Legacy has arrived!

Legacy has arrived!


It is that time again – a brand new game with new units, builds, and new faces coming into the scene of starcraft! I however was a little worried early on about Blizzard maybe rushing the game or maybe not giving it its due. However with the way Blizzard has launched Legacy of the Void, they have obliterated those fears from my mind. With the promises of more communication with the community, as well as more transparency in their decision making, Blizzard is looking to really win back the hearts of players. Also, do not forget about the new features of starcraft that have been released with Allied commanders Archon mode, which by the way is looking better and better as far as tournament chances go, and automated tournaments for all of us normal humans to get our competitive fix!


For those of you who do not know, Blizzard has given out some gear to the top streamers as follows: Nathanias, Rotterdam08, MaximusBlack, iNcontrol, Livibee, BasetradeTV, huK, Fenner, and Destiny. Blizzard really went all out on these prizes – being given out are Zergling house slippers, Plush Probe, LotV game keys, LotV DEV Team signed Collectors edition box, A Starcraft hat, a Starcrafts hoodie, and my personal favorite the USB hub Pylon which doubles as a night light! That is not all though – they also have some Razer giveaways with the Kraken, Mamba, and Blackwidow! I might add that I was so lucky to win one of these Kraken headsets through incontrols stream so I would like to give a big shout out to Blizz and incontrol as a thanks :)


Seeing them take this much pride and put this much effort into the game that I have loved has given me so much faith towards the future.  While I know this does not guarantee anything, it does give me the feeling of security that things are going to finally change for the better with Legacy being a completely fresh and new experience for old players of the game, as well as an exciting experience for the beginners of starcraft. I feel as if i can say without a shadow of a doubt that we are all excited for the future of starcraft and hopefully we get some announcements on the new WCS system soon.


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