VPN Week 5 Power Rankings

VPN Week 5 Power Rankings


1.) Viva Futbol – Won 14 games in a row. I’m speechless at this point. They haven’t lost since Viva Pony came out of retirement and is once again proving why he is an elite player in this league. Will they ever lose again? They have 5 games next week against top 10 teams and then FHz. Viva on a roll is the last thing any contending team wants to see. LAST WEEK: 3

2.) FC Dragonz – They just keep scoring and show no mercy to opponents. I wasn’t kidding when I said they were title contenders in pre-season. Assuming Viva wins their make-up game, they’re only 3 points behind Viva and have been on fire lately winning all 6 of their games last week. With 2 big games against Viva, Serenity, and AO, they can inch closer to a regular season crown and snatch a #1 seed in playoffs. LAST WEEK: 4

3.) FC Serenity – For a team that still hasn’t lost this season, they are still rarely talked about and STILL don’t look like the Serenity of old. Serenity haven’t nailed down their offense yet but are sure to cause problems for teams in playoffs and still have a shot to win a #1 seed. This week is crucial for them if they are to move up. LAST WEEK: 1

4.) FC Phoenix – Phoenix were solid last week and a bit unlucky. They were shut down by Viva Tracy but still gave Viva quite the scare and showed how good they really can be. A win against BigBad this week and taking care of the games they should win could see them make their seeding for playoffs move up with a highly unlikely chance they move into the top 3 in the standings. LAST WEEK: 5

5.) BigBad FC – Wow, what a week for BigBad. They could not muster up a single win last week and their defense was finally cracked by AO then the floodgates opened. With only scoring 24 times at this point in the season, they need to change something or else their title hopes are looking slimmer by the game. This is their week to rebound and gain confidence going into playoffs. LAST WEEK: 2

6.) American Outlaws – AO will probably give me crap about them being so low, but I still think they are legitimate and pose serious threats all over the field. They won their last 5 games are leaving their mark this season and looking like serious title contenders. Took long enough. LAST WEEK: 6

7.) Rare Footage –This is last team before there is a huge drop-off in talent, and they are going to cause some team problems in playoffs. If they don’t have a late season meltdown, they got 7th place locked down and will look to upset some teams in playoffs. LAST WEEK: 7

8.) Artistic – +6 Goal differential for them yet they still can’t win. The epitome of a team with decent talent, experience, but can’t quite put it together. I think they are the favorites to grab they 8th spot along with Black Market. No pressure, Deen. LAST WEEK: 9

9.) Black Market FC – How are you going to tie Serenity, AO, and beat Dragonz, but lose to Astros? I have nothing else to say because I never know what to expect with them anymore… LAST WEEK: 11

10.)  FP United – Another team with a realistic shot at 8th and sneaking into playoffs. Their offense has put some goals in though and stop relying on the defense to save them points. They are the less talented version of BigBad. Take that as you will. LAST WEEK: 10

11.)  Criminal Futbol– Not going to say I kind of predicted their collapse…. But I did… Proving to the league that are indeed pretenders but STILL control their own destiny. If they make playoffs with this form, it could be embarrassing.  LAST WEEK: 8

12.)  DEMOLITION FC –Their offense definitely misses iJackson x8, but that still won’t help their defensive struggles either. They have an outside shot for the final playoff spot but will have to dig deep into their D2 roots to put some good results together. LAST WEEK: 12

13.)  Fc FiFa HoLiCz – I don’t get how a team so well put together like this can be playing so bad. Unless they pull a “Sublime Skill” and make a late surge, they will surely miss playoffs but still avoid relegation. LAST WEEK: 13

14.)  Arrechos SC –They’re hanging on, barely. The Ecuadorians will miss playoffs this season and now they fight to savior what’s left of one of the longest lasting D1 clubs. If you have been around a while, you’re rooting for them to escape a D2 fate. LAST WEEK: 14

15.)  STREET K1NGS – Currently sweating it out but can control their own destiny to avoid the drop. This week will test their mentality and will to avoid falling into relegation territory. Having weeks where they only get 1 point will not suffice. LAST WEEK: 15

16.)  Sync Futbol – Like Houdini, they have avoided relegation, for now. They have had a relatively decent second half of the season and look to stay out of relegation. I would keep praying to whatever God got them out of the drop if I were them because they could easily go right back down into relegation zone. LAST WEEK: 17

17.)  FC Fury – Their fate is just about sealed in D2 next season and now are contending to not be last place. They actually are giving Astros competition for worst team in the ACL. See what happens when Isco plays? He’s a difference maker, that’s for sure…LAST WEEK: 16

18.)  Astros Football –They won a game… That is all. LAST WEEK: 18