PC Smite NA Super Regionals: Enemy play underdog, Cloud9 cruise into Semis


Enemy surprised the world taking out the third place team of last year’s World Championship. TSM came out the first two games entirely the wrong way. Almost as if they were looking ahead to the next round, TSM played far too aggressive early in the hopes of intimidating an inexperienced Enemy at LAN. TSM was able to come back in Game 3 with a convincing win behind Snoopy’s Neith and TheBoosh’s Zeus. Into Game 4, TSM continued to dominate the early game and everything seemed to point to a TSM win. However, Adjust played an amazing Serqet after 3 games of Bastet and was able to target the Zeus every fight and take out the primary damage of TSM.

Looking back at the series, I was disappointed to not see DaGarz try a different god other than Hun Batz. Regardless of his success or failures, he continued to pick the monkey god and it never seemed to fully pay off. The Player To Watch was bchm and the series did seem to weigh on his shoulders, with all but game 3 showing off his lack of experience with these high pressure LAN events. But the blame cannot be put entirely on him. Eonic, like DaGarz, kept going back to a singular god in Sobek aside from game 3, and he seemingly failed each time. In the end, it seemed TSM was simply unable to switch up their strategies enough to combat the composed, relentless attack of Enemy. You could even see it in the player cams, as the whole team seemed deflated after the game 1 loss. A disappointing end to a tumultuous season of roster changes and set backs, and I think I speak for every SMITE fan when I say I hope this team can come back from this next year and regain their former glory as a North American powerhouse. As for Enemy, they will look to continue to write the story of the underdog on Thursday against the number one seeded EnVy.


Enemy vs EnVy may not seem like a close series on paper, but with the level of play Enemy showed against TSM, EnVy should not underestimate these guys. Enemy Solo laner SaltMachine played maybe his best series of Smite against TSM, completely bullying bchm out of lane and putting him so far behind in experience that he was evaporated almost every team fight. He will have to continue his form on Thursday when he faces off against the hyper carry CycloneSpin. The task won’t be easy, as EnVy is known to babysit Cyclone’s lane in order to get him ahead early and let him carry on a high damage god. Enemy ADC Vetium also played very well in the TSM set, and has a huge test Thursday when he has to face Allied in lane. However, Enemy does have some upside in their matchups against EnVy. Khaos has proven he can carry from the midlane, and will look to shut down KikiSoCheeky early. Adjust will have to “adjust” his strategies of the all damage assassin he pulled out against TSM and focus on good positioning and targeting. EnVy may be the best team in terms of making their opponent’s pay for their mistakes, and as great of a win as it was for Enemy to defeat TSM, they made plenty of mistakes that TSM never capitalized on, which won’t be the case Thursday.
All good things must come to an end, and I think the Cinderella story ends here with an EnVy 3-1 win over Enemy. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Enemy shock the world again, and I, for one, am pulling for it.


Vetium needs to play aggressive against Allied in this series on Thursday. Allied is a top 3 ADC known for his good positioning and ability to make it to late game with sufficient farming. Vetium should look to keep Allied on his toes and deny any gold and experience he can while in the laning phase. I doubt EnVy will allow Sol to make it through the ban phase after seeing what Vetium can do with the god. Vetium may resort to a Freya pick as a second option to the Sol hypercarry, or even his favorite of the Fall Split, Medusa.


As most would have guessed, it was Cloud9 who are moving on to the semifinals of the North American Super Regionals to face Team Eager. The series itself was seemingly never in doubt. Sure, COG was able to surprise MLC Stealth with a quick first blood only 30 seconds in of Game 1, but didn’t keep the C9 Midlaner down for long as he bounced back with 3 kills of his own early. That was pretty much the only real lead COG saw in game 1, as C9 rolled through and took down the titan in 27 min of gameplay.

Game 2 is where things got weird. We saw a Hand of the Gods come out on an Aror Nemesis Support as COG invaded C9’s back Harpies, while COG Jungler DJPernicus laned with Cabom in the duo lane for nearly 5 min. The COG team comp was entirely centered around objectives, picking high burst/high damage gods like Sol and Anubis to secure a sneaky Gold Fury at 3 min. While COG was busy trying to take objectives and jungle camps, Cloud9 was quietly farming and taking the picks when they could, bringing them back into a game that puzzled everyone but COG themselves. C9 were really controlling the game aside from the early GF and showed their dominance in each role. It took until the 15 min mark for COG’s strange team comp to pay off and win a team fight. Later on, while C9 had taken all of the towers and was attempting the Fire Giant to make one last push to win, COG’s Meerkat teleported in and stole Fire Giant with a single ability. That seemed to be COG’s only chance late, but C9 proved to be far superior in tactics and overall skill to be beaten by the strange team comp of COG, and end up winning game 2.

COG seemed to pull out all the tricks in that game and had nothing left in game 3. Deflated and out of ideas, COG were just steamrolled in game 3, moving Cloud9 into the semis on Thursday. Cloud9’s ADC and NA MVP candidate Barraccudda showed why he’s considered by most the best ADC on SMITE with his stellar play as Sol and Xbalanque. Barra single handedly shut down COG’s ADC Cabom and took him out of all 3 games. The entire Cloud9 team showed why they are the best team in North America; MLC Stealth played the best Zhong Kui I’ve seen this season with his superb front line mage play, JeffHindla was once again the shot caller and playmaker in the Support role, Andinster took Serqet to another level of play in game 2, while Baskin may have just proved he’s the 2nd best Solo laner in North America with his front line prowess and decision making in team fights.


Cloud9 will go on to face Team Eager on Thursday, who they are very familiar with playing. These two teams know each other inside and out, with each game they faced off being some of the best Smite we’ve seen this Fall. We’ve seen these teams face off already in a LAN setting this season, with C9 getting the best of Eager at the COG Invitational Finals. Both teams are playing at the highest level of play these past few weeks, and this seems to be the hardest set to predict of the Super Regionals. If I was a betting man, I’d take Cloud9 to win in a highly contested and hard fought 5 game series.


Matchup to Watch: Solo Lane – C9 Baskin v eGr Omega; Omega is considered by many, including myself, to be the best Solo laner in the World. A part of last year’s World Championship team, Omega has had the biggest impact on the turn around of this Eager team from the average 7-7 finish they had in the Summer Split. Look for Omega to stay loyal to his tried and true frontline all defensive item warriors and guardians like Sobek, Osiris, and his favorite Bellona. Baskin also favors the frontline warrior, but we could see him pull out Fenrir for the utility assassin.