KT Rolster vs Jin Air Greenwings SC2 Proleague

KT Rolster vs Jin Air Greenwings


This is the start of our Starcraft 2 Proleague Playoffs, which means two major things for our teams in the matches this week. Unlike the usual format of Proleague, in which each player can only play one game, we now get to see these players in an all kill format. An all kill format allows each team to send out a player to start the match, and whoever wins stays out until the other team can beat him, which can lead to some amazing series.


Trap vs Flash

In the very first game of the night, we have Trap vs Flash, with Trap sending a probe immediately out of his base. It seemed as if he wanted to in base proxy 2-gate Flash, but the probe is seen immediately upon trying to enter Flash’s main, and Trap instead throws down a Pylon in his main and is now behind in the match. Trap, having failed this attempt to proxy gates tries to follow up as normally as possible, but Flash’s pure macro allows him to overpower Trap in a dominating fashion.


Flash vs Rogue

The second map is Iron Fortress, and Jin Air, to no one’s surprise, sends out Rogue. Knowing Flash is definitely going to be playing a mech style for TvZ, Rogue is one of the few Zergs doing really well versus this for the time being. The players get horizontal spawns, which is better for Rogue then if they were to get cross spawns. All throughout the game, Rogue takes decent trades, however Rogue takes an ambitious fight, losing his army, ultimately costing him the game.


Flash vs Maru

In game number three, we have Jin Air sending out one of the hottest starcraft players at the moment, Maru, to face off vs Flash and hopefully snag their first win of the series.  Maru goes for a typical aggressive bio build that just can’t really find damage early, and with good turret rings, Flash keeps himself safe from any potential drop play. Maru manages to continuously pick off the refinery at Flash’s third, but other than that, there’s not a whole lot as far as damage. After Flash builds up his mighty mech army, he moves across the map and gets his tank line setup to where Maru cannot even defend his base, and has to GG out of the game. Flash shows off his TvT Mech prowess in game number three, killing off Maru in a Mech vs Bio.

Flash meme

Flash vs sOs

Now that Flash is one game from all killing Jin-air, sOs is sent out to thwart that, with an interesting choice to go CC first without scouting sOs of all people. sOs had an interesting placement on his first pylon and gateway to send a zealot across, and cause issues while taking a gold base behind this. Flash did not pressure that gold base, and also did not bunker up his natural in time to defend a major gateway attack from sOs that was being fueled by that gold base; he cracked Flash easily. sOs prevents the all kill by Flash!


sOs vs TY

sOs takes gamble and goes for Blink aggression vs TY and manages to push TY off of his natural onto one base. TY sends a medivac with mines to sOs’s base in response, but does not manage to get any damage; he kills maybe four probes total with the mines while still being held on one base. Off of the back of the stalker contain, sOs gets up his third and colossus production and crushes TY.  sOs moving into game 5 against TY and gets an early lead through blink aggression and holds on to win the game.


sOs vs Zest

sOs taking a convincing second win now goes up against Zest, who is easily one of the best Protosses in Proleague. This game starts as standard as possible for a PvP; the only real difference early is sOs investing in Blink, while Zest goes for a Robo opening. The first major turning moment in this game is when sOs takes 2 warp prisms into Zest’s pocket natural, dropping a colossus as well as some zealots to warp-in and kill the natural and some units, all the while attacking the third.


Now we have sOs in position for a reverse all-kill; the one player standing in his way is KTRolster’s player Stats. If sOs wins this game, he ends KT’s season and carries his team into the next round of the playoffs.  Stats goes for a blink pressure that is completely scouted out by sOs, who then prepares for it by getting out an immortal in time, as well as sneaking a pylon into the main of Stats, which allowed him to send Zealots into the mineral line of Stats, doing tons of damage! Then we have sOs pushing into Stats’s 3rd, which looks like a terrible fight, however, he ends up pushing Stats out of his third and straight out of the game.

sOs leaving the booth after allkilling KT

sOs leaving the booth after all killing KT

sOs showed his prowess as a player, single-handedly dismantling the KT lineup and really earning that paycheck today by saving Jin Air’s life in the Proleague playoffs, all the while sending KT packing for this year. Good games by sOs showing he is a force to be reckoned with.

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