Best of the Best Up Top

Here we continue the rankings of the best of the best in FIFA 15 from the FVPAA!

Defensive Mid

I spy with my little eye no Janye anywhere to be found

Tgpdtp: Despite being my least favorite DM on this list. I have to give TG all the credit in the world on his performances this FIFA. Despite a fairly shitty season on TRC, he never once allowed his team to be on the outskirts of the ACL playoffs. His AVL performances were greater than most and he wrapped up this FIFA winning a title on a Serenity team that was straggled together last second. There’s no doubt in my mind that TG is and was the best DM this FIFA. I look forward to seeing where FIFA 16 takes TG since his boyfriend has been reported to be parting ways with FC Serenity.

FC Serenity

FHz Vallejos 8: This is a risky call, but I ask that you read before you comment. Vallejos has always been known for making Fc FiFa HoLiCz more of a team than they deserved to be and this FIFA he did exactly that. He, time after time, made a slightly above average FHz team shred through Viva Futbol and that earned him a spot on Viva for the latter ACL’s. In AVL his first season, he put his team on his back and almost brought home the AVL title on a very subpar team. The second AVL he led a team of average players to a crazy season that ended with an unlucky stint in the playoffs. While some might say Rewind l 7 l is the better DM. I think Vallejos has the ability to make the players around him along with his own play.

FC FiFa HoLiCz

Rewind l 7 l: While being third on this list, I think it needs to be said that he is probably the only person who finished third that could arguably also be the best in his position. Rewind brings a different aspect to his team from the DM position and that is why his teams always find much success. He did come away with two titles this FIFA, but his impact on the field definitely diminished defensively than in previous FIFAs. While being one of the most active FIFA players of the top percentile in our community, I expect to see Rico return to glory in FIFA 16 with the new roster changes at Viva.

Viva Futbol

Outside Mid

You mean to tell me yet again the best at a position all came from the same team? This is absolutely mind blowing.

Omar l 1 l: While some people might think this is close, I think it has the highest disparity between #1 and #2 than any other position. While Franc and Oscar are very good players, the things Omar does at the outside mid position is unreal. Omar’s stat line this FIFA is hardly comparable to anyone else, but stats don’t even do him justice. He is a threat with the ball no matter where he is on the pitch as well as he isn’t just a threat on the wings but in front of goal as well. Omar’s best team success obviously came while at Serenity but individually he was able to make a huge impact during Gotzinhoo’s absence in ACL X.

Viva Futbol

Gotzinhoo x: Having been one of the best midfielders in the game for yet another FIFA, we find Gotzinhoo at the number two spot simply because he wasn’t the same as he was in the past. Don’t get me wrong, his impact on the field was still seen but the cards were not necessarily in his favor this FIFA as he was required to play a more defensive role at Viva and drew a very bad card in AVL. I expect to see Franc surge back to the top with the release of FIFA 16 approaching.

Viva Futbol

Viva Oscar: Oscar emerged at the end of last FIFA as an outside mid and didn’t get quite the respect he deserved but it was truly learned how good Oscar was at outside mid this FIFA. Having come from a defensive background, playing OM in the Viva 3-5-2 fit him perfectly and allowed for him to become a flex outside mid. He did a great job of showing how much skill he had offensively and this showed in the mid-late part of FIFA when he was playing an attacking role during AVL and with his brief stint at Fifa Harmony. With an inevitable return to Viva, I expect to see great things from Oscar in 16 and expect to see Viva return to the giants they once were.

Viva Futbol

Attacking Mid

Making this list made me happy and sick to my stomach at the same time. Ozil enjoy your time in the spotlight buddy.

LickMyBalotelli: While some might think this race is actually closely contested, I don’t think there is anyway on this earth that you can say anyone is better than Balo. While leading Serenity towards two consecutive ACL titles and USA to a final (that they lost without him). I don’t think there’s any question who is the best person in the middle of the field with the ball on their feet. The way Balo picks apart defenses, whether they are of the worst or best skill level, is absolutely unreal. His lack of desire for FIFA will definitely hurt him when the release of 16 comes out because of Viva’s hopeful return to greatness but nobody had the impact on the field that Balo did this FIFA.

FC Serenity

Viva Suarez: I may not personally think that AndreSsi is what Balo is; I do think that Andressi has something that Balo doesn’t, and that is, being an absolute threat in front of goal. The difference in team play style and actual game style differentiates Andressi from Balo the greatest. While Andressi doesn’t necessarily have to do all of the creating for Viva, he does have to help with scoring in front of net and that has made him into one of the most prolific goal scorers in the VPN. With FIFA 16 coming shortly I expect to see Andressi thirsty for more than just the one title he managed to come away with last FIFA.

Viva Futbol 

FHz Ozil 11: There are multiple ways third spot could have gone, I couldn’t find anyone who played in the central role of the midfield who had made a bigger impact this FIFA. While Ozil may have played a more defensive role in his time on Serenity at CM and the occasional LB, he was still a huge impact on the attack of Serenity in his time at CM and contributed to a good portion of their goals. On top of that he played a very attacking role in AVL and contributed to a really strong performance for AVL Real Madrid. The best part of Ozil’s gameplay is that no matter what position or role he is playing for his team, he has great attacking positioning and is always there to put the ball in the net when his team needs it.

FC Serenity


This list was tough and wouldn’t give respect to someone at the same time so I decided to withhold someone who is on a different level in Dylshkin. Him not being from our region is the reason I am withholding him.

Gringo ST 7: With Dylshkin off the list I am fairly certain there is no question about this one. Gringo scored 143 goals this FIFA, which says enough about him itself. The craziest part is he is always surrounded by goal scorers and is hardly ever contributing to most of the goals on his team. Gringo found himself a top of the goal scorers and assisters in almost every competition. While his departure from Viva to the Mexican League may make him somebody that we used to know, Gringo’s impact on the ACL will never be forgotten.

FC Virginz

Streets1014: NEWS FLASH: Streets doesn’t play CAM anymore so if you could stop considering yourself a judge of talent when you place him at CAM, it would be appreciated. While many may always think of streets as a CAM, his season with Serenity really helped boost his striker career and really showed what he can do up top. While he did come up short in the last ACL with Divine, he still had a stellar performance up top for his team and really emerged as the best striker in the USA. FIFA 16 seems to have good things lined up for him, I’m excited to see what comes of it.

Somewhere with Gravy, Iker & Diggs

Viva Calvo: The reason I left Dylshkin off this list was because Calvo would be getting slapped in the face. While team titles didn’t really come his way this FIFA, he was always that person one step behind the guy who was scoring 15 goals on Global Kaos & Sporting Elite. Calvo had a very remarkable FIFA and despite his failures with USA, still finds himself as the second best striker from the US. He was probably one of the few people this FIFA who were actually able to change my mind about their abilities and he proved he can do more than poach in front of the net.

Viva Futbol

Well that does it for me, I look forward to the release of the top 25 Free Agents.