GSL Code S Grand Finals Recap

Innovation vs Byul


It is time Ladies and Gentleman: the last GSL Grand Champion will be crowned soon. This is undoubtedly one of the best matchups possible; we have Byul, the best Zerg in the world right now,  as well as the always lethal Innovation. In the pre game interviews, the two players discussed what they thought about each race, and then each other. Neither player held back in saying why they are the best – Innovation, even saying Byul just isn’t Champion material. Byul was quick to remind the viewers that Innovation has never beaten him in a multiple set of matches, with Innovation saying Byul has also never won a finals, which is a hard streak to break. Trash talk aside, it is time for these players to step into the booth and play the games!


Game One of this best of 7 series is on Vaani Research Station, which is a very good mech map. Byul goes for taking the gold base and getting a 2-base Muta play going, however, Innovation gets aggressive, showing a strong Hellbat push, which forces Byul to make more Lings than he’d like, also cutting into the Muta count, putting Innovation in a great position. Innovation goes for a 150 supply pushout, but Byul makes 30 Mutas to try and pounce on the Mech army, and the fight goes in Byul’s favor, killing all of the Thors and Vikings. This is a huge mistake from Innovation which causes him to lose a whole mech army. Byul shows some excellent multi tasking, sending Roach squads to pick off reinforcing Tanks and Thors, as well as sending the Mutas into the main, picking off the Factory add-ons and slowing Innovation even more. Moving past the 28 minute mark, we’ve got Byul barreling Ultras down through Innovation’s Tank line; after the Ultras die off, he mass switches into more Mutas. Through pure re max potential Byul, keeps ramming Ultras down Innovation’s throat until he loses everything: GG, Byul takes game number one.


The start of game two is not very good for Innovation on Expedition Lost starting with a standard Reaper opener, but Byul goes for a 9-pool and hides some Lings from the Reaper, which then go in to kill a few SCV’s, as well as the SCV building the CC on the lowground. Innovation follows this up with a Hellbat Marine push, and luckily for Innovation, Byul Droned really hard,causing him to not have the unit count he needed. Lings, Queens, and Drones alike just get roasted by the Hellbats causing Byul to tapout and give Innovation his first win of the series.


Starting game three on Echo LE, we have Innovation going for a Proxy Rax build. Byul  unfortunately went for a Hatch first, getting a double Bunker rush up and Innovation quickly swats Byul in game three, giving himself a 2-1 lead.


On Iron Fortress, we have Byul looking to re-tie the series in game number four. However on the back of some solid macro, as well as being lucky enough to not get cross spawn,s he is able to play Innovation in a bio game. Byul, showing off his prowess versus the Bio style of Terran, constantly shuts down all of Innovations attempts to be aggressive until he overwhelms Innovation. Innovation is forced to give up, allowing Byul to tie the series 2-2.


Up next we have Coda; one of the mainstays in recent map pools. It should be interesting to see what they have in store for this particular map. To start, we actually have Byul being super cautious in scouting around his third and other places, checking for proxies. Luckily for us, Innovation kept his Barracks in his base this game. After a disastrous showing last game, we do have Innovation going for Mech this game, also getting a smooth hellion run by getting seven drones, then getting a banshee into another base, getting five more drones. Innovation eventually finds himself in the split map position, which can be very good, however Byul goes for a Nydus worm, which gets minimal damage. The game turns into a slow dance back and forth across the few remaining bases: Byul with a big bank and Innovation without a big gas bank which is a huge issue. With the map mined out, Byul pulls all of his drones into one big attack to end the game, a mixture of Fungals, PDD’s, and Explosions, and when the dust settles, the Battle Cruisers reign supreme, winning the game for Innovation.


Now we have Match Point for Innovation, Byul cannot lose another game if he wants to be the GSL Champion! Our sixth game of the series is on Cactus Valley, which can lead us to wonder what Innovation will do; this is a good map for mech, however, there are many other good plays for him here. In this game, we have Innovation going CC first on the low ground, which is immediately scouted by Byul, which causes him to go 3-hatch before pool. We do have Innovation going for Bio over mech on this map, and the double engineering bay is scouted immediately, tipping Byul off. Innovation gets a key double drop into Byul’s main, killing a ton of Lings and drones, but Innovation loses his medivacs with units to queens that were expertly placed by Byul. Byul makes a small comeback by pushing into Innovations main, but after getting shoved out, Innovation’s 2-2 finishes to Byul’s 1-1; Innovation crushes Byul, GG Innovation!


A special announcement from the people at GSL. After this season, GOM is no longer a company, GSL will be taken over by AfreecaTV and will broadcast GSL 2016 free 1080p!

There will be a launching event with a Pro Archon showmatch, LotV 1v1 event, as well as the legend NaDa’s Wedding!

Lastly, next year there will be a Starcraft:Broodwar proleague!!