FIFA FVPAA Pro Clubs: Five Questions With That Bottleface feat. Viva Calvo

With ACL XI officially in the books and drafting for our the next AVL competition now complete, I finally had the opportunity to interview a pivotal part of the Viva Futbol squad’s championship team. After many managing for so many seasons, Viva Calvo took at a step away from the sideline slotted into a new team seamlessly, while also producing one of the best performances we’ve ever seen in the history of the ACL. I had a chance to speak with Calvo about his team’s season, along with some other thoughts throughout the season.

ACL XI Stats
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1) First off, Congratulations on the ACL XI title, it sure was an exciting season. What can you attribute the teams success compared to other season you’ve played in? 

I think several factors played into our success this season, some league wide and some relating just to the team.

We started off a bit slow due Fifa 16’s huge changes. We realized that the habits we developed to play well in 15 do not necessarily work in 16, and unlearning some of these habits would prove key to adapting to the new game. It took maybe a little longer for us than other teams, but eventually we found our groove and started working well together.

We had specific sessions dedicated to tactical work, and we made a few adjustments from watching our practices that really helped turn things in our favor.  I think the former champs were complacent and paid for it in the playoffs, but I have no doubt they will be back at 100% for the next ACL.

Our depth in midfield gave us a huge advantage with the addition of Swain, Oscar, and Pony. Those guys are immensely talented, and really helped us add more variety to our playmaking routines. The fact that we could mix and match these guys to form various lineups with Franc, Omar and Rico based on our opponent really took us to the next level. Also, praise has to go to our defense and my forward partners for scoring the most goals and allowing the second fewest goals.

2) I was surprised to see you decide not to manage this ACL. After so many seasons of managing Unleashed, how did this ACL compare? 

A lot less stressful honestly. Not having to worry about recruiting people or having to deal with other manager’s rescheduling shenanigans. Not to mention I don’t have to coach anyone here. I came to a club where everyone is already at the top of their “profession” you could say, and all we have to work on team tactics, not individual stuff.

3) You’ve already won an ACL title with Unleashed back in ACL VI. How did this ACL XI compare to ACL V? 

I think there were definitely similarities from my perspective. I think this Viva team might be the best one yet, but that Unleashed was very strong as well, offensively and defensively.

Both teams had the best GD in their seasons, had tough playoff rounds, and cruised in their respective finals. Both times the respective former champs got knocked out in the semis. I’m really not sure if competition in general has also improved a lot or not, because VI was pretty competitive as well. 5 points separated 1st from 5th then.

Fun fact, 5 of the players on that title winning Unleashed squad are on Viva today; 4 of them starters.

4) Was there anything that surprised you about this ACL XI? 

When a few top teams from last season dissolved, namely Unleashed, Harmony, and Atletico, we expected the competition to be a slower to react and form just one top team out of that group of players, but competition was actually quite stiff from 2-5th place, and there were some close calls for us. Team and manager turnover is a normal thing, but I see a lot of teams remaining stable from here on out and only making minor tweaks. I think BigBad’s controversy was regrettable, but I don’t see it happening again in big games.

5) Viva Futbol is always a threat during the regular season, but in the past has come up short during the playoffs. Do you see this title changing this trend? Anything else you’d like to say?

I think this season was a cautionary tale about complacency. If we get lazy and arrogant, it wouldn’t be the first time Viva gets dethroned. That said, I’m a big fan of the teammates here, and I know they’re hungry as hell right now. If we stay together and keep sharp throughout AVL, there’s no reason we can’t repeat. Shout out to Pep, Andres, and Pedro for inviting me to come through this season and thanks to all my teammates.