VPN Week 1 Power Rankings

VPN Week 1 Power Rankings:


1.) FC Serenity Two-time defending champs are back at it this FIFA and already looking like they are in mid-season form. Even though the team looks a little different with acquiring the banter duo or Aclrian and Janye l West, and FHz Terry 26; they lost Viva Fbn. Regardless, they will still be the same ole’ Serenity and cause problems for every team.

Player to look out for: tgpdtp – Highly regarded as the best CDM in the league, his impact is very high in every game Serenity plays. There have been rumors of his availability and if he will play or not. Only time will tell.

2.) Viva Futbol This Viva is certainly not the one it used to be, but it is still amazing nevertheless. Losing Viva Pony was huge, but they brought in Viva Calvo (formerly eXo Cavani), Viva Oscar, and Dirty l 6 l to replenish any lost damage. Viva are still dangerous and look to make yet another title run after losing in the playoffs the last two seasons.

Player to look out for: Draxler x10 – In my honest opinion, the best, most consistent, and most versatile attacker the league has to offer. He will be the key to Viva’s offensive success yet again, and the new additions to Viva will be playing off of him. Should be towards the top in goals and assists when it’s all said and done.

3.) Fc FiFa HoLiCz – Last season in their first season since their brief hiatus, they did alright and respectably made playoffs after and rough first couple weeks. Now with their main man FHz Vallejos 8 back while also bringing in Kevinho and l Marvinho l to help the attack. IT’s starting to look like the FHz of old and that is bad news for the rest of the league.

Player to look out for: Viva Fbn – After winning a title with FC Serenity, he now makes the move to FHz in hopes win a title with his 3rd different team. He certainly will solidify the backline and make even harder to get past the ever so formidable FHz Bus.

4.) FC Phoenix – Like FHz, they are also back after a season-long hiatus. Last season most of their players were stuck under the tyrannical reign of Aclrian at Sublime Skill and finished a dismal 8th place after a very promising 3rd place the season before. Now back with a vengeance, they have added Luka Lockup, True Martial, Sir Robotto, and Cheeky Vision to hold down the midfield.

Player to look out for: Fiddleton – After a late folding of Elusive, he made his way over to Phoenix to help hold down the backline. He will be looking to repeat an amazing performance from last season but with a better finish to this season.

5.) BigBad FC Once again Streets has joined a new group of guys and he will be looking to win a title with Unlucky Diggs and Lovelady09. From the ashes returns WhiteGravy757, a once great winger but now back to prove he still has it, while also bringing l Sir Marcus l (who’s only looking to “fill-in”), and wHH Ikerinho to stop shots. Streets will have this team amped up in no time with the cash Lovelady will be supplying.

Player to look out for: DTGxSNUBNOZE – He’s finally been ditched by big bro Dirty and taken in by pseudo-brother Streets and Godfather Lovelady to lead the offense for BigBad. Constantly been a threat on offense on any team he’s been a part of, he should once again prove to be a problem to opponents.

6.) FC Dragonz – I seriously have no idea how to describe this team. From scratch, they have recruited every part of the VPN community to form one awesome team. From Viva Reyes to HELIX l 7 l to Zephy l 7 l,they are stacked with talent and anything less than a title is disappointment for Cheeks McFly and Shields.

Player to look out for: Thibeault x – Been a while since we’ve seen him in D1, but he’s back and still tall. This goal poacher is sure to get his this season, but it won’t mean anything if it leads to another disappointing finish. He will do all he can but he’ll need help from teammates.

7.) Rare Footage – Out to prove age isn’t everything, these old farts are looking solid in pre-season and look to bring some real competition to the top teams. Leading what I think is the 3rd tier of teams, Specia1 B1end looks to lead his team to the playoffs and surprise the league by taking out the top teams.

Player to look out for: iFarrell – With finally some good pieces around him,we’ll finally get to see what he’s made of. A constant goal threat, he will need to make sure his A button is working this season because he will have to carry the workload offensively.

8.) Artistic FC – They decided to take the risky route to D1 by winning in the promotion tournament. A lot of core players were on Unleashed last season and look to continue the same moderate success. On any day, I wouldn’t count out Viva Ideen or Angel Dazcko to knock one in. Should give a lot of teams trouble come season’s start.

