ACL Season XI Awards

VPN, I present to you the first ever ACL Awards presented by! First off, I’d like to thank Sean Logsdon for his amazing graphics and Oscar Alvarado for helping me with the awards. Some of these awards will be serious, some more comical, but nevertheless they are an accurate depiction of this last ACL season in which had a lot of progress as a community! Without further ado, here are the awards (Keep in mind, this is for the regular season only):

Most Improved Player:         

And the winner is….. Clutch l 23 l

Clutch has helped AO finished in their highest ever position this ACL and has had a very good season. He didn’t have many goals or assists but as a player, he has improved the most than any other from the previous ACL. The skyis the limit with his ability! Here are the rest of the MIP candidates:

  1. ForeverShiek
  2. Ronaldinho x 10
  3. Doobtrayn
  4. Twistd Assassin



Biggest Disappointment:

And the winner is…. Aclrian

Aclrian only played 9 games but in those 9 games he was only able to produce 1 goal and 2 assists on a 2 time defending championship team. Serenity were able to get a replacement for him and the transfer window and were able to produce some offense after his disappearance. Here were the rest of the candidates:

  1. Artistic and Deen’s Managerial Ability
  2. Criminal choking to miss playoffs
  3. Arrechos SC relegation
  4. Fc FiFa Holicz’s first half of the season



Best Manager(s):

And the winner is…. FHz Vallejos 8

Vallejos was able to rally his troops mid-season and keep his team from falling into relegation and climbing into a playoff spot on the last day of the season. A lot of his moves during the mid-season transfer window played a big role into their jump in the standings. Here were the rest of the candidates:

  1. Lahm l 21 l/Midget l 23
  2. Lovelady09/streets1410
  3. Cheeks McFly/Shields
  4. DiLo l 19 l/rossor986/Twistd Assassin



Best Offensive Player:

And the winner is…. Viva Calvo

Calvo was the most consistent offensive player throughout the whole season and he was able to score or assist against nearly every team he faced. Overall, he contributed most to his team and his stats still don’t even say it all for him. Here were the rest of the candidates:

  1. Viva Reyes
  2. Draxler x10
  3. iFarrell
  4. Cheeky Vision



Best Defensive Player:

And the winner is…. Aztecas l 8 l

Aztecas led Serenity to only 18 goals conceded and put up 19 Clean Sheets in the process. He was dominant defensively and is arguably the best defender in the league as he hopes to gather his 3rd ACL title in a row. Here were the other candidates:

  1. Ramani x
  2. Ikerinhooooooo
  3. l TerryGod l
  4. Viva Pep



Biggest Snake:

And the winner is…. Jeeremy x

Jeeremy x left at the mid-season transfer window from FC Phoenix to FC Dragonz. He left Phoenix on a good note, but for invalid reasons. After he left, both teams improved but he still snaked regardless. Here were the other candidates:

  1. Thibeault x
  2. Dearing l 15 l
  3. Indigo757
  4. Ben l 6 l



Most Improved Team:

And the winner is… American Outlaws

A prototypical 8th place team fighting for their life to get into playoffs, they turned it around this season and finished a solid 6th place with a chance to finish 4th. DiLo and company can cause some uproar in playoffs. Here were the other candidates:

  1. FP United
  2. Criminal Futbol
  3. Black Market FC
  4. Sync Futbol



New Team Here to Stay:

And the winner is… FC Dragonz

Shields and Cheeks were able to establish a team from a few core players, to a 2nd place finish and a chance to win it all. Through good management, shady ways to snatch a D1 spot, and solid players, they look like a team who can compete for a few more seasons assuming they don’t break-up. Here were the other candidates:

  1. Rare Footage
  2. FC Phoenix
  3. BigBad FC
  4. DEMOLITION FC (new to D1 specifically)



Most Underwhelming Team:

And the winner is… Artistic

Deen had all the pieces together and looked like a certain 8th place team and could pose a threat to other playoff teams. Artistic missed out on playoffs and are unlikely to come back next season. I’m still laughing at the phrase “Playoff Deen”. Here were the other candidates:

  1. Fc FiFa HoLiCz
  2. Arrechos SC
  3. FC Serenity
  4. BigBad FC



Best Mid-Season Transfer:

And the winner is… FC Phoenix – Cherry I 10 I

Phoenix were able to snag him from FHz at the mid-season window and he has been amazing for them since joining. He didn’t play a game at FHz, and has 11 goals and 4 assists in only 20 games since joining. Here were the other candidates:

  1. FC Dragonz – Jeeremy x
  2. FC Serenity – Thibeault x
  3. Fc FiFa HoLiCz – Marquinhos l5l
  4. FC Dragonz – Boateng x



The “Played Forever But Never Got Better” Award:

And the winner is… IToniGI

Toni has been around since FIFA 12 at least and has never improved with the quality in the league. He was on Criminal Futbol this season who ended up finishing out of the playoffs in 9th place, which is Toni’s best finish in ACL. So yes, he’s still bad. Here were the other candidates:

  1. Sugabetes
  2. Henriques l 3 l
  3. l John x l
  4. l Sanders l



Least Likely to Get Picked Up in AVL:

And the winner is… Eric Armendariz (Don’t even know his GT)

Who actually likes him? Don’t worry…. I’ll wait…

  1. Sugabetes
  2. IToniGl
  3. Anyone on Astros
  4. l RQuaresma7 l



Most Valuable Player:

And the winner is…. Viva Calvo

Calvo led Viva Futbol to a first place finish this year and will look to keep his success going into playoffs. Calvo finished with 24 goals (2nd in ACL) and 8 assists! He is undoubtedly the best striker this league has to offer and he proved it this season! Here were the rest of the MVP candidates:

  1. Ikerinhoooooooo
  2. Viva Reyes
  3. FHz Vallejos 8
  4. PureTxBadass