Blizzcon Review

WCS 2015 Grand Final


Today we crowned the final WCS Champion for Heart of the Swarm; it was a bittersweet day at Blizzcon as we had the Round of four played out and then immediately after, the Grand Finals match. We started off the Blizzcon tournament with 16 hopeful players from around the world, all in pursuit of being the last champion of Heart of the Swarm, as well as the overall champion of the 2015 WCS Season with the winner taking home a cool $ 100,000 in prize money. There was a lot to talk about in this tournament, however I would like to cover the finalists as well as their road to the finals.


In one booth we have the Korean Zerg player Life, potentially one of the most renowned players in starcraft 2, who has lately fallen off compared to his former self where he was winning the GSL and placing high in every tournament, as well as proving to be one of the best in Proleague. He came to Blizzcon seeded against Lilbow the only foreigner in the entire tournament to which he, of course, came in saying he would take an easy series, and to be honest it would be ridiculous for him to not at least make round of eight. Life would hold true to this statement quickly dispatching an out of shape Lilbow 3-0 in potentially the fastest series of the entire tournament; ending almost every game early with ling aggression play styles that would do crippling damage and ultimately win the series.


After this match no one really knew what to expect from Life as everyone assumed he would handle Lilbow with ease. His next opponent however would be Innovation. Innovation came in as a heavy favorite to win the entire tournamen, and after his impressive 3-0 over Zest, everyone was pretty much convinced he would not be losing to any Protosses. Life dropped the first game of the series to Innovation which put some wind in the sails to make people believe in Innovation to continue on. However Life quickly dashed those hopes by winning the next three games in a row versus Innovation showing him the door in a very surprising fashion.


The next opponent for Life would also prove to be a player who can sometimes go under the radar in Classic. Classic is a Protoss who has won an SSL title this year as well as a few good GSL runs, however some people do not usually bring him up in the best protoss arguments. This series ended up being one of the greatest of the tournament in my opinion. Life would take game number one, and then lose the next two in a row which put Classic at match point and Life could not afford another loss. With this we all could see Life rally and come back to sweep Classic winning the series 3-2


Now in the other booth we have our Korean Protoss player sOs, who also had a star studded list of opponents. To start the tournament off sOs had to face off against Parting who has seemed off his game lately, perhaps from mostly playing Legacy of the Void, however he did show up to play against sOs. The series was an excellent display of two micro oriented players showing off there skills but in the end sOs edged out Parting 3-2.


sOs really had his work cut out for him when he beat Parting. That put him up against Rain who won a GSL title earlier this year, but I would like to add that Rain had an amazing series versus Polt in which Polt almost won making it a must watch series in my opinion. Rain had shown some weaknesses but against the nexus sniper his defensive style was shown to prevail, though not without Polt really putting Rain through his paces. sOs however did not have as hard of a time in showing Rain who the best was on that day by giving Rain the boot with a quick 3-0 win.


The next player was someone who really surprised most with his games, in the semi finals sOs was set to play against his teammate the Zerg player Rogue. Rogue had been playing extremely well here so everyone had expected a good close series. However it was anything but close with sOs getting the clean 3-0 sweep over Rogue in a dominating fashion.


Then we had the final game with Life going against sOs. This is to be the last match for WCS in Heart of the Swarm with two of the more well known names in Starcraft right now to face off for the world Championship. This series will probably go down as one of the finest PvZ’s in HotS with sOs and Life alternating games with sOs edging Life out 4-3 making this another must watch series from Blizzcon. All things considered Blizzcon ended HotS with a bang as we prepare to welcome Legacy of the Void!


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