PC Smite Super Regionals Third Place and Wilcard Predictions


Both teams are coming off disappointing losses in the semifinals, with EnVy taking a bigger hit on confidence after losing to the 5 seed Enemy. No doubt Enemy has improved massively since the end of the Fall Split, but even then, EnVy didn’t end the Fall Split on the best of notes, surely making this loss even bigger. Meanwhile, Eager can be proud they took Cloud9, the best team in North America, down to the wire in a 5 game set. With that being said, Eager should come into this game very confident in their ability to take down EnVyUs. Solo laner Omega was in fact very confident in Eager’s ability to beat EnVy, stating there was no doubt in his mind they could and would beat EnVy while at the analyst lounge on Friday for the Paradigm/Fnatic set. I have to agree with Omega in that this Eager team, at the moment, is head and shoulders better than EnVy right now. Maybe a couple months ago would’ve told a different story, but right now EnVy is playing at their lowest level possible, and the recent changes in roles have the team out of sorts and primed to miss Worlds yet again. If Eager brings the same intensity they did against Cloud9 and get the right picks and bans, they should have no problem beating EnVy in 2 games. EnVy just don’t seem to have enough aggression, with Kiki playing healers in the support role, while Incon just hasn’t had enough time to adjust to the midlane at a competitive level.


Weak3n had two fantastic games against Enemy while playing Mercury, but the other three he struggled. Whether Eager bans Mercury remains to be seen, and if they do I don’t think Weak3n has a better god to carry with in his repertoire. DareToCare was very consistent for Eager against Cloud9, playing the initiator and shutting down the opponent’s carries. D2C’s Ne Zha play is his best god at the moment, being able to take opponents out of the fight with his ultimate, setting up the Lassiz to 100 to 0 any god on the other team. Both junglers will have to play at their best for their teams’ success. If Dare can get Ne Zha in the first two games, look for Eager to win the set.


Sails may have been deflated for both teams, with LC getting obliterated in 3 games by the EU powerhouse, Epsilon, and Fnatic being controlled by Paradigm in 3 games as well. LC should have more confidence coming into the match, seeing that a 3-0 loss to Epsilon was foreseen by everyone. Fnatic however, might be on edge after coming out so flat against Paradigm after being very successful against them in the Fall Split. Nobody on Fnatic played very well at all on Friday, while LC had some bright spots in their loss to Epsilon. For this matchup, I really think the confidence will play a part in the results, so I give London Conspiracy the advantage, 2-1.


Zashu had a rough time against Dimi on Friday, but most expected it against the best solo laner in EU. Zashu has shown he can carry his team from the solo lane in his play against Titan, and will have a tightly contested matchup against ManiaKK on Saturday. If he brings his A game, he can bully ManiaKK in lane, as the Fnatic solo laner favors the comfort pick of Chaac, who seems to only be good early and can be shut down very easily.


I think we’ll see Eager play London Conspiracy in the Wildcard set for the last ticket to Worlds. While Conspiracy have taken out some good teams to get here in Fnatic and Titan, I think North American teams, especially Eager, are vastly superior to the competition in Europe. As such, Eager shouldn’t have much trouble in this matchup. Zap and company are much better mechanically and in their play calls than the boys in purple, and we should see a sweep here in the last matchup of the day. Ne Zha may be a contested pick and both DareToCare and CherryO like to play this god in the jungle. Shaggyshenk and EmilZy will have to put on a great performance in the duo lane, as I see that being their only chance at winning any games.


Cherry did well to set up a lot of kills against Titan, but really failed to do much in the Epsilon set. LC will rely on his initiation against Eager if they are to have a chance. Meanwhile Omega should be able to bully Zashu in the solo lane, giving him free reign to rotate and pressure across the map. This will be key to Eager’s success and should give them the series win and their place at Worlds.