Worlds: Most Important Players in the Final Four

The competition is now narrowed down to the final four teams competing for this years League of Legends World Championship. The competition has now moved to Brussels, Belgium for the semifinals and big time players will need to step up in this big time moment. We’re going to take a look at the most important player for each of the final four teams and explain why their play is so important to thier team at this point in the game.

Origen vs SK Telecom T1

Origen: Origen come into this semifinal as massive underdogs against the clear cut favorite of the tournament, SKT. That does not mean Origen are dead in the water. This team wasn’t even suppose to make it out of groups. Their level of play has risen to the occasion, but it will need to continue to rise for Origen to have a shot at making it to the finals. My most important player on Origen is xPeke at this point. He has dominated on Anivia this tournament, but still remains untested when it comes to early game aggression. Faker started practicing and preparing for Anivia the second he found out that SKT would face off against Origen in the semifinals. If you don’t believe Faker will have an answer for Anivia, then something is wrong with you. I’m not sure what champions xPeke will play in this series. If he can find a champion or two for this series to have success on, then Origen’s chances will greatly increase. If xPeke cannot adapt or find success against Faker in the mid lane, I do not see Origen winning the other matchups and easily carrying their captain. Origen’s late game scaling style may not work against a team as strong as SKT, and if that is the case maybe xPeke will need to finally get back to playing assassins. The play of xPeke is a vital part of this upcoming semifinal and I know I’ll be watching how effective xPeke can be on champions not named Anivia.


SK Telecom T1: Now when it comes to the the favorites SKT, the easy choice would just say Faker right? That’s why i’m going to say Marin is the guy to watch for SKT. His Fiora play has been outstanding so far at worlds, and he would love to win his matchup against the crowd favorite Soaz. Marin has been a rock for SKT all year long with his fantastic laning presence and teleport usage. He single handily won a couple games in the group stage already in this tournament. Most notably, his Renekton game when he counter-picked a Darius and absolutely wrecked him. Marin is similar to Faker, in the sense he can play any type of champion that his team needs and perform at a high level on it. His matchups against Soaz in the semifinals could swing a game or two and will be a very important aspect of defeating Origen. Marin is an impact player that will make plays regardless of the champion he is playing and that is why I believe he will be the most important player for SKT in this semifinal matchup.


Fnatic vs KOO Tigers

Fnatic: In our second semifinal, Fnatic and KOO Tigers will be facing off for the other spot on the Worlds Finals. The most important player for Fnatic in this series is going to be Rekkles in my opinion. Rekkles has shown the ability to play utility based ADCs as well as late game hyper carry ADCs. His performance will have to be top notch in order for Fnatic to come away with the series. Febiven has been outstanding at Worlds so far and he can be trusted with performing well in this series. Huni and Reignover have had games at Worlds however, where they were not playing at the top level we are used to seeing from them. Yellowstar will be Yellowstar, so that’s where Rekkles comes into the equation. If Febiven and Rekkles can both perform to the best of their abilities, there should be no problem with taking the series for Fnatic. I’ll be looking for the type of champions that Rekkles selects, as well as his role in team fights. Fnatic is best when Rekkles can make an impact in team fights whether it be insane damage, speed boosts, or zoning tools. Rekkles has the ability to make or break Fnatic in this series, so look for him to be the difference maker.


KOO Tigers: The most important player for the KOO Tigers has been the most important player for their team all season long, Gorilla. I thought Gorilla was the best support in the world coming into Worlds and he has not disappointed me one bit. He plays an insane amount of champions and all at a high level. His Janna is legendary, his thresh is one of the best ever, and his Tahm Kench play so far has been impeccable. He carries the load when it comes to vision control for his team as well. His warding and clearing of wards in this series is going to be very important in relation to KOO’s success. If KOO can win the vision battle, then they can play to their best ability around the map and earn kills and objectives. Gorilla is also a fantastic laner and can get himself and Pray ahead of the enemy bot lane by landing a hook, or setting up a great gank. Gorilla is the heart of the KOO Tigers and without a strong Gorilla, I do not believe KOO can win this series. If KOO loses this series, I think it will come from the top side of the map having a large advantage. If KOO wins this series, I think it will come from Gorilla enabling his team to gain a large advantage on the bot side of the map. That is why I believe Gorilla is the most important player for the KOO Tigers in this semifinal.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin