Worlds: SK Telecom T1 vs KOO Tigers Finals Preview

Follow @bigbadesports Fourteen teams have gone home and only two remain in a final battle for the title, “2015 League of Legends World Champion”. For the first time in the history of League of Legends, two Korean teams will face off in the finals. The season 3 champions, SK Telecom T1, are looking to become the first organization

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Welcome to eSports Bob Ross

Follow @bigbadesports Over 70,000 people tuned in on to watch the late and great Bob Ross do what he does best.  It’s amazing what can bring people together.  Happy Birthday Bob Ross!   Twitch Channel – Follow @bigbadesports

eSports is going to be a billion dollar market?

Follow @bigbadesports As we know it today eSports started in Korea in the mid to late 90’s.  So its fair to say Asia is leading in market revenue this year.  Check out this full article of what is come in the next couple years. Follow @bigbadesports

Taiwan taking the steps in the eSports Direction

Follow @bigbadesports It’s no secret Taiwan loves eSports.   They taking the steps to make sure eSports is here to stay.  Check out the full article from MCV. Follow @bigbadesports

ACL XI: Saves of the Week – Week 1

Follow @bigbadesports   Top 5 Saves of the Week from the 1st week of ACL XI. Congratulations to all that were chosen! For more information on 11v11 Clubs, check out Follow @bigbadesports

NA LCS Off-Season Stories

Follow @bigbadesports With Worlds coming to an end this week, it’s never too early to start talking about the upcoming 2016 NA LCS spring split. The disappointing showing from North American teams at Worlds should motivate the teams and players in the NA LCS to become better. As with every year, there are going to

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So How Big is eSports?

Follow @bigbadesports eSports is growing at an amazing rate.  Millions of people tune in everyday to watch “Pro Gamers” in any given game.  What’s this mean for television or companies like ESPN?  Check out this full article that dives into eSports and what it means. Great read. Follow @bigbadesports

VPN ACL Week Two Power Rankings

Follow @bigbadesports VPN Week 2 Power Rankings BigBad FC – A very strong start to the season has them on top of the table after the first week. The defense has been stifling and the offense has been like a well-oiled machine. WhiteGravy757 has come back from his hiatus with 3 goals and Unlucky Diggs

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Voice Chat coming to!

Follow @bigbadesports It’s only in beta and no time frame is set but I think this is some thing we all have been waiting for!  If you want to test the voice chat you can still sign up for the Overwatch beta. Overwatch is the only game they are testing the voice chat with today.

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