SK Telecom T1: Can They be Stopped?

The 2015 League of Legends Worlds Championship is down to the final four teams. One of those teams is yet to lose a game and has been dominating everyone that has crossed their path. That team is SKT T1. SKT has a matchup against Origen this week and will be heavy favorites heading into that series. SKT is 9-0 so far at this World Championship while easily dispatching AHQ in the quarterfinals 3-0. SKT were the tournament favorites coming in, but majority of people felt that there was not a clear cut favorite. SKT have convinced everyone with their play so far that they are the clear cut favorite and have revived the Korean Hype Train from Season 3.

What Makes SKT T1 so good?

There is no one thing that SKT does that makes them so good. It’s a large amount of things. SKT seems to have the best micro and macro gameplay strategies at this tournament so far. One thing that really has caught my eye is their vision control. Their warding and fighting around their wards are the best I’ve seen. Bengi and Wolf are fantastic roaming together and are always able to place deep wards in opposing jungles. When they win the vision game, they are able to use their top class mechanics to win lanes or team fights. Marin in the top lane has had an amazing tournament so far and his teleport plays have been the best at Worlds. His Darius and Fiora are ban worthy and opposing top laners have not been able to out pressure him. Let’s not forget about the best player in the world, Faker, in the mid lane. He can play any champ at an elite level. What hasn’t been said about Faker already? An important piece that has stepped up his game has been their ADC Bang. Bang has insane KDA numbers at Worlds and has been putting that together with Tristana, Kalista, Vayne, and Sivir. The engine of the SKT train has to be Bengi. He played his best during the finals of SKT’s season 3 World Championship run and has looked better and better each game. SKT has all the talent they need, fantastic coaches/analysts, and game IQ. That is what makes them one of the best.


Can SKT T1 Be Beaten?

The easy answer is yes. Of course they can be beaten. Is it likely they will be beaten? I don’t think so. I would be surprised if SKT dropped a game to Origen, let alone the series. I think SKT may also drop a game or two in the finals depending on the opponent. They can be beaten, but it is extremely hard to do so in a best of five series. They were 17-1 during the regular season in the LCK, and those are best of threes. Not to mention their 3-0 stomp in the finals. It is hard to point out a weakness on this team. Some say it is Bengi, but I think Bengi can hold his own against anyone. If I had to point out a tiny weakness for SKT, it would be their early game in the bot lane. That being said, Bang and Wolf are no pushovers and have been far from a weakness at Worlds so far. I think crazy picks and strategies could also give SKT a bit of confusion and open up some opportunities for teams. SKT can adapt extremely well throughout a series however, so even that wont guarantee you a series win over them. As much as I hate to say it, I do not think any team can beat SKT in a best of 5 series at this point in time. They have become the clear cut favorites as Worlds has progressed and anything short of a 2nd title for this team will leave them in sheer disappointment.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin