TSM Roster Announcement

Yesterday TSM finally announced thier lineup for IEM San Jose next week. They needed to replace 3 players that retired and already swapped ADCs at the start of the month. Bjergsen is the only player returning to this team from season 5. He will need to get his team ready for IEM next week in order for them to come out the gates swinging. On Halloween we learned that Doublelift would be replacing WildTurtle at the ADC position which is a big upgrade. Bjergsen and Doublelift are going to be the stars of this team, but the 3 players announced yesterday are extremely important to this team’s success however as they must be the glue that keeps everything together. So let’s meet the rest of the new TSM lineup.


TSM Hauntzer


To replace the eSports legend known as Dyrus, TSM has brought in Hauntzer who played last season with Gravity. Hauntzer is a similar player to Dyrus with a wider champion pool. He can play anything from tanks to mages, to assassins. He can survive in his lane on his own without help from his jungler. Hauntzer is a consistent for his team and that is what TSM will be looking for in thier top laner. Hauntzer will need to improve his laning phase if he wants to help carry TSM to the top. Hauntzer is a solid pickup and a slight upgrade in the top lane position in my eyes. We haven’t seen Hauntzer play since the first round of the NA gauntlet where Cloud 9 reverse swept his team, but next week he’ll be playing against some of the best teams in the world. It will be a quick test for TSM’s new man in the top lane.

TSM Svenskeren


Svenskeren marks the 3rd European jungler to join TSM now. Svenskeren spent the season 5 on SK Gaming, who ended up getting relegated at the end of the summer split. He leaves a highly scrutinized organization for a team that has the most scrutinizing fans. He is on a much better team than he was last season, but will his play be up to par? Sven will be a vital part to this new TSM team with his early game play-making skills as well as his late game team fighting. Sven is more of a play-maker as opposed to Santorin. He will need to establish the mid/jungle synergy that TSM always strives for so that Bjergsen can carry. Sven won’t be a warding trinket for Bjergsen however. He can make the early ganks that Santorin couldn’t and can snowball games with his plays. The biggest key with this roster move is how Sven will adapt to North America and his new team. I do believe this is another slight upgrade for TSM.

TSM KaSing


TSM also imported a support player from EU in KaSing. KaSing spent season 5 with H2K and leading them to back-to-back 3rd place finishes and a birth at Worlds. KaSing is a play-maker at the support position and will need to make plays at IEM next week in order to cement himself as the starting support player on this team. KaSing has been complimented by his previous coaches and teammates as being a great team player and person to be around. He can help this team gel together and gain chemistry. TSM really wanted to have clear communication in teamwork with these changes and having an all English speaking team will certainly help that. TSM is one of the first teams with big off-season news in the LCS, but expect many more moves this off-season as Season 6 approaches. Be on the look out for more updates and we’ll see TSM in action in just one week.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin