Kespa roster changes up to 11/22/2015

Kespa Roster Changes


Tis the season for many players to start changing teams and retiring. On top of the fact that a new game has been released as well as it being the off season for the major tournaments we are seeing most of the roster changes happen. Over the span of two days a few big players from Korea have made announcements on their future in competitive starcraft. Creator, Revival, and Heart are the most recent of many players to change teams, retire, or to take a break from starcraft in the last few months. On November 18th Heart and Revival announce retirement and they are the most recent retirements since Terminator and Check, with Creator the ex Prime superstar finally signing to a new team.


Heart’s retirement may strike many as odd considering he had his moments of seemingly great potential playing well in many tournaments even finishing second place in WCS America 2014 Season 3. Seeing this in the wake of Axiom’s disbanding is truly disheartening to me as a fan of Axiom, as we all know most of Axiom’s players had not performed over the top in some time the main one who comes to mind would be Impact who signed to SKT after a stint with Axiom. Heart is a player I feel like was always that one step behind, or just in that unlucky side of the bracket from really just making a huge name for himself. Seeing this retirement has given me some worries about seeing the Axiom squad move forward in the competitive scene with team captain Crank also announcing retirement to full time streaming earlier last month. After this we have Alicia still out in the wind and to be completely honest I have no clue where he is or if he has intentions of staying, however we do have one of my personal favorites in Ryung who has signed with team Extreme Supremacy guaranteeing we will be seeing him in Legacy of the Void! Heart also released this for his fans on Twitter:


Revival is a player I remember quite well from my beginning starcraft days as I was quite the EG fanboy, as was made easy by personalities like IdrA, iNcontrol, and Demuslim, I can remember Revival, Oz, and aLive as a part of EG’s pro league squad and seeing them occasionally come play in foreign tournaments. after being released by Evil Geniuses Revival signed a sponsorship with CM Storm becoming CM Storm’s second major player sponsor, the other being Polt, 2013 was without a doubt Revival’s best year of results which include a WCS season 1 finals appearance as well as a IEM Championship at IEM Shanghai. After that he did a short amount of observing for the GSL. Revivals retirement also comes with a bit of big news as it was announced that he would be going of to do his 2 year military service which is mandatory of any physically capable Korean male. No pro has ever gone to their military service and come back into the scene but with guys like Golden, and Revival going in we can only hope that we might see them on the stage again someday.

Last but not least we have some good news with Creator signing with the Jin Air Green Wings. It has been four long months since it was announced that Creator had decided to leave Prime. Everyone thought he would have no trouble finding another team, and it appears that he has found a good home with Jin Air which is consistently a top contending team in Proleague as well as home to some very high level players such as sOs, Maru, and Rogue to give him some very notable practice partners which is something he lacked at Prime. While Creator has not really been a GSL or SSL threat of late he has consistently performed well in Proleague which will still make him a valuable asset to any team and as stated before I believe with the help of the Jin Air players and coaches we will see Creator back in the GSL again.


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