VPN Final Week Power Rankings

VPN Final Week Power Rankings


1.) Viva Futbol – Their winning streak came to a halt against FHz but they picked it back up by beating AO and BigBad 2-1 each. Going into the final week 8 points ahead, barring some collapse, they have first place sealed up and are your regular season champions yet again behind the defense of Ramani x and potential Golden Boot winner, Viva Calvo. Staying sharp and focused will be their main priority. LAST WEEK: 1

2.) FC Dragonz – Dragonz didn’t get first but are having an amazing season nonetheless. They will fight Serenity for a 2 or 3 seed but like Viva, will just try to remain sharp going into playoffs. Viva Reyes will also try to lock up Golden Boot after having yet another season of success. LAST WEEK: 2

3.) FC Serenity – Limping into his final week by dropping points in 4 of their last 5 games, Serenity will need to find their rhythm back before playoffs. Granted, they don’t care, so why should I? LAST WEEK: 3

4.) FC Phoenix – Rough week for Phoenix but as of right now are hanging on to the 4th Cheeky Vision will be looking for another season of being on top of the assist leaderboard and Phoenix will look to finish out in 4th and a big match-up with AO on the final day could potentially decide who gets the spot and could even be a playoff preview. LAST WEEK: 4

5.) BigBad FC – Well… They were starting to find their stride again and then got beaten by Viva and Fury. They have lost their way it seems and like Serenity, limp into the final week looking to make-up for lost ground. The offense still isn’t quite gelled and a sense of urgency should be on the team at this point in the season. LAST WEEK: 5

6.) American Outlaws – Losers of their last 4 but still in control of their own seeding. They will either bottom out at 6 or top out at 4. The big matchup against Phoenix will help decide this but they need to focus on their other games too seeing as they are in a bit of a free fall.  LAST WEEK: 6

7.) Rare Footage –Rare Footage is still in 7th. Big surprise, I know. Still not going to change. Not now, not ever. Farrells are being the Farrells and that sums up this team in a nutshell. LAST WEEK: 7

8.) Criminal Futbol – Unfortunately, they look like they will 8th place team that will square up with Viva in the first round of playoffs. Maybe if that happens Calvo can be nice to ToniG and only roast him twice or nine times. Their ugly play style will be interesting to see how it works in playoffs IF they make it. It could throw some team off. LAST WEEK: 11

9.) Black Market FC – This might be the first week where they had expected results. With games against Criminal, FP United, and Rare Footage in the final week to decide their fate, it’s time to put up or shut up. LAST WEEK: 9

10.)  Fc FiFa HoLiCz – Out of nowhere, like Randy Orton, they are RKOing their opponents to get themselves back into playoff contention. (I’ll see myself out now) With one week left, will they complete their comeback? LAST WEEK: 13

11.)  FP United– They are still in it….Barely… With FHz and Criminal picking up a head of steam for the 8th spot, they are slowly falling out of the playoff race. They need some huge wins this week and maybe some help to grab the last playoff spot. LAST WEEK: 10

12.)  Artistic –Also, as of now, on the outside looking in but still with a very slim chance to grab the last playoff spot. They have games against 3 of the current top 4 and another against AO  to finish the season. You can start playing the military taps now.. LAST WEEK: 8

13.)  DEMOLITION FC – The last team with a shot at the 8th place spot. They have a mountain of points to climb and need some really good results to pull this one off. If they don’t make it, at least they will still be in D1. LAST WEEK: 12

14.)  Sync Futbol –Sync has actually been on a roll and have seemingly avoiding a D2 life. There’s always something crazy in the last week and maybe it could be them going back to the relegation zone. LAST WEEK: 16

15.)  STREET K1NGS – They will be content with staying in D1. Assuming they take care of their business, they can stay here for another season and avoid the drop. LAST WEEK: 15

16.)  Arrechos SC – D2 is calling their name and they are Slip-N-Sliding down the standings into relegation, an EcuaDT is making harder for me to try to include him in the MVP race. (Yes, I’m foreshadowing something)  LAST WEEK: 14

17.)  FC Fury – They beat BigBad, Going out of D1 with a bang I see. LAST WEEK: 17

18.)  Astros Football –They doubled their win total with a win against Rare Footage. Yep, it’s as bad as it sounds. LAST WEEK: 18


***Thank you all for reading my Power Rankings throughout the season and, unlike Isco, I’ll be back to provide more D1 coverage next season! Enjoy playoffs and this potentially this crazy last week!***