LotV Comeback Kids

New game, Familiar faces


Similar to any game, whenever a sequel to the original comes out you have plenty of people returning to the old game to relive it shortly before release of the new game, as well as having a massive surge in popularity when the new game releases with everyone looking to see if it is worth getting. Nowadays with the Esports scene we now have things like retired pro players, content creators who took breaks or moved on to other games, and fans who come back to check out their old favorites, that all come back. Some easy examples to give are Pros like Scarlett who retired a while back from Starcraft and recently said she would return to competitive play once Legacy was released. Another huge name coming back is the widely known streamer Destiny, who took a break from starcraft following his last attempt to get into the WCS, and streamed League of Legends and Hearthstone; however, he recently said on Unfiltered he would be coming back to streaming Starcraft full-time once Legacy was released.


All of these things are huge for the scene of Starcraft.  When you bring a player like Scarlett, who was widely thought to be the best foreign player, back into the scene you also bring her fans back into the equation as well as anyone who wants to see foreigners fighting off koreans in the pro scene (which she has done many times including in my opinion the best series ever against Bomber with her signature Baneling landmines). This was seen when Naniwa announced his return, if that is not proof enough, his stream initially pulled in around five thousand viewers each time he would stream versus the average “Big” streamer for starcraft would really only be able to pull in one to two thousand viewers.


Hopefully with the return of some of the more popular players and streamers I am hoping to see that all of our tournaments also get increased viewership and sponsors keep funding and wanting to be a part of the Starcraft 2 scene. We also will get a huge indicator of what is going to happen with the pro scene once we find out what the new WCS rules and regulations are specifically regarding the potential region locking or things of that nature to determine player exposure in their respective regions, last year alone for example we had the relatively unknown Terran player Semper qualify for challenger league twice in a row. Stories like this could be more likely with region locks however I am still unsure as to how I would feel about them.


While there are all of these ups and happy things that come with the new game on the Esports side there are also some bad things that come along. Some players who were once legends and always Championship contenders can have issues adapting and fade to the back while these new players and faces take the spotlight. We have seen this especially in the transition from Starcraft: Broodwar and Starcraft 2 WOL we have some players who exploded onto the scene and then some who just never made the transition, while LotV is not as big of a transition it is still quite the new game and who knows how the different play styles will react, adapt, and evolve to fit this new game. With the release of Legacy of the Void we have seen some really good viewer counts on twitch and hopefully when the big tournaments start again we will see Starcraft rise even further!


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