Take a Step in FVPAA ACL History & Maybe it’s Future

One of our own VPNers put a little something together. If you don’t know about us, we love pro clubs and have a good understand of its potential to grow. Below is a brief history of “goals scored per game”. If you would like to be apart of this history. Join us if you think you can compete.

A lot of nostalgic posts today, so I was inspired to make this small graphic about ACL D1’s history.  What we’re looking at here is the number of goals scored per ACL team each season.  What I’ll do below is walk you through the important trends.

Starting with the the mean and median columns, you can see very clearly how OP goalkeepers were in FIFA 13. The Average teams couldn’t even score 1 goal per game.  EA fixed this for the FIFA 14 360 edition, but further changes to gameplay were made for the XB1 that made it even easier to score (boosts to shot power and shot accuracy combined with nerfs to defense and keepers).  In FIFA 15, further nerfs to defense (ice skating and LB Y tracking animations) made scoring a joke. average teams scored 1.5 goals per game last year.  FIFA 16, EA improved defense and nerfed dribbling. the result is that this season is the hardest one to score goals in since the 360.

Looking at the standard deviation column. this is a measure of how competitive the league is.  A high standard deviation indicates that the league is less competitive (because there is a lot of variation in the mean number of goals teams are scoring). you can see the insane standard deviations on 360, reflecting that skill in the league was really imbalanced on that console. however, things would change on the XB1.  The first season on the XB1 was extremely competitive as the league’s veterans struggled to adjust to the game.  Coincidentally, I stopped winning titles at this point (lol?).  There was a momentary blip in competitiveness the following season because we doubled the size of the first division, and a lot of the new teams were so bad that we had to create a 2nd division for them the next season.  In FIFA 15, just about anyone could score, and defense was nerfed, so the league was extremely competitive.  In fact, last season was the most competitive ACL in history (0.28 standard deviation).  This season, the league is extremely competitive again.  In my opinion, this reflects a general malaise among the veteran players toward the game.  Perhaps a new generation of elite players — people who are passionate about the game and willing to practice a lot — is emerging.

Technical note: standard deviations have been scaled by means, so it’s actually the coefficient of variation we’re looking at in the last column.