Worlds: Group C Preview

Here we are breaking down our third group of Worlds. In case you missed Group A or Group B you should check those out. I’ll be finishing out with Group D on Wednesday. Let’s focus on the task at hand though. Group C is one of the most obvious groups to me as the top two teams are crystal clear. The bottom two teams look like they will just be enjoying the experience, but crazier upsets have happened. Here are your Group C participants.


SK Telecom T1


Top: MaRin

Jungle: Bengi

Mid: Faker

ADC: Bang

Support: Wolf

The Season 3 World Champions are back and ready to take home another title. SKT has come into the event as the overwhelming favorites to take it all, and with good reason. SKT dominated the LCK this year and easily earned the #1 seed from Korea. They have the best player in the world with Faker in the mid lane, and they have the best bench player in the world, Easyhoon. It will be interesting if these two interchange as much as they did in the LCK this year or if SKT will just ride Faker to another championship. Faker and Bengi are the only members on SKT that were part of the Season 3 World Championship team, but the other 3 players are elite players hungry to take it all. Bang and Wolf are a deadly bot lane that carried a handful of games throughout the year. They will need to shine when their team needs them to shine in order for SKT to win again. Bengi played a big role in the Season 3 finals and he is a good indicator to how the team is doing. A good Bengi means a good SKT. Everyone loves Faker, for good reason, but I love watching MaRin in the top lane. I feel like he is one of the best in the game and I can’t wait to see him on the world stage. He is no doubt the best Maokai in the world, but with patch 5.18 rolling in, i’m interested in seeing what champions he brings out. Anything less than a finals appearance will be a disappointment for this team, so look for them on the last day of the tournament.

Prediction: 1st in group




Top: Odoamne

Jungle: Loulex

Mid: Ryu

ADC: Hjarnan

Support: kaSing

2015 has been a very successful year for H2K. People forget that this team’s first LCS split was in the spring. They finished 3rd in the spring split and finished 3rd in the summer split. Their consistency earned them the #2 seed out of Europe for earning the most championship points throughout the year. The problem with H2K is that earning 3rd place will get them nothing at this tournament and that looks like where they are heading with SKT and EDG in the group. I have my doubts about Odoamne in the top lane, whether he can play anything in this patch besides the normal tanks. Hjarnan isn’t a super carry for the team either. Ryu and kaSing are the play-makers on this team and boy will they need to perform for H2K to advance out to the knockout stage. I think Loulex is the weakest link on the team due to his performances late in the summer split and in the playoffs. It will be interesting how well he does at this tournament, he need to have an impact in the jungle. H2K are known for their map movement and objective taking abilities, but their skill level is not up to par with the top 2 teams in Europe or the top 2 teams in this group.

Prediction: 3rd in group

Edward Gaming


Top: Koro1

Jungle: Clearlove

Mid: Pawn

ADC: Deft

Support: Meiko

EDG were knocked out in the quarterfinals of last years World Championship, but are poised to make a much deeper run this year. EDG dominated the Chinese competition in the LPL for the majority of the year. It was only in the summer playoffs were EDG slipped up and LGD were able to overtake them for the title. Regardless, EDG has had a very successful year with a summer split title and a title win at MSI over SKT. Koro and Clearlove are consistently good for this team and have amazing top/jungle synergy. Deft has really stepped up as the year has gone on and with Meiko, this bot lane is one of the best in the world. They won the bot lane matchup against SKT at MSI earlier in the year, and they will need to repeat that if they want to come out on top of this group. The man in the middle for EDG, Pawn, was a part of Samsung White last year and won the World Championship. He will look to repeat his success from last years tournament, but Faker may have something to say about that. It will be amazing to see SKT and EDG go head to head twice in the group stage. I think they will split the meetings, but SKT will win the tiebreaker to take first in the group. I still think EDG will make a deep run in this tournament and will at least make the semifinals in my eyes.

Prediction: 2nd in group


Bangkok Titans


Top: WarLock

Jungle: 007x

Mid: G4

ADC: Lloyd

Support: Moss

The Bangkok Titans have dominated the Thailand pro scene for years now and they finally earned themselves a birth on the world stage because of their success. They defeated some stiff competition at the International Wild Card tournament in Turkey to earn this spot too. The Titans have an insane hyper-aggressive play style that could catch some people off guard. In the history of Worlds though, International Wild Card teams have had a very rough time on the biggest stage. I do think they can pull a “Kabum” and break Europe’s heart again, but it will take a phenomenal performance from this team. It will be really difficult to get a positive result in this group, but the Bangkok Titans are ready to play with the best of the best and test themselves.

Prediction: 4th in group


Must See Match-ups

1) SKT Faker vs EDG Pawn:

There have been 4 mid laners that have won a World Championship. Here are two of them. They are two of the best mid laners in the world and both are hungry for another title. I expect some amazing plays out of these two superstars throughout the tournament. They will put on a great show for the world.

2) SKT Faker vs H2K Ryu:

Oh boy, who doesn’t remember the SKT vs KT game 5 blind pick game where the Zed vs Zed matchup gave the League of Legends community the greatest outplay of all time. Here’s one of the most iconic clips in League history.

3) SKT bot lane vs EDG bot lane:

EDG won this matchup at MSI, but SKT’s bot lane has improved in the summer split. I think Bang and Wolf will be looking to get some revenge as well. Everything about the SKT and EDG matchup has me excited. Group C will be a good one to watch with the two heavyweights going at it.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin