PC Smite EU Super Regionals: LDN Conspiracy shocks Titan, Paradigm survive against Dignitas


Maybe not as big of an upset as Enemy over TSM, LDN Conspiracy have taken down last year’s World Championship runner ups, Titan. A real back and forth series, Titan seemed to have lost the first two games in picks and bans, as well as their own team comp. LDN, comprised of a team with zero LAN experience to date, shook off the jitters quick and took a commanding 2-0 series lead against Titan. Titan was able to answer with a win in game 3, however LDN was able to continue their pressure, shutting down the carries of Titan and win the series, 3-1.
The biggest theme of this series was the lack of front line on the side of Titan. Brotuz, a sub brought in during the Fall Split after former ADC Confrey was kicked from the team, relies almost entirely on mages in the solo lane due to his time as a mid laner. This was the critical downfall to Titan, as it left support KanyeLife the only form of initiation, and forcing jungler Repikas to build more defensively on his assassins as opposed to a hyper carry itemization. Titan controlled the early game in all 4 games of the series, but when it came to late game and team fights, the lack of another tank deemed detrimental to Titan’s chances at closing out the games. This has been a common theme in EU Smite for a while now, choosing to take a mage or hunter into the solo lane as a second or third hyper carry. However, LDN Conspiracy kept to the more “North American” meta and stuck a frontline Bellona in the solo lane for all three wins, and it proved to be too much. With the vast experience and skill of the North American solo laners and their knack to go full defensive front line warriors, EU may need to rethink their ideas of putting carries in the solo lane as we head into Worlds in January.


London Conspiracy will face off against the powerhouse of EU in Epsilon on Friday. Epsilon has been head and shoulders above their competition in Europe during the Fall Split, only losing one game in 28 tries. All 5 of the Epsilon players were voted best in their roles this split, with jungler Adapting being considered by most to be the best Smite player in the world for his ability to carry with Thor, Serqet and Fenrir. However, LDN EmilZy doesn’t seem too worried about the matchup against Epsilon, contrary to what outsiders may think. In the interview after the Titan series, EmilZy was very confident in his team and their ability to counter anything Adapting and Epsilon throw at them. He brought up LDN’s success against Adapting in the Spring, noting keeping Adapting’s player damage to a minimum in those games.

EmilZy stressed in the interview as well that LDN are highly focused on picks and bans, and feels it can win them the series against Epsilon, as it did with Titan. Epsilon LOVES global gods, with ADC Emilitoo playing Neith almost exclusively, Adapting playing Thor in the Jungle, and Yammyn focusing on Janus in the Mid. If LDN can take out these global gods in the picks and bans and keep Epsilon from their quick rotations, we could see another upset by the boys in purple. I still see Epsilon being the more dominant team in this series. Every player on this team is perhaps the best at their roles in Europe, and it’s going to take more than just picks and bans for them to be defeated. Look for Epsilon to take the win and their ticket to Worlds, 3-2.


Matchup to Watch: LDN Shaggyshenk vs Epsi Emilitoo – The obvious player to watch will be Adapting and how LDN look to shut him down. However, the ADC matchup between Shaggy and Emilitoo may be the difference maker if Adapting isn’t carrying. Both hunters are known to have precision in their auto attacks, while both love to play Neith. If we see Neith banned out, look for Shaggy to go to an Apollo or Xbalanque pick, while Emilitoo could go to the early game god, Anhur, or Rama.


In the most contested series of the Super Regionals, Dignitas takes the Paradigm favorites down to a game 5, but fall short with a heap of mistakes, 3-2. It was a series of throws, starting with PDG getting too greedy in game 1, Dignitas in game 4 at a foiled Gold Fury, and again in the final game at the late game Fire Giant. Paradigm moves on and survives, and will face 2-seed Fnatic on Friday for a ticket to Worlds.
Game 1 really showed the strength of Dignitas, especially ADC iRens. Rens played a fantastic Hou Yi and was able to solo Funballer and win his lane comfortably. He went for a mid game build, buying soul eater and asi for a huge power and lifesteal spike the moment the laning phase was over. He and solo laner Variety as Xing Tian were able to pick apart Paradigm and break down their defenses time after time. Bastet on Frostiak was equally important, being able to dive Zeus in the back line and shut down the damage out of Paradigm.
Paradigm was able to answer back in game 2, this time taking Bastet for themselves, where Qvofred had a fantastic game, with 7 kills, while Lawbster on Zeus was able to get off a lot more of his damage this time around. It wasn’t much of a game, as Paradigm seemed to handle the game from the start and never really let off the throttle. Xaliea took Zhong Kui into the solo lane, a typical mage solo comp found in Europe, however build the Zhong into quite the tank and was able to play front line along with Trixtank on his favorite hyper aggressive guardian, Bacchus.
For game 3, Paradigm had beat themselves in the picks and bans before the game had even started. Just as we thought Paradigm had found their footing and would show they were the better team, they let Variety get Xing Tian again in the solo lane, gave Bastet to Frostiak, and even let Hel through. Dignitas curb stomped them early, put the entire Paradigm team behind, and rolled to an easy second victory of the set.
Backs against the wall, Paradigm’s chance at World’s was on the line and they could make no mistakes. Game 4 started out bleak for PDG, as Dignitas were putting constant pressure on all the lanes, with Frostiak getting an early 6 kills on Hun Batz. With a comfortable lead, Dignitas looked to start a Gold Fury fight at the 15 min mark. While they actually took the objective, it was the counter initiation from Paradigm that took out three DiG players, giving them back a breath of life and allowing Jungler Qvofred to get back in the game as Thor. From then on, Paradigm would go on to win every team fight and win the game in 35 min.
In the 5th and final game, Paradigm took a big risk putting Nu Wa in solo, while Dignitas had a very good early game team comp and was able to keep their lanes pushed for the first 7 minutes. However, a failed gank onto the duo lane resulted in two kills for PDG Funballer, giving him stacks on his passive as Xbalanque. The game went back and forth, with both teams finding good picks and finding objectives, with Dignitas taking Fire Giant at 25 min, both duo lane towers, and Gold Fury at 27 min. Knocking at the door, the game and series looked to be going the way of Dignitas. Then down their support Trixtank, Paradigm took a fight at Fire Giant, stole Fire, and wiped the Dignitas team. PDG would take the Fire Giant buff, rush down the solo lane for the last remaining tower, win the team fight, and win the series.


Paradigm will go onto face Fnatic on Friday, with the hope of punching their ticket to Worlds in January. Fnatic have played very well this season, and have owned the matchup against Paradigm in the Fall Split. I am a firm believer the Baba Yetu, but Fnatic behind Zyrhoes, CaptainTwig, and Maniak may deem too much for the Paradigm after struggling against Dignitas. My call is Fnatic over Paradigm, 3-2, sending PDG to the EU Third Place match.


Matchup to Watch: FNC Zyrhoes vs PDG Lawbster – the midlane matchup will surely be a fun one to watch. Lawbster has been a dominant mid since the launch tournament, while Zyrhoes is considered the best mid in Europe at the moment. Both players have a large god pool that they can bring into the mid lane, being able to play mages and even hunters in the mid lane. Zeus is currently the flavor of the month, so look for him to be a primary pick for both teams to be put at the hands of these mids.