Pre-Season AVL Power Rankings

VPN AVL Power Rankings: Pre-Season


1.) Leicester City – Like in the real BPL table and in my rankings, Leicester are #1. Midget l 23 will officially be managing his first season the FVPAA after being a pseudo-manager to FC Phoenix last season. Him and his Co-Manager, Itz Hotpants, have built the best overall looking squad on paper and had the best bidding. There are no holes in their roster with signings of HELIX l 7 l on defense, and Vardy l 9 l on offense; this team looks the most ready to win a title.

Player to watch: Huether 10 – Huether quietly goes about his business in the league but is a very great, underappreciated player. Huether will be crucial to controlling the midfield and helping supply the offense for Leicester.

2.) Manchester City – Ramani x and Draxler x10 are back at it again and look like they have another title contending team again. This time though, they pick up Dylshkin67 x and Unlucky Diggs on offense, Bottle in net, and IToniGI to help on defense. There is lots of experience on this squad but some fresh faces might breakthrough like Menez was able to do last season. The offense on Man City should be one of the best in the league. This team is primed for another run for a title.

Player to watch: Live Easily – FHz was able to pick him up last ACL and he made a huge difference in how their season turned out. Now he is asked to be the rock that sits in front of defense and get the ball back so that the offense can do its work.

3.) Bayern Munich – Viva Calvo and tgpdtp didn’t have any snakelike behavior in the draft but they were still able to pull together a very nice looking team. SwainAFC and l EcuaDt 10 l were two huge signings for a midfield that looks downright scary and l Sir Marcus l will be asked to carry a backline that could be the one weakness on the squad. Calvo and TG should be able to take care of what looks to be a weak Bundesliga.

Player to watch: CAMBALACHE11 – The Arrechos GK wasn’t able to keep his club from relegation but certainly made his mark in D1 as one of the better goalies around. He will be asked to help what looks to be a shaky backline but he will be a big reason to Bayern’s success.

4.) Norwich – BigBad’s own WhiteGravy757 tries his luck at managing this season and his Co-Manager is none other than streets1014. Gravy and streets picked up a sound squad that includes Omar l 1 l, Janye l West, and Joker l 1 l. Defense will be the rise and fall of this team but the offensive firepower should be able to surge this team into title contention behind Viva Bach.

Player to watch: Briggzyy – It’s put up or shut up time for him as he is still trying to prove himself as an actual good player instead of a VPN nuisance. This is now his chance with a relatively weak backline around him.

5.) Chelsea – Yep. Baauer x, has built a top 5 potenital squad. He may not have all the superstars but he definitely has built a solid squad with great depth. The midfield is stacked with Paul l 5 l, ForeverShiek, and his Co-Manager, Clutch l 23 l. Then of course, there is Iker. If he and Isco can get along and keep this team together mentally, then I see no reason for them to not finish top 5.

Player to watch: Cheeks Mcfly – Coming off a miserable performance in the ACL Finals, he looks to rebound with Chelsea and hopefully bring the success he brought at Dragonz. They will need his creativity in the attack and will look to link up with his plethora of options to pass to.

6.) Wolfsburg – Another good looking squad in the Bundesliga, Viva Oscar and James l 15 l were barely able to manage their budget, but ended up making it work and have produced an experienced team with title hopes. ACL Champion, Viva Pep will hold the backline down James, while LickMyBalotelli and DTGxSNUBNOZE will be the focal points of the attack. This is certainly a dangerous squad.

Player to watch: prosniper456 – He is the only GK on the team, and not a highly touted GK at that. He will need to be on his A game when Wolfsburg need him to be. He shouldn’t expect many shots but will he save the ones he does face?

7.) Monchengladbach – FHz Ozil 11 and Aztecas decided to team up this season, marking the first time in FVPAA history that the players have to give the managers a ride to the field because they can’t drive yet. Jokes aside, they were actually able to produce a solid team that can compete with anyone. goodburgermanO and habsguy11 will lead the attack, and FHz Vallejos 8 will be controlling the midfield with Ozil. They have the firepower to make some noise, if their team will listen to them.

Player to watch: habsguy11 – Almost a forgotten figure at Serenity since Dylshkin and Thibeault joined, he looks to prove to everyone why he is still a top striker, and will try to maybe make a case to a different ACL team or Serenity to start him. Either way, this season could be big for him and Monchengladbach.

8.) Liverpool – Coming off of an ACL Championship and promotion to USA Manager, Viva Suarez now takes on AVL once again with Viva Pony by his side. They were able to pick-up Viva Ideen and l Marsbars11 l and had the steal of the draft by getting OP KNOCK for only $4.5 million. Their defense will be in good shape but with some no names up top, Suarez will have to prove why he’s the best CAM in our community.

Player to watch: Viva Ideen – While he is listed as a GK and has publically said he will “bring out playoff Deen” (Whatever that means), don’t be surprised to see Deen play ST or CAM for them as they have Vahlstrom and KEVINHHO for GK as well. Wherever he plays, he will have an impact as long as he doesn’t tell Suarez to reschedule games because he can’t make it.

9.) Watford – With only 2 days of preparation, Havens l 6 l and B1GRE1D put together a good team and they can sneak up on a lot of people. Their biggest signings were l TerryGod l, IFarrell, and Jeeremy x. The only real hole in this team is finding a midfielder capable of supplying Farrell and Jeremy the ball. No true CAM is the life and death of most AVL squads, and this team lacks one despite being great in other areas.

Player to watch: l TerryGod l – Say what you want about his antics, but he gets the job done is one of the best CBs this league has to offer. He will be the leader of the backline and will have to play like a leader for Watford to be successful.

