VPN ACL Week Two Power Rankings

VPN Week 2 Power Rankings

BigBad FC – A very strong start to the season has them on top of the table after the first week. The defense has been stifling and the offense has been like a well-oiled machine. WhiteGravy757 has come back from his hiatus with 3 goals and Unlucky Diggs has also pulled 3 out himself. A tough Tuesday night against Viva and Black Market should provide a tough test for BigBad. LAST WEEK: 5

FC Serenity – Serenity have begun right where they left off in terms of results and did not lose once last week. They drew twice to Dragonz and Viva, and the offense hasn’t quite clicked yet. Once the season progresses they should be back in form as their new players adjust to each other. A very easy week could provide them the boost them to the top of the table by weeks end. LAST WEEK: 1

Viva Futbol – Viva have been doing their thing defensively, but their offense has struggled mightily. 6 goals in 5 games will not get it done. Viva Calvo has been stellar to start with 3 goals and 2 assists, but the rest of the team has lacked the finishing touch. I still believe that they will find their form. A tough week with games against black Market, BigBad, FHz, and Dragonz could force them to break through and climb back to their typical 1st spot. LAST WEEK: 2

FC Dragonz – Shields and Cheeks have this team rolling and feeling confident going into week 2. Thibeault and Viva Reyes have been absolutely clinical and they have helped Dragonz produce 11 goals, which is tied for tops in the league. Rare Footage, Viva, and Artistic should provide good competition for them in week 2 which could really see them rise or knock them down a few spots. I think they can’t be mad with 2nd place at the moment. LAST WEEK: 6

Black Market FC – Well look what we have here. This is the Black Market everyone expected last season. Scary thing about this, is that they started well last season too. Time will tell if they start to crumble again or not. This week is their hell week going against Viva, BigBad, FHz, Demolition, and Phoenix. This will show us the real Black Market and could determine how their season goes. LAST WEEK: 13

Artistic – Deen has this team playing in a good form, but they need to pull out more wins instead of draws. They were able to decimate Phoenix and shutout Viva in a 0-0 draw, but then tie American Outlaws and Arrechos as well. Next week an easy schedule will determine what type of team Artistic will be and can define them as a legitimate contender or not. LAST WEEK: 8

Rare Footage – Farrell is once again showing why he is one of the league’s best scorers with 4 goals already and helping Rare Footage to a comfortable 5th place after the first week. A rotating roster could cause some issues later on but until then, they are cruising and look like a true playoff threat at this point. Let’s hope these old legs stay fresh for the weeks to come. LAST WEEK: 7

FC Phoenix – A rough first week for Phoenix but they showed a lot of positives in their games. They have scored the most in the league with 11 goals, but have also given up 9. They also blew a 4-0 lead against Criminal in arguably the wildest game in league history. With a relatively easy week, they can get back on track and rise up again to keep the train on the tracks. LAST WEEK: 4

Fc FiFa HoLiCz  – FHz have struggled out the gates but this is nothing new to them. They have showed their same mantra of having a more than solid defense and an average offense. Once they hit their stride offensively, I see no reason why they can’t move up by weeks end.  LAST WEEK: 3

10.) American Outlaws – They are playing exactly how you’d expect them to. Not as good of results against playoff teams while beating up on the lower teams. They have a solid striker in Mark Edwin l23l providing 3 goals so far and they will need him and z Uh Oh to keep playing well with games against Viva, Rare Footage, and Dragonz next week. LAST WEEK: 11

11.) Arrechos SC – Pretty much in the same boat as American Outlaws but actually losing an early matchup to AO 2-1. That could prove fateful towards the end of the season when points are valuable. Arrechos can do some clean-up with an extremely easy week and make-up some ground to stay in the hunt.  LAST WEEK: 9

12.) FP United – Sitting in 14th at the moment but had two rescheduled games but are looking solid thus far. FP l Willian 22 has been a spark providing 3 assists and will need to continue producing if FP are to fight for playoffs. This could be their make or break week to see if they are playoff bound or not. LAST WEEK: 12

13.) DEMOLITION FC – They beat FC Dragonz 3-0… They proceeded to underwhelm the hell out of everyone by losing to Rare Footage 4-1, tie AO 1-1, and losing to Sync 2-0. They need to get their act together and play like D2 champions because right now they are staring at relegation and a nice trip back to D2.

14.) Criminal Futbol – By far the most inconsistent team of the season so far, they have pulled together some crazy results, with a 4-4 tie over Phoenix, 1-1 tie to Fury, and a win against FHz. I still don’t know what this team can accomplish but it will be tested with Serenity and Artistic next week.

15.) FC Fury –JimmY x JoneS hasn’t had the easiest time in D1 and are starting to realize the pains of a playing a decent team every night. They have been able to grab some points against top teams but struggle against teams they should be beating. With the addition of league icon, Baauer x, the league can now shiver in fear of everyone’s most feared winger. He will need to help climb Fury out of their early hole to have a chance to be a contender..

16.) STREET K1NGS – They have showed some signs of life, but more signs of being the league’s easy win throughout the week. With Astros being their only seemingly chance to win next week, they can fall out of the picture really quick without some upsets.

17.) Sync Futbol – This team lacks motivation, they need to play Higher Level33 for their pre-game speeches to give them a chance. It may not improve their lack of skill and results but it could making losing a lot more enjoyable.

18.) Astros Football –Astros are the laughing stock of the league giving up 6 goals in 2 games ALREADY. Not to mention the fact that they are winless and without a single point on the year. They already look in mid-season form and are on a nose-dive straight to D2.