solo laner in the SPL. As for the future of COG, it seems Pern has a good relationship with the COG organization and should look to continue under the name for season 3. Mid laner TheBest and Support Aror look like they should stay with him as we’ve heard nothing different from them since the loss to Cloud9 at Regionals.
Team eLevate – Mid Laner Mytherea only player remaining – Not sure if anyone can be surprised at these roster changes. Only able to win 4 games in the Fall Split, the boys in red struggled together for 10 weeks, so seeing a new roster come next season is expected. Support Metyankey and Adur0 seem to be the bright spots on this team, and should be able to find a new home next season, whether it be in the SPL or in the Challenger’s Cup.
TSM – Support Eonic and Solo Bickum leave – One of the longest tenured teams in Smite, formerly COG Red from season 1, TSM has gone through a multitude of roster changes and obstacles during the Fall Split, including kicking former solo laner Divios for a toxic attitude, along with some musical chairs in role swaps that still make me dizzy thinking about it. Eonic made it very clear in his AMA after Super Regionals he would not be back with the TSM squad, pointing to his frustration with the TSM brand as a whole in their support for the SMITE squad, while also just looking for a change for season 3. Bickum was brought in just this season after the departure of Divios, so while his announcement was more of a surprise, many speculate more could follow in the coming weeks with Garz, Snoopy, and TheBoosh still remaining on the roster. With Eonic pointing out TSM’s lack of commitment and interest in SMITE, it’s also very possible we won’t see the TSM brand come back next season.
Team Eager – Zap keeps ownership as sole player remaining. – This one hits me right in the feels. Eager was the first team I really watched religiously, mainly because of Zapman and Lassiz’s aggressive playstyles. Then, when Omega left Cloud9 to join eGr, the team easily became my favorite to root for. Eager played fantastic in the Fall Split, picking up 2nd place; however, Super Regionals dealt them a very tough road, and were unable to qualify for Worlds. Missing out on Worlds is nothing new to Lass and Zap, but for former World Champion Omega, it was not enough for him to want to stay. Both he and Support PolarBearMike announced their departures a week after Regionals, and would be followed by Zap announcing he was leaving the Team Eager house to move back home to family. Days later, Lassiz and DareToCare would announce they were leaving the eGr brand as well. Maybe the most complex situation currently in the SPL, it remains to be seen what will happen with all of these players. Omega has announced he’s building a Dream Team for season 3, while the rest of the players all seem to be free agents, with Zap keeping the SPL spot next season.

Top Free Agents for Season 3
Eonic – Formally the support for TSM, Eonic left the team a couple weeks ago. From the couple times I’ve watched him on stream, it seems he has the team he will be on set in stone at the moment. Many speculate it will be on Omega’s “Dream Team” as many know the boys of TSM and Omega are pretty close in their down time. I believe the hype and think Omega and Eonic will be playing together in season 3.
Lassiz – After leaving Eager, Lassiz announced that he is still trying to play SMITE competitively for season 3, stating he was willing to play either mid or jungle. This is an interesting situation as most of the top teams seem to have their teams set in stone, especially at the mid positions. I highly doubt Lassiz will be on Omega’s team after the solo laners disappointment in Eager’s showing at Super Regionals. From there, the only big time team that may need Lass’s experience is the remnants of TSM with Snoopy, Garz, and TheBoosh, which could be going through their own eGr type upheaval before season 3 starts. If Lassiz cannot find a team to really compete with in season 3, we may actually see the veteran mid laner retire and focus on streaming, or look for other avenues such as Overwatch.
Bickum – He had some large shoes to fill in season 2, taking the place of the veteran solo laner Divios for TSM. While new to the SPL, Bickum played very well for TSM during the Fall Split, however didn’t carry his play into Super Regionals, something that wasn’t too surprising for a young kid at his first LAN event. However, it’s no doubt Bickum has the mechanics and smarts to play at the highest level, and like a good wine should only get better with age. Many teams need an upgrade at solo in my opinion, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bickum on Denial to replace Whalrus, maybe join Zapman on Eager, or even COG to fill the empty spot left by Meerkat.
DareToCare – The jungler for Eager played exceptional in the Fall Split, even bringing back Ne Zha into the NA meta. He and the rest of the Eager boys had a very disappointing appearance at Super Regionals, missing Worlds after placing 2nd in the Fall Split. Dare left Eager the same day as his real life house mate Lassiz did, and being that they do in fact live with each other, we could see the pair stay together for season 3. However, I don’t see any current SPL rosters needing a Jungle/Mid pair, so we could see the pair making their own team and trying to work their way up through the challenger cup. After all, you only need to be in the SPL for the Fall Split in order to have a chance at Worlds.
Hurriwind – The utility player was the C9 coach/analyst/sub for the Fall Split, choosing to not play after the Summer Split. While the job looks to be very comfortable and stress free, I wouldn’t doubt if Hurriwind regains that itch to compete at the highest level. There’s not a role Hurriwind can’t play at a high level, so his chances of finding a good team next season is very high.