Worlds: Group D Preview

Our last and final group for Worlds is Group D. This group has been dubbed the “group of death”, so it’s only fitting we save the best for last. This group is full of star power and popular teams from the 4 biggest regions. Let’s take a look at the teams in our final group.


LGD Gaming


Top: Acorn

Jungle: TBQ


ADC: Imp

Support: Pyl

The #1 seed out of China is LGD. They were in the middle of the table for the majority of the split, but they destroyed teams on their way to the LPL Summer Split Championship. Their playoff run included a 3-0 over EDG where they looked better than they have all year. The main reason for their success is the play of Imp, who will be looking to win back-to-back World Championships. In my eyes, Imp is the best ADC in the world and with another world title, he could challenge Faker as the best play in League of Legends. He isn’t the only star on this team either. GODV is a force in the mid lane and is a top 2-3 mid laner in China. This team also 2 world class top laners in Acorn and Flame. Both players have performed on the big stages and can come through for their team. Pyl is a very good support player that plays extremely well with Imp. If this team had a weakness it would be their jungler, TBQ. His champion pool is not the largest and his tank play is not that strong as other junglers in this tournament. He will need to play his best in order for LGD to take home the World Championship trophy. LGD have all the talent any team would need, but they have a linear playstyle that can make them a bit predictable. If they fall behind, good teams can put them away. I think LGD should be a semifinalist, but they have to avoid mistakes early.

Prediction: 1st in group


KT Rolster


Top: Ssumday

Jungle: Score

Mid: Nagne

ADC: Arrow

Support: Piccaboo

KT Rolster was destroyed by SKT in the LCK finals, but they made the run through the gauntlet and earned themselves the #3 seed from Korea. The star of this team is their top laner, Ssumday. He is one of the best top laners in the world and his play will determine how well KT Rolster does. Many of KT’s team compositions revolve around Ssumday, so he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders for this tournament. KT’s bottom lane is really good as well. Arrow has had his best year as a pro and Piccaboo has been fantastic for this team after he joined in the middle of the year. Piccaboo is one of the best supports in the world at setting up vision for his team and making plays around that vision. The biggest strength of KT Roster is their split pushing ability, thus making their team fighting a weakness. If teams can control Ssumday, KT can finds themselves in trouble. I think they have the talent to make it out of this group, but they will need to perform in order to avoid an early exit from this competition.

Prediction: 2nd in group




Top: Dyrus

Jungle: Santorin

Mid: Bjergsen

ADC: WildTurtle

Support: Lustboy

TSM has been on a downward spiral ever since they won the NA LCS Spring Split Championship. Their MSI performance was flat out embarrassing and they followed that up with a 5th place finish in the summer split regular season. They did make it to the finals in NA, but we all know by now that CLG made quick work of them. TSM are once again on the world stage, but this time to prove that they are still a force. They received a tough group draw, but I think this group will help TSM improve for next year. Will Dyrus retire? Will he stay? No one is sure at this point. There are many issues with this team however. Lustboy was very underwhelming to me during the summer split. His warding is not the best and his roaming is not impressive. His lane partner, WildTurtle, has his positioning problems, but the duo lane for this team is really weak in the laning phase. Not to mention, Santorin is invisible in the majority of games where his biggest contribution to the team is warding for Bjergsen in the mid lane. TSM will have to play their very best if they hope to get out of this group. I do not think they have the talent across the board to do that however.

Prediction: 4th in group




Top: Soaz

Jungle: Amazing

Mid: xPeke

ADC: Niels

Support: Mithy

Origen are coming into Worlds as Europe’s #3 seed, but everyone knows that this is the 2nd best team out of Europe. They were unlucky with this group draw and will have a very tough time making it out. We have to remember this team is still a new organization. They of course have many veterans on the team including Season 1 World Champion xPeke. Soaz has performed well all summer and I think he will have to find a way to outperform Acorn and Ssumday if Origen will want to make it out of groups. Niels and Mithy are a solid bot lane, but in teamfights they tend to get lost every now in then. Origen excel in the early game and making picks. They have loads of talent, but their team play may be their downfall. Amazing and Mithy have been to Worlds before, but they failed to perform well. They will be looking to improve on thier previous performances.

Prediction: 3rd in group


Must See Match-ups

1) LGD bot lane vs KT bot lane:

Imp and Pyl squaring off against Arrow and Piccaboo will be fun to watch. While the top laners of these teams will most likely be the focus, I think we have a good shot at seeing so straight up 2v2 battles between these teams.

2) OG Soaz vs KT Ssumday:

In a dream situation, we get to see Soaz playing Gangplank vs Ssumday’s Riven. I don’t think we will see that exact matchup, but I am hoping for some standard lanes to see how well Soaz can play up against on of the world’s best.

3) TSM Bjergsen vs OG xPeke:

EU mid laner vs EU mid laner. Now it’s NA vs EU and who doesn’t love that? Bjergsen will have to play out of his mind to carry his team at this tournament. It will be fun to see what xPeke decides to play against Bjergsen and if Bjergsen can kill the passive mid laner xPeke.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin