Blizzcon Legends Archon Showmatch

Blizzcon Archon Showmatches


This year’s Blizzcon tournament is even bigger than any before it. For any Broodwar or WOL era Starcraft fans some very familiar faces will be making a very rare appearance to play in Blizzard’s new Archon mode for Legacy of the Void. Just in case you do not know who I am referring to, let me introduce the players invited to the Blizzcon “Legends Showmatch”, we have two of Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty’s finest players in NesTea, along with teammate YellOw. These two players will be pitted against two of the all time greatest Terrans to ever play the game; to start we have MVP who was undoubtedly one of the strongest Terran in WoL and the Broodwar legend we all know as SlayerSBoxeR!


For some of the newer fans to starcraft I would like to tell you a little bit about these players as they may not be familiar to you. My personal favorite of these players is MVP he was around briefly for Heart of the Swarm. He competed in the Starcraft Proleague for Incredible Miracle as well as competed in the WCS Europe tournament in which he actually won, beating Stephano 4-1 in the finals. However, lately he has fallen off the map and has been gone for so long that he was thought to be retired.  He would later come out to say that he was not retired and he never said that, but he was glad that his fans retired him so soon. These allegations were not without reason considering he had neck and wrist problems preventing him from being able to play, as well as his team Incredible Miracle disbanding leaving him teamless, he still has not joined a team since, on top of not playing a competitive game of starcraft since 2014 when he played Salvation. Lately, however he has played in one other big name Archon match in Taiwan when he and MarineKing played against Ian and Has.


Boxer is a man who would need no introduction to a Broodwar era fan as he and Flash were the top Terran. Boxer as a player really made his career in Broodwar being named “The Emperor of Terran” and even gave idrA the nickname “Grack” from mispronouncing his name and it stuck. Boxer eventually transferred over into Starcraft2 however not finding the same success in SC2 as in the original but still being a good player did find his way into the competitive scene having his best success in GSL 2010 Season 2 taking a top 4 finish to NesTea. This showmatch will be Boxers first competitive appearance since 3/16/2012 when he played in GSL 2012 Season 2. I am sure I am not alone when I say I cannot wait to see Boxer in Legacy of the Void!


Now even with the amount of fame on the other side of the game, we are not left short with our Zerg team having NesTea “The Creator”! NesTea’s era of reign was considered to be in WoL from 2010 – 2011 when he had won 3 GSL titles and another top four finish. He also commanded a 19 game win streak from GSL Code S May through August. During his time he had a very heated rivalry with Naniwa in which during a loser’s game Naniwa had no desire to play Naniwa probe rushed him which has given Naniwa much flak over the years. This lead up to a time when they met in MLG this was the very first Starcraft 2 event I had ever watched and while I did not know the backstory you could tell they had a rivalry about them. They played in one of the rounds of the tournament with Naniwa beating NesTea 2-1 and in the third game NesTea pulled his Drones at one point. In the post game interview the host asked Naniwa about this and he said “I thought that he would do some smart shit, […], I thought he was that genius but apparently he’s just an idiot. What he did made no sense.” (Team liquid thread) and NesTea apparently overheard Naniwa’s statements and said he was ready to crush Naniwa. They would meet again in the Grand Finals of that tournament to which Naniwa would win 2-1 and after that you could tell NesTea was clearly upset and disgusted by the loss. Since then NesTea hasn’t had too many huge results and is currently teamless, so hopefully these showmatches can bring these past legends back to the game.


Last but not least we have YellOw who was also a Broodwar veteran transfer over to Starcraft 2. YellOw has not played competitive starcraft in a very long time, as he a while back accepted a coaching job for a team, but if this were to be his last game of starcraft ever he would be starting the way he finished. His very first game after switching over to Starcraft 2 was against none other than Boxer himself. It was a series called Lim Jin Rok returns as it would follow YellOw’s attempt to train and remake it into the GSL code A. It has been a long time since this but i’m sure these two players are still eager to get back at it.


We also have a “Champions Showmatch” with some of today’s biggest names in Starcraft. On one side we have our Protoss players in MC and HuK who will be playing against the Zerg team of Snute and TLO. MC most notable for winning WCS Europe and taking many top finishes, while HuK has not won any major tournaments he has been a mainstay in the WCS America tournament. Snute was considered by many to be the best foreigner until Lilbow exploded onto the scene, but even still Snute is a very high caliber player who has beaten the likes of Rain and Classic who are GSL and SSL champions. All four of these players have had their moments in the spotlight throughout Heart of the Swarm.Both of these games are to be played November 6th!