10.) Schalke – JimmY x JoneS comes back from winning last AVL and actually bringing in Walker l 2 l to manage instead of bidding on him. They didn’t get their top target, Zephy l 7 l, but managed to get Golden Boot ACL winner Viva Reyes to pair up with IGI Dom I7I and Jackson x8 in the attack. No name GKs for them, but are solid everywhere else. Their GK and midfield production will dictate their season.

Player to watch: o2DaTruth3o – A questionable midfield will need him to be the guy who holds it down. Coming off a decent season at Phoenix, he looks to be the main man Schalke can rely on to get the ball to the strikers and making his mark defensively.

11.) Arsenal – l Marvinho l tries his hand at managing and got Rodriguez l2l to join him. They made a big splash by signing Fiddleton for the backline and FHz Anarchy 7 for the midfield. Their team is good and could be anywhere on this list but they could find trouble putting together consistent results. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are near the top of the table when it’s all said and done either.

Player to watch: Inform Vidal – Vidal has a season of GK under his belt and is now going to be asked to come up big for Arsenal this season. Will he rise up to the quality of his team or falter?

12.) Frankfurt – Honestly, DiLo l 19 l and AntDP425 have put together a decent squad and could easily be 4-5 spots higher on this list. I put them at 12 though because of availability questions within the team. While players like l 16 l De Rossi, DoN l 2 l, and lXl Kevinho lXl are quality players, they also have shaky availabilities and that is a hard problem to overcome in AVL, especially with no trades this AVL. Frankfurt have a chance to be good, it depends on who shows up.

Player to watch: LoCoTrAcK5tAr – He performed very well for Dragonz last ACL and got to his second straight ACL Final. He is making his presence known around the league as one of the better CBs around. If he can continue his winning ways, Frankfurt will thrive and prosper.

13.) Leverkusen – This defense is amazing, but I genuinely worry about the offense Unlucky Bogey and Unlucky Masters put together. The only notable offensive player is l Franc l who is undoubtedly a great player, but he is the only one up there it seems. Rewind l 7 l will anchor the midfield and ZPKv2 will be an impact player as well. If this team can manage to find the net early in games, they can form a bus to park unlike any other.

Player to watch: Unlucky Dblock – If this was FIFA 12, they’d have no problems up front. Unfortunately, times change and he will need to regain some of his skill from FIFA 12 to help this team win.

14.) Dortmund – llbanditsll and Cannibal Llamas have built one of the oddest teams in the AVL. They have all different types of styles and players that will see this team either blow up or find a good portion of victory. Cherry I 10 I and ll Foehammer ll are their main players they picked up from bidding. The defense is shaky and that will be their demise if they are to miss playoffs.

Player to watch: PureTxBadAss – After an MVP caliber season at Demolition last ACL, he will be paired up with Doobtrayn again and their chemistry could lead Dortmund to great things.

15.) Hamburger SV – Cheeky Vision is a great offensive player, but I am still struggling to see where the goals will come from. Him and Ronaldinho x l0 have put an interesting team together. Outside of GK, they signed a whole bunch of decent players like Van der Duke, RustyCDNx, and Messi sk; but no big flashing names outside of Birgerk1ng. Shields and Cheeky have both come off of their best seasons in their ACL history, they will need to bring that success to their team in order to compete for a title.

Player to watch: FP l Alaba 27 – Personally, I think he is a good CB with a rising stock. He was the focal defender for FP United last ACL and will pair up with Rusty in the backline this season. Expect him to breakthrough as a very impactful CB this season. He will be a main reason why Hamburger rise or fall.

16.) Tottenham – MUTxMASTERxKING and Avid Notes are going to manage this year and I am still wondering how, but that’s beside the point. They picked up DeStefano x, DandyAND3, and VFL advocate amT Vendifire to try to lead them to glory. While I fail to find an offense, there is potential drama on this team that could be interesting to watch, not their FIFA games though.

Player to watch: Everest l 42 l – Returning to the scene to top league play, he played in D2 last season but will need to bring his D1 experience to this team for them to find any stroke of winning.

17.) Werder Bremen – RIP to any chance Air Japes helps give our league any exposure. Air Ronaldo and Criminal Libero put most of their budget in 3 players (Air Japes, Raynor28, and OmegaRyan) that have potential to not show up and play for them. Oh, and they have l John x l on their backline. I can see them winning a game or two.

Player to watch: Raynor28 – A very weak midfield will see him have to backpack his team consistently. Raynor can prove his worth or refuse to show up. Sounds like a win/win scenario to me.

18.) Everton – Keeping up the rich Everton history is now Texas Tenant and NinoRT9….. I only recognize 3 gamertags on this list, and one is ORod80 who went for $13.5 million. I promise that is not a typo. Anything above last place will be a successful season for Everton.

Player to watch: FP l Selantez – This might be the first and only time Selantez is the best player on his team. He’ll have to be the first player to have 2 goals and 20 tackles a game for Everton to win. Good luck lad.



  1. Leicester City
  2. Manchester City
  3. Norwich
  4. Watford
  5. Liverpool
  6. Arsenal
  7. Chelsea
  8. Tottenham
  9. Everton


  1. Bayern Munich
  2. Wolfsburg
  3. Monchengladbach
  4. Schalke
  5. Frankfurt
  6. Dortmund
  7. Leverkusen
  8. Hamburger SV
  9. Werder Bremen


Lvl 0 arcanine – Manchester City

MAC l 42 l – Chelsea

Stauza34 – Watford

Arab l 1 l – Hamburger SV

Pikao InFinite – Dortmund

Romero l 4 l – Liverpool

Africa aR – Bayern Munich