DreamHack Legacy of the Void

DreamHack Legacy of the Void


November 26, 2015 marks the day of Legacy of the Voids very first premiere tournament in the DreamHack ROCCAT LotV Championship. Dreamhack has been one of the staple tournaments for Starcraft 2 giving one of the highest quality events as well as highest levels of competition alongside tournaments like IEM and the WCS system and with that being said one can only imagine this tournament will set the bar high in hosting this tournament. With Legacy still fresh and being figured out by the players we can only imagine the fun games and builds we will get to see. This event will have a round robin group stage in which the 24 players will be divided into groups of 6 and will play one best of 3 against each player in his group, while the top 3 advance on to the playoff stages. The playoffs will be held in a double-elimination format with the number one player from each group advancing into the winner’s bracket while the players in second and third will start in the loser’s bracket playing best of 5’s until the finals which will be best of 7.


The lineup of casters, and hosts for this event is very good having fun personalities and some great players as well. Some of the players that will be casting/analyzing the games are Demuslim, and Snute. These two players are always crowd favorites when they play at events. Demuslim has one of the most successful Starcraft streams, and has proven to be a good analyst on stream many times and has recently had reddit coin the term “Demuslim replay analysis” to which many people have enjoyed. Snute is a player most people who have been a fan of Starcraft for a while is well known being considered one of the best foreigners at most points in time over the last few years I am surprised to see him on this end of the tournament instead of playing but excited to see his analysis and commentary nonetheless.

We also have Nathanias, who is one of the casters for WCS America and who also runs a very popular stream on twitch that has high level Terran play, as well as the Disciples of Kappa. The other well known Caster/Host in the group is Apollo who has always been a fun and energetic caster but has moved mostly towards hosting since the departure of Redeye, but it should be fun to see him back at the casting desk. The host for this event will be Smix who we have seen host many events in the past, and our in game observer is flo who is also one of the observers for WCS. With a lineup of personalities like this I feel safe in saying that this event will be very entertaining to watch if they have anything to say about it, and now I will introduce the players!

The player pool for this tournament was decided by having qualifiers in each region, with a certain number of spots from each region, as well as five invited players. As far as racial distribution goes we have 10 Zerg players, 8 Protoss, and 6 Terrans. Dreamhack invited the following five players: Parting, Huk, Bomber, TY, and Solar. While the rest all qualified through the open qualifiers. In the pool of players there are many veterans known by many people while there are also some very very new names in the mix, for example the Protoss player Probe from Ecko esports is not a player I have heard about before but I am very excited after seeing he went through the qualifiers without losing a series until he lost 2-1 to iaguz, who was unable to attend which gave Probe the spot. While we also have some players who have started to break onto the scene like Semper, who you may remember qualifying for the first time for WCS America by beating Rotterdam early in the qualifier and also qualifying again a season later. On the other hand, we have some very popular players like Bunny, Happy, and Lilbow who were WCS mainstays; while Bunny and Lilbow were both considered the best foreigner at separate times with Lilbow even winning a WCS season. As far as the Koreans are concerned however they still have four powerhouse players who could potentially win this tournament. Solar has already managed to win a tournament and also has over 450 games of ladder played this season easily giving him one of the highest game counts of everyone on ladder.

Photo taken from: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/File:EckoProbe.jpg

Ecko Probe

Leading up to this event I have so many questions, what are the builds going to look like, which players have improved/deteriorated since the switch to the new game, which race will win the first tournament, will a foreigner win the first premiere tournament with only four Koreans in the mix, what is the viewer count going to look like. All of these will be answered soon and hopefully we see a surge in the scene with this event setting the standards for what we expect to see as well as what builds you will run into on ladder for the next week and a half. To all the players I say good luck and have fun, I hope everyone is ready for DreamHack!


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