Dreaming of a Blizzard filled Christmas

Dreaming of a Blizzard filled Christmas


Hey guys it is coming close to Christmas and with that I decided to do a writeup on my top ten gift ideas from Blizzard game themes to hopefully give you some ideas as to what to give the gamer in your family or maybe something to ask for. With the idea of giving in mind this list does not include any of the extremely high priced collectible statues as well as excluding the games from the list. Every item will have a link to where you can get one for yourself if you would like! (Clicking the picture will link you to a place to get the item.)


#10 World of Warcraft Waving Cinder Kitten


The Waving Cinder Kitten is a wonderful desktop item, who can be upset when you have this face smiling and waving at you? For anyone who has ever owned a solar powered motion device this works pretty similarly to them by just waving back and forth when in the presence of light.



#9 Starcraft Themed Risk


For any Board game fans out there who have ever played Risk, or just someone who has played Starcraft and would like to learn Risk this is a pretty good collectors item. This version has space for up to six players with two colors of each race available, the pieces include Zealot, Stalker, Zeratul, Artanis, and a Nexus for Protoss. For Zerg you have Zerglings, Hydras, Queen of Blades Kerrigan, Zagara, and Hatcheries. Last but not least the Terran have Jim Raynor, Marines, Siege Tanks, Valerian, and a Command Center.




#8 Diablo III: El’Druin, The Sword of Justice


For cosplayers and Diablo fans everywhere I highly recommend this sword replica to anyone who wants to cosplay as the angel himself, or just any fan who collects Diablo artifacts. Having the pleasure of seeing this highly detailed replica Blizzard did a great job in designing and producing this sword, however it is only made of plastic so with that being said it can be ruined.




#7 Heroes Mystery Minis


Personally I love the Funko Pop figures, and different Bobbleheads collecting these is always something fun for me. After seeing these Heroes of the Storm mini figures I thought they were awesome and well detailed. However the thing holding them back on the list is that they are quite expensive being ten bucks a piece for a random two and a half inch tall figurine, but I believe these are still good fun and definitely worth checking out!




#6 Starcrafts Zergling plush/ Probe Plush


Another new release at this year’s Blizzcon was the Probe plush that has the probe sounds play when activated. This plush is motion activated and even glows in the dark, but it does require batteries that are not initially included. I decided to go ahead and double the Probe plush with the new Starcrafts series Zergling plush as I think most people will enjoy either of the two or both! The Zergling is based off of Carbots Starcrafts animated series on YouTube.







#5 Starcraft Race Crystal Keychains


These little crystal keychains are very interesting trinkets, that is available for each race they also light up in 6 different colors at one second intervals. HOWEVER the light does not turn off unless they have made changes to the item so that is something to consider!




#4 Diablo 3 Soulstone USB


The Diablo 3 Soulstone 4GB USB drive is something that came with the Diablo 3 Collectors edition, however these can be found online for a decent price. This USB is the Soulstone from the game and when plugged in lights up as well, usually when you get this item it comes with the Diablo skull Desk ornament that has a slot in the center of the skull to hold the Soulstone. Another massive bonus to this Soulstone is that it comes with a fully installed Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 expansion pack on the drive to either show you what you missed by not playing Diablo 2 or giving you a trip down memory lane.




#3 Zergling/Baneling Plush


This Zergling/Baneling morphing plush will be great for any Zerg fans out there. This plush is reversible to be either the Zergling or the Baneling which is an interesting design, and has very good quality materials so you will not have to worry about this breaking down unless you are very rough on transforming it.




#2 World of Warcraft Poker Set


For the gambler inside of us all there is the World of Warcraft poker set released at Blizzcon has had buzzing good reviews and I have to say I am impressed by the set. It contains two sets of playing cards as well as four sets of chips. The cards seem to be made really well and are only available right now in this set.



#1 USB Protoss Pylon


This may be a tad biased but this Pylon has got to be my favorite thing I have ever gotten from Blizzard I can remember seeing it for the first time on Nathanias’s stream and my first thought is I want that. After looking into the item itself you will learn that it is more than just a cool desktop trinket it, in fact, doubles as a 2 Port USB charger as well as light’s up for a great night light. Everytime I see this Pylon I get as excited as a kid on christmas seeing as I have always wanted some sort of Pylon desk topper and now that I can charge my phone through a pylon my life is complete.




That wraps up my top 10 gifts from Blizzard I hope you have seen some things you might like to give or to get!


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