FIFA FVPAA Pro Clubs: Five Questions With That Bottleface feat. Dylshkin67 x

With ACL XI finishing up within the next few weeks, I wanted to interview someone who knows a lot about the FIFA Pro Clubs scene. For the past few seasons, Dylshkin67 x has being lighting up teams with an impressive scoring streak that only a few can match. I had chance to sit down with the man who has helped Serenity become back to back ACL Champions and get his thoughts on his teams success.

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1) First off, Congratulations on your second ACL title, that’s two in a row. What can you attribute the teams success to these last two seasons?

The past 2 ACL wins really surprised me to be honest with you. After probably the biggest flop in ACL history, at The Rec Centre, getting beat 10-0 off Unleashed. We bounced back really well. Made massive changes to the team bringing in Streets, Ramani, John and Aztecas. They undoubtable made the team better.

In the first winning season the new players who came into the team gave us the drive that we needed to win, especially Ramani. That fool and his cleansheets :)

The playoffs was the main focus for us, once we got there we knew we could win it. I think it was the fact we played really well throughout the season and the team had a bit of confidence about us.

The second season was totally the opposite for us. I think it was the fact it was the last season on FIFA 15 and people were losing focus and losing the will to play the game. Plus on top of that, we lost Ramani to Viva and lost Streets, he went to do his own thing. But we brought in FBN, who is arguably around the same level as Ramani. He came into the team and fit in really well.

Throughout the season no one wanted to play, players weren’t up for it. The plan was to play the season, make sure we made playoffs, then turn up and win in the playoffs again. And that’s what we done.

2) You decided not to come back during the beginning of the season to join a new team in CGPL, a British League FIFA league. How did that go?

At the start of this new FIFA our own UK site agreed to start using the VPN app and run out tournaments through that. Due to the VPN being new for some of the UK players, we ran a small 12 team league filled with some of the best teams UK who were willing to try it out.

Obviously with me being heavily involved in the UK club scene I needed to show face and play in it. The league was decent, it ran smoothly, but we’re not using the VPN anymore. The owners of the site think it’s a good idea to use a different way of recording stats and league tables.

3) Did you notice any differences between in competition between the two?

The competition in the UK is a little different from the US side of clubs. The teams are massively different. There are a lot more good teams in the UK and not many bad teams. It’s different in the US, the skill different is massive in terms of the teams. There’s good teams, that are really good. Then there’s bad teams, who are hideous. No offence.

4) What do you expect to see during this 11th season of ACL?

Seeing as it’s a new FIFA, I think it’ll take until after Xmas for people to get their pros up and get used to the game. Especially the American club players. You guys never play small man clubs. 2K is obviously a popular game with you lot. There will be a lot of new teams coming together and hopefully a lot more teams about to challenge for the ACL and make it more of a fight for the so called better teams. I still think it’ll be the same 3-4 teams at the top of the table, but here’s hoping they prove me wrong.

5) Do you see Serenity becoming the next great Dynasty in Pro Clubs?

I think we’re already up there with the best teams to play in the ACL. Winning the 3peat would definitely solidify that.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for having me and good luck to your team for the second part of the season and the playoffs, seeing you make them :)