SKT vs JinAir Starcraft Proleague Grand Finals

SKT vs JinAir Proleague Grand Finals


Sorry vs Cure


We have a very brave start to the series with Sorry Proxying a Factory and Cure just barely does not scout it. From that both players end up getting a Starport with Cure going for a medivac to drop Hellions and Marines while Sorry was going for Tanks and a Medivac for his Marines. Cure and Sorry end up in a basetrade scenario from Sorry sieging tanks in the natural of Cure Cure squeezes out a Viking that could be crucial to killing off flying buildings, GG Cure takes the first game killing off Sorry’s base and then defending easily at home. This puts JinAir up 1-0 in the match.


Dream vs Maru


We have our second TvT in a row to start out this series, however Maru and Dream have both been in a slight decline lately, although a decline for Maru is a Ro4 GSL appearance. We have both players opening very similarly with factories as well Maru gets a slight lead on Factory time. Dream gets a Reaper while Maru takes a quick second gas and throws down a Starport we are likely to see Banshees here. Maru does get the Starport with a tech lab he starts a Raven instead going for a more defensive posture. Dream gets his natural finished and mining while Maru starts his CC for the natural. Maru takes a risk going for a fast third CC while going bio tank against Dream’s Mech. We now have both players establishing third bases and just fortifying some defenses to keep themselves safe. Maru tries to set up a siege outside of Dream’s third and he does manage to kill a refinery but he ends up losing his tanks as well as some SCV’s at home from Hellbat drops. Maru drops a huge army onto the fourth base of Dream while Dream’s Hellions are massacring the SCV count of Maru.


Maru with his economy in shambles is starting to struggle to replenish his army Maru takes two big fights across the map losing both of them giving Dream a huge army supply lead. We have Dream nearing a Dream Comp, but he has a really low Tank count keeping him from being able to siege bases. Maru making some small attacks left and right sniping a base here or there but he is dangerously low on his resources has to take good trades from here on out. Maru is just picking Dream apart killing base after base with his heavy Thor Bio army absolutely melting Planetaries. Maru goes for a flank attack which backfires and puts him down 100 supply. With Dream counter pushing and killing Maru. Tying the series 1-1


soO vs Pigbaby

Sending Pigbaby out against soO shows that he definitely has something up his sleeve to kill soO now it is time to see if his plan works. On Iron Fortress the get vertical spawns which starts off with soO going Hatch first, as well as Pigbaby going Nexus first. We actually have soO going for 3- Hatch before pool which is very brazen going against a player like Pigbaby. We see Pigbaby going for some Immortals seemingly for an Immortal gateway all-in. Getting caught out on the map Pigbaby is forced to recall home however seeing the army he sends the Warpprism into the main of soO to Forcefield off the ramp and kill the main. Pigbaby misses the Forcefield on the ramp and allows all of the Lings in allowing soO to thwart the attack. Pigbaby getting his army killed off should be in no position to comeback in this game. GG is called soO takes game number 3 putting the series at 2-1 for SKT


Innovation vs sOs


To start this game we actually have Innovation going for some sort of proxy which is something we’d expect sOs to do. It will be a proxy reaper, which ends up getting a few kills which is nice for Innovation. sOs gets a good warp prism harass in and kills a lot then Innovation goes for a doom drop which actually gets shut down. All throughout the game the warp prism comes back and keeps killing more and more workers and reinforcements. As well as a really awkwardly miss rallied Colossus that sits in Innovation’s base for a good minute before it ever dies. Then Innovation pushes into sOs’s third and killing him, having too many Vikings, destroying the Colossus before the fight happened.


Dark vs Rogue

Now we are at match point with this ZvZ of two very high caliber Zergs. We have both players starting off pretty standard Rogue does get the faster ling speed start with a Baneling nest as well, while Dark banks up 200 gas. Then Dark goes for a Roach warren and two evo chambers to block off his natural. Immediately starting plus one attack and roach speed from Dark and Rogue breaks down the rocks to keep Dark away from him for a bit longer. Rogue has two Banes runby into the third killing eight drones then a follow up roach attack just kills Dark.


Classic vs Trap

Both players start off in a very normal stance neither looking to early proxy anything. However Classic does proxy a stargate and getting an Oracle in to do some damage killing three probes and losing the Oracle. Trap gets the earlier Nexus down and keeps Classic trapped in his main. Trap does eventually get to be the first towards making Colossus Classic isnt far behind but he is behind none the less. Trap pushes for a timing attack into Classics natural which is held excellently by Classic giving Classic a huge advantage having a third base. Trap pulls his probes he is all in here, and Classic holds yet again, Classic takes the fight and the game GG Classic Congratulations SK Telecom for being 2015’s Proleague Champions!