What is Spawning Tool?

Spawning Tool for Legacy of the Void


Spawning tool is a website that I have recently started using which has helped me significantly at starting out in Legacy of the Void. This website has a few key features in Build Orders, Replays, Statistics, as well as the option to upload your own replays.


For each build order you can vote if you like the build or not and each build has a view counter as well as a percent liked, with a comment section as well to discuss the build. The builds ideally have a Build order, a description, and an analysis for things like follow ups and things to be mindful of when executing a build. The date is also displayed beside the build to tell you when it was published which is something to keep in mind considering the game will probably have some tweaks and changes therefore changing up some of the builds as well as usefulness of the builds, with replays attached from the submitter. I think with a little bit more of the community using sites like this we can all improve together.


The replay feature is a nice addition to this site, they have user submitted replays that can be searched by keywords. The search fields are Build order, Event, Map, Matchup, other, Player, and Race. Having these options can allow you to easily browse through the library of replays that can allow you to look at certain builds and structure placements for certain maps. Also you can occasionally find some pros replays which are always fun to watch. This plays into the upload feature, you can upload your own replays and help people whenever you post your build by tagging your build with the replay.


The stats page is full of anything you could ever want as a person who enjoys stats. The 3 main categories are Research Tools, Current Metagame, and Pro Player Matchup. I am sure that with time of Legacy being out these pages will fill up more and more with useful information good for anyone wanting to improve.


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