PC Smite – PolarBearMike Leaves Team Eager


A week after a disappointing showing at the Super Regionals, Team Eager will be looking for a new support for Season 3 after PolarBearMike announced today he would be leaving Team Eager to look for greener pastures elsewhere. In a tweet earlier today, PBM explained that he and the Eager team did not see eye to eye on some things and lead to his departure. Mike follows former support Aror in their departures from Team Eager due to not agreeing with team decisions. Whether it be god choices, team strategies, or what not, the support role has been a revolving door for the boys in blue.
Many teams not going to Worlds have already begun to make roster changes, including both ADC Cabom and Solo Meerkat leaving COG Gaming, while Support Eonic mentioned in his AMA that the current TSM would not be back for season 3 in some form or another, including his own departure from the team. Many have speculated on social media that Eonic may be the replacement for PBM on Eager, and could easily fit the bill with his very aggressive playstyle that seems to fit in well with Zapman.
It’s hard to tell how many more changes will occur in the offseason for these teams. C9 BaRRaCCuDDa calls this offseason the “Rosterpocalypse“, begging the question just how many more changes we will see before it is all said and done. There’s also speculation EnVy will have some sort of changes in their own roster, while it’s still unclear if Omega will stay with Eager come Season 3.
Until then, we inch closer and closer to the World Championships in January, and a long way from the start of Season 3. Everyone will be waiting with baited breath for anymore “rosterpocalypse” changes.

– Sean
@sean_logsdon on twitter