Worlds: The Collapse of Europe

Two weeks ago I detailed the collapse of North America at the League of Legends World Championship. After the two semifinal matchups this past weekend, it’s only fair we address the collapse of Europe. Fnatic and Origen were both 3-0 swept this weekend by their opponents and left many of their fans disappointed. European teams performed extremely well at this tournament despite their downfalls in the semifinals however. Let’s take a look at the how exactly these teams found themselves out of the tournament.



Origen came into the tournament as the #3 seed from Europe and were not expected to make it out of their group. Their run to the semifinals is nothing short of impressive. They were matched up against SKT T1, the favorites for the tournament. Although they were not expected to win, they were expected to play better than they did in this series. Game 1 was the only close match of the series while games 2 and 3 were completely one-sided. Niels has been the best player for Origen throughout the tournament and he continued that trend in this series. His Tristana in game one (6-0-5), gave his team an early game advantage that Origen failed to gain in group stages, but SKT’s team fighting was too much for Origen in the late game. xPeke failed to make an impact in any game this series. I coined his as the most important player for Origen for the semifinals and he fell flat. Easyhoon dominated the mid lane in games 1 and 2 before Faker came in for the close out game. xPeke was unable to do any meaningful damage in team fights and failed to create pressure in the mid lane. The most disappointing player of the series for me had to be Amazing though. With Gragas being disabled last week, Amazing’s champion pool took a hit as he was forced onto different champs that he was not as comfortable on. With Rek’Sai and Elise being banned, he resorted to playing Evelynn, which turned out to be a bad decision. He failed to apply pressure in side lanes early and was invisible in the late game. He actually got his hands on Rek’Sai for game 2 and still failed to make an impact. His best game was game 3 when he was playing Lee Sin, but he could not help his team overcome an early deficit. Soaz failed to find any type of success in the top lane against Marin all series long. Marin has been unbelievable at Worlds so far and continued his dominance. I can’t blame Soaz as much as others because he was focused in multiple games and was never given the opportunity to get going. Origen were a Challenger team up until the EU LCS summer split. To make the semifinals of Worlds after only being a team for less than a year is something to be extremely proud of. Origen were just outclassed in all phases of the game. Their pick and ban phase, while not terrible, did not create any advantages for their team all series long. Even with good shot-calling on Origen’s side, they could not gain objective advantages over SKT except for an early baron in game 1. SKT also dominated the laning phase in every game this series. Origen were outplayed in many skirmishes and teamfights as well. No shame in Origen for failing to take down the greats known as SKT T1.



Fnatic was dubbed the “Best Chance” for the Western world. They were the best team in Europe’s history and were favorites heading into their semifinal clash with the KOO Tigers. I’m going to start with the player that was the most disappointing for me, and that is Fnatic’s ADC Rekkles. He was the most important player for the team going into this semifinal and much like xPeke in Origen’s series, he fell flat on his face and made no impact all series long. His Kennen in game 1 finished 1-7-9, and he followed that up with a 0-5-6 game on Ashe. His best performance was in game 3 on Sivir (3-4-3), where he still had more deaths than kills. He failed to deliver on 3 utility ADCs and leaves people like me wondering why exactly he never tried to play a hyper-carry like Jinx or Tristana. Maybe he didn’t believe in his abilities or his team didn’t believe in him. He picked ADCs that would help his team, but failed to do so in 3 straight games. The first 2 games of this series were really close, but late game team fight wins catapulted KOO to victory. Febiven played extremely well in the laning phase and early game all series long. However, he didn’t use teleport in the mid lane for games 1 and 3, which led to KOO being able to make more global plays early and gain certain advantages. Games 1 and 2 ended with Febiven dying first in the final team fight. If not for him getting caught out in both of those games, the series may have been 2-0 for Fnatic. Reignover’s Skarner pick in game 2 was a pathetic 0-5-4 as he never could find the right target to ult. He played well on Rek’Sai though, but couldn’t establish his dominance in the top half of the map with Huni like he did all year long. In game 3, Huni decided to blind pick Riven and he paid for it dearly. He was destroyed in the laning phase by Smeb’s Hecarim and only managed to kill 180 minions in a 30 minute game. He finished 0-8-5 on Riven and looked extremely disappointed by the end of the series. Credit has to be given to KOO in this series though. Smeb played amazingly in this series like he has all tournament long. Gorilla showed why he is the best support in the world and continuously made plays on Alistar and Tahm Kench. Hojin played Zac in the first two games of the series and delivered, more so in game 2. Kuro was old reliable in the mid lane and Pray had excellent positioning in almost every team fight throughout the series. That being said, Fnatic has to be extremely disappointed with themselves. I know their fans were. Much like Origen, they were outclassed in every phase of the game. KOO outplayed Fnatic in several skirmishes and were superior in teamfights. KOO had better vision control and map movements as well. I believe Fnatic was also beaten in the pick and ban phase in games 2 and 3. Fnatic failed to make plays when they needed to and gave up gold leads in 2 out of the 3 games. Fnatic made plenty of mistakes at Worlds, not just this series. They will need to clean up their game a lot if they are interested in making it to the finals of Worlds next year.

SKT T1 and the KOO Tigers will meet in the finals this Saturday at 8.00AM EST. It will be the first ever all Korean final. This will be the 3rd straight year a Korean team will win the World Championship as well. SKT T1 will look to become the first organization to win 2 World Championship. Tune in this Saturday for the biggest series in eSports for 2015.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin