5 Tips to Learning All the Preseason Changes

With season 5 coming to an end, a whole new game is upon us summoners. As with every preseason, there is a large amount of changes to the game that everyone needs to learn about. This article is not going to go through those changes, but instead show you how to learn about everything new. Learning all the preseason changes will take a lot of time, but hardcore Leauge of Legends players need to be a step ahead of others. Cause who else is gonna teach your friends and answer all their questions now? Here’s 5 things that could help everyone learn.

1) Read the Patch Notes

Patch 5.22 is the longest set of patch notes I have ever laid eyes on, but it contains all the information players need. You don’t have to sit down and read it all at once and memorize everything, but have it saved somewhere. Use it as a reference point while waiting in queue for a game. Try your best to absorb some knowledge and begin to understand what some of the changes mean. This goes for the upcoming patches for the preseason as well. Staying up to date on patch notes gives you a good idea as to what is changing, but you will still need to do more if you want to effectively learn the game.

2) Read Reddit Posts and Tweets by Pros

The League of Legends subreddit is a great place to learn about the game and see highlights of gameplay that could help you learn about certain changes. You can also find the patch notes and PBE updates on Reddit which can help you be prepared for future changes before they even come out. Reddit can be toxic in the comments section at times, but visit the site for the information not the interactions. Another great way to learn things is from seeing what the Pros think. I follow almost every LCS pro on Twitter and as they learn the new preseason they continuously post thier thoughts and tips for thier followers. You don’t have to be on Twitter every hour of the day, but checking out what the pros are saying can help you get a grasp as to what you need to do in games.

3) Watch Streams

This has been one of my most effective ways to learn the game in the past. Watching streams can help you greatly. Streamers are learning the game, so why not learn with them? I’ve spent many hours in the past couple of days watching top streamers try out new things and learn from it. Don’t just watch one streamer either. Watch a decent amount of streamers that play various champions and positions. Just because you play ADC, you still need to keep up with what is happening in the jungle and other positions on the map. Learning how the preseason is shaping the game as a whole can be done by watching the game being played from many different perspectives. I will continue to use Twitch streams as a learning ground, I suggest others do that as well.

4) Try New Things While Playing

While playing League of Legends, do not be afraid to test new things out while playing in the preseason. It’s meant for the players to experiment and learn parts of the game. Try different champions. Try different masteries. Try different build paths. Just try different things and you will benefit from it. You have nothing to lose in the preseason. Much like watching streams from different perspectives, play the game from different perspectives as well. Get a feel for each lane and the jungle as every aspect of the game will affect one another. Just don’t be afraid to experiment and do wacky things, otherwise you are not taking advantage of the preseason learning period.

5) Just Play

There is no other way to get better at the game than just playing it. Practice your gaming ability by playing as much as you can. Each game you play you will get a better understanding about a certain aspect of  the game. You can see what champions are strong now, see what items are strong on certain champions, and see how to play the map. So do yourself a favor and get to playing. Patch 5.22 and the preseason for season 6 are underway and there are way to many changes for you not to be learning about. Just have fun with a group of friends and learn the game you love.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin