ACL Week 3 Power Rankings

VPN Week 3 Power Rankings

1.)   BigBad FC – Still one of two undefeated teams left, they are hitting on all cylinders and making a very powerful case as the best team in the league. The transfer window saw them bring in longtime striker, Kevinho. This should only add to their offense and they should roll on through their upcoming week while proving Ryan Rossor to be a true threat to the title. LAST WEEK: 1

2.)   FC Serenity – Serenity is the other undefeated team left and has still only given up 2 goals in 9 games. The offense has still struggled a tad bit, but with Thibeault x making his annual mid-season transfer and bringing back Dylshkin67 x, they can provide the spark to start lighting up teams once again. LAST WEEK: 2

3.)   Viva Futbol – Viva Calvo is red hot, and still proving to be a nightmare to opposing defenses with a league high 8 goals and the defense still holding strong. The offense has been hitting their stride and could very well be in first with some luck. SwainAFC landing at Viva could provide the midfield strength and ball movement missing due to Rewind’s absence. LAST WEEK: 3

4.)   FC Dragonz – Dragonz have provided a lot of competition thus far and have been the busiest team this transfer window. Departures of Thibeault x and Ben l 6 l, has opened up a spot for Boateng x, Xavi ll 8 ll, and Jeeremy x to join. Next week could be tough if the new players don’t adjust quick enough to each other.  LAST WEEK: 4

5.)   FC Phoenix – The Phoenix of old have slowly started to come back. After a rough patch to start the season, and some lineup changes, there has been a lot to look forward to for them. Luka Lockup has drilled in 7 goals and the defense has been stepping up as well. Losing second leading scorer Jeeremy x hurts but in return they picked up Cherry l 10 l and Dearing l 15 l to replace him. LAST WEEK: 8

6.)   Artistic – Deen has once again managed a team that reschedules every other night so it’s hard to judge them. From the games they have played, they have struggled to score consistently but playing well defensively. For an inactive team, they were busy during the window by picking up The Doctore cM and NvMe Cocinho. If they can play more, they can move up and more down at an incredible rate.  LAST WEEK: 6

7.)   American Outlaws – If I told you AO would have the most goals scored by transfer window, I would have lost all credibility. IGI Dom I7I, HYPE RAZOR, and Mark Edwin l23l have led the attack with 15 goals between those three alone. The defense is still worrisome but holding steady and will need to stay that way. Adding indigo757 could help bolster the midfield and help them keep a playoff spot held down. LAST WEEK: 10

8.)   Rare Footage – Not worthy of being a contender yet, but are still a solid team all around. RF have only had 1 win over a playoff caliber team and lost to lowly Sync Futbol 1-0. Bringing in bench specialist Ben l 6 l might be able to jumpstart them and pull off some big wins.  LAST WEEK: 7

9.)   Black Market FC  – “This will show us the real Black Market and could determine how their season goes.” That was my quote for them last week. They didn’t pick up a single win, but still picked up 4 points. That showed a lot about their team like I was expecting and at this point, they are going to keep falling.  LAST WEEK: 5

10.) FP United – Chosen as my darkhorse to make playoffs this year, they have started to make a run and are in decent form rising to 10th in the standings and my rankings. FP have also picked up a solid GK in KEVINHHO and he could really help them make a second half playoff push.  LAST WEEK: 11

11.) Criminal Futbol – Still inconsistent with a relatively high ceiling. Beating FC Dragonz was a great win and they look to keep those kind of results going. Moving up to 9th in the standings they are still on the outside looking in, but look to make a splash this second half and it starts with solidifying their shaky defense.  LAST WEEK: 14

12.) DEMOLITION FC – Still waiting for them to breakout but like Mexicano, are being shy. (Too soon?) Their offense has yet to be explosive like it was in D2, but still look to be a threat to playoffs. No moves made but they can still be successful with the team they have, and more wins against contenders. LAST WEEK: 13

13.) Fc FiFa HoLiCz – They got a LONG way to go if they are to get themselves back in it. Their players are not playing up to their potential and have been a huge disappointment. After cleaning up the roster a bit, they look to bring in some big wins and get themselves back in playoffs. LAST WEEK: 9

14.) Arrechos SC – l EcuaDt 10 l is doing all he can for his team with 5 goals and 6 assists so far and could be in talks for an MVP award if there was one, but unfortunately his team isn’t following his lead. 3 wins will get you nowhere but they can still bring themselves back by converting all their draws into wins when they play the teams over again. LAST WEEK: 11

15.) STREET K1NGS –  Last week they played Serenity, Phoenix, Arrechos, and AO and only lost 1 of those games. Problem is, they didn’t win them either. With a situation like Arrechos, they need to convert their ties to wins if they are to have any shot. A rough start might have already sealed their fate though. LAST WEEK: 16

16.) FC Fury – Good news: Baueer x still isn’t playing and dribbling out of bounds! But the bad news is that they are still trash either way. No real offense and a sloppy defense can soon lead to this team’s demise in D2. LAST WEEK: 15

17.) Sync Futbol – They signed Johnislav x. Need I really say more about the fate of this team? LAST WEEK: 17

18.) Astros Football –Still winless, still giving up goals like crazy. 34 goals in 12 games is just horrible. Relegation is certain at this point. LAST WEEK: 18