Player to look out for: XxNiCkMaRsxX – Normally the VPN’s biggest target, he will look to shut his haters up this season and help carry a seemingly mediocre backline of Artistic. Hopefully his Lime-A-Ritas and pizza will keep his back intact.

9.) Arrechos FC – Another season, another mid-table squad made by EcuaDT. Keeping predominantly the same team and last season, I don’t see them finishing much differently either. Solid squad but will look to push into playoffs this season after just missing out last season.

Player to look out for: ttitito – Big mouth, so far looks like the next Isco of the VPN. I could see the same type of ending and having it once again be a cancer to this group of loveable guys.

10.) DEMOLITION FC – This team was by far the hardest to place because they are coming from D2 after a dominating performance, but also have vulnerability about them. Every season since D2 has been formed, a D2 has come along to make a good run and look promising. Look no further than Demolition.

Player to look out for: Jackson x8 – Scoring the most goals in D2 in a feat, but it’s how you prove yourself in D1 is what really matters. He will have a lot of expectation but has the experience to pull it off.

11.) American Outlaws – Once again, DiLo will be bringing a team into the ACL and on paper, nothing pops up at you but this team once again isn’t bad. Picking up Fisher l 8 l and IGI Dom I7I should help bolster a lackluster attack last season and they could give some teams trouble if they make playoffs.

Player to look out for: Z Uh Oh – He’s been tossed around the league like a dirty whore but still proves he’s an average GK. He will need to be solid and clutch for a shaky defense.

12.) FP United – After an amazing end to last season for this team, they look to continue that momentum and confidence going into this upcoming season. Led by FP l Crespo 9 and TheNatural21 up top, they can sneak by some teams this year and can barely make playoffs with enough wins.

Player to look out for: Huether 10 – After having a very successful season at FIFA Harmony and being one of the more underrated players in the community, he will have to prove his worth by holding down the middle of the field for FP this season.

13.) Black Market FC – I don’t know what happened to them at the end of last season, but it got ugly FAST. Their playstyle no longer fooled anyone and struggled mightily to hold the ball. Paul l 5 l will need to get his players on the right track this season to avoid another collapse.

Player to look out for: Unlucky Masters – The guy literally did EVERYTHING for this team last season and it probably kept them from regulation. He is easily the best player on this team and will hopefully rub off on his teammates.

14.) Sync Futbol – Wait, so you’re telling me that Henriques l 3 l, Hector Custode (l RQuaresma 7 l, and now Isco (Baauer x) are on the same team?! That alone is entertaining enough and makes you just giggle. This team is a mental explosion waiting to happen.

Player to look out for: Baauer x – He’s EASILY a top 5 winger, according to himself. He won’t score goals or assists, but he will cause arguments, over dribble, and certainly get under everyone’s skin. The winger has a chance to shut everyone up if he does well though.

15.) FC Fury – JimmY x JoneS has his team riding high after coming through the promotion tournament and advancing to D1. There may not be a lot of recognizable names but they can certainly test teams and will have to to avoid a relegation to D2.

Player to look out for: DiggyDoo – My man DiggyDoo is back and is still a really good player. He has the ability to change the game with his high risk/high reward gameplay. This will be crucial to how Fury do this year.

16.) Criminal Futbol – After thrashing Goons N Goblins in the Promotion tournament, they look to continue their momentum into D1 this season. They will have to pull out some upsets and surprise the VPN if they are to make playoffs.

Player to look out for: IToniGI After many FIFAs, many terrible seasons, he looks to find some relevancy that he has never had in this community and is hoping FIFA 16 can make him a decent player. He will maybe bring some experience to Criminal’s backline, but we’ll see if it’s experience to the game or the experience of losing.

17.) Astros Football – Not a lot of names you may know, but they did get promoted from D2 last season. Even then, if your manager forfeits games in preseason due to lack of players, you’re in trouble.

Player to look out for: AZTLANx24x He needs to get his team in order, and quickly. Needs to show leadership on and off the pitch.

18.) STREET K1NGS – The third beneficiaries of the Promotion Tournament, they barely got by True Football to get into D1 and will have to pull off some miracles to stay away from relegation.

Player to look out for: Otamendi x Playing CB in D1 is a tall task and his play will certainly dictate how they finish this season. They might even need him to score a lot for them as well.


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