Worlds: Group A Preview

With the groups being set for Worlds this past Saturday, it’s now time to take a deeper look into each group. This will be the first of four articles in which I’ll go over each team’s roster, strengths, weaknesses, and how they got here. I’ll be going through each team in the order they were drawn into the group. Without further adieu, here are the teams in Group A.




Counter Logic Gaming


Top: ZionSpartan

Jungle: Huhi

Mid: Pobelter

ADC: Doublelift

Support: Aprhomoo

CLG torched through the NA summer playoffs, which included their 3-0 sweep over TSM, and secured the #1 NA seed for Worlds. Their work in the summer definitely helped them in the group draw. CLG have a great chance to make it out of groups as a result of this group draw. The biggest issue with CLG right now is the switch up in the jungle. Xmithie has come across Visa issues that will prevent him from playing with CLG at Worlds. Huhi has been with the team since early on in the summer split, but he does not have much experience in the jungle. He has synergy with the team and they are confident in his ability to perform, but everyone else has to have some doubt in their minds right now. Zionspartan and Doublelift will have to perform to the best of their abilities if they want to move on to the knockout stage.

Prediction: 2nd in group

Yoe Flash Wolves


Top: Steak

Jungle: Karsa

Mid: Maple


Support: SwordArt

The Yoe Flash Wolves claimed 1st place in the 2015 LMS Spring Season, 2nd place in the 2015 LMS Summer Season, and 1st place at the Taiwan Regional Finals to earn their chance to play on the world stage. The last time we saw this team on the international stage was at IEM Katowice were they fell 2-1 to TSM in the semi-finals. This team has a real chance to overtake CLG and advance out of this group. Teams will have to prepare a good amount for the Flash Wolves as they have vast champion pools. Maple is a stable mid laner and should have a decent time against the mid laners in this group. Karsa will look to help bot lane get ahead and snowball an early lead to earn some wins. They will need to avoid making major mistakes to go far in this competition.

Prediction: 3rd in group

KOO Tigers



Top: Smeb

Jungle: Hojin

Mid: Kuro

ADC: Pray

Support: Gorilla

The KOO Tigers earned 2nd place in the 2015 LCK Spring Split and 3rd place in the 2015 LCK Summer Split. Their results gave them enough championship points to claim the #2 seed from Korea within a year of forming. Pray and Gorilla were a deadly bot lane all year long in the LCK, but they will need to show up on the international stage for the Tigers to have their best shot at winning it all. Smeb is a monster in the top lane and Kuro can hold his own against any mid laner in the world. The KOO Tigers are the favorites to win this group, but if they repeat their performance from IEM Katowice, they will once again leave in disappointment.

Prediction: 1st in group


Pain Gaming



Top: Mylon

Jungle: SirT

Mid: Kami


Support: Dioud

Yet another true underdog team from Brazil. Brazilian teams are fan favorites on the world stage, especially after Kabum’s upset win over Alliance last year. Pain Gaming consistently ranks among the top three teams in Brazil. They were able to win the International Wild Card Tournament