Worlds: Group B Preview

Today I’ll be taking a look at Group B and breaking it down for you all. If you missed the first article, go ahead and check out the Group A Preview. Let’s just get right into this group. Here are the teams that make up Group B.





Top: Huni

Jungle: Reignover

Mid: Febiven

ADC: Rekkles

Support: YellOwStaR

The best chance Europe has at winning worlds in front of their home crowd lies with Fnatic. They are the best team to ever come out of Europe. They went 18-0 in the summer split and won the summer split championship to go along with their spring split championship earlier this year. Fnatic thrives with their triple threat compositions, but struggle a bit more when they go away from that strategy. Huni needs to continue to play carry top laners because that’s what he excels on. I think Fnatic’s bot lane could be an area where other teams in this group could gain advantages in the early game. YellowStar and Rekkles are passive laners and usually wait for Reignover and Huni to join their lane before they go aggressive. Reignover will be key to Fnatic’s success at Worlds because he has to do well for his team to have a strong tank in front of their carries. And yes, Febiven solo killed Faker at MSI a couple times with Zed, but Assassins are no longer in the meta and his control mages will not win the game alone. Fnatic’s team-fighting is the real key to how far they go in this competition.

Prediction: 1st in group


Invictus Gaming


Top: Zz1tai

Jungle: KAKAO

Mid: Rookie

ADC: Kid

Support: Kitties

Invictus Gaming are the #3 seed coming out of China’s LPL, but they are not a pushover for anybody. Invictus has been around for years and failed to become a top team in China for years. The additions of KAKAO and Rookie from KT Rolster helped boost this team into a top 3 team in China and now to the Worlds stage. This issue with Invictus Gaming is they have been a little inconsistent this year. Zz1tai struggled in the spring split and split time in the top lane with the IG’s other top laner, Pokemon. However, this meta is extremely favorable for Invictus. KAKAO and Zz1tai can play basically any champion in their role. Patch 5.18 will have all the juggernauts available for these two to wreck havoc with. KAKAO already showed how deadly his Skarner was in the regional qualifiers. Rookie is one of the best mid laners out of China and can take over any game. His roams with KAKAO can swing any fight or skirmish into their team’s favor, so teams will have to be aware of this duo at all times. Like Fnatic, IG’s bot lane will probably be the most passive lane for the team and just wait for the team fights where they can shine. Kid and Kitties are no pushovers, so expect some fireworks when it comes to team fights. IG have many skilled players that could easily overtake Fnatic for the top of the group.

Prediction: 2nd in group


AHQ e-Sports


Top: Ziv

Jungle: Mountain

Mid: Westdoor


Support: Albis

AHQ dominated the LMS this year, winning both the spring and summer split championships. Their performance in the summer was extremely impressive as they only dropped 3 games including playoffs. When we last saw AHQ on the international stage at MSI, they managed to man-handle TSM and Fnatic in the group stage and lose to the eventual champions, EDG, in the semifinals. If you haven’t heard of AHQ’s mid laner Westdoor yet, you may need to watch some more League of Legends. Westdoor performed well at last years Worlds and MSI this year. He always draws 2-3 bans from his opponents, and that can open up some power picks for his teammates. Seeing Westdoor matchup against the mid laners in this group is going to be fun. The strength of AHQ lies in their bot lane. AN does the most damage for his team and receives loads of assistance from his team to succeed. Mountain will be looking to pitch a tent for AN’s lane and get him ahead of the opposing ADC. Westdoor will roam often and join Ziv as he teleports bot for a 5v5 fight within in the first 10 minutes of the game. This team loves to fight and succeeds when they snowball early leads. AHQ definitely has the chance to make it out of this group, but with Fnatic and Invictus Gaming, it will be a tough battle.

Prediction: 3rd in groups


Cloud 9


Top: Balls

Jungle: Hai

Mid: Incarnati0n

ADC: Sneaky

Support: LemonNation

RIP C9? I think Cloud 9 had an incredible run in the North American Gauntlet, but I just can’t see them having any success in this group. Bringing back Hai definitely turned this team around as they were able to qualify for Worlds, but with him going up against the likes of Reignover and KAKAO in the jungle, it doesn’t look good. Will not even talk about Balls, because I think Jatt has been on the money in the past couple of days about how worrisome Balls is in the top lane. It will be interesting to see Incarnati0n go up against opposing mid laners in this group. I think he could hold his own in some matches, but he may be overwhelmed in others. Sneaky will find out that he did not bring a big enough backpack to Paris to get his team to the next stage of the competition. Cloud 9 will have to fully embrace the “underdog” role here and play their absolute best in order to surpass the other 3 teams in this group.

Prediction: 4th in group

Must See Match-ups

1) IG KAKAO vs FNC Reignover:

I think these are easily the two best junglers in this group and two of the best in the world. It will be fun to see what style KAKAO brings to this matchup. Reignover is most likely going to be the main tank for his team and help out wherever he can. KAKAO could go tank, gank heavy, or farm heavy style junglers. He can set the tone of this matchup and it will be fun to see who will make the biggest impact for their team.

2) AHQ Bot lane vs FNC Bot lane

I think AN and Albis can push Rekkles and Yellowstar to the limit in the bot lane. If AHQ wants to come out of this group, it will be because of their success in the bot lane. AN going up against Rekkles will be fun to watch as two of the best mechanical ADCs in the world will try to outplay one another.

3) AHQ Westdoor vs IG Rookie

The most famous player in Taiwan going up against one of the LPL’s best mid laners. I don’t think these guys will be alone in the mid lane with their junglers right around the corner, but they can bring out some explosive assassins and look to take over a game. I’m really hoping to see Westdoor’s Fizz.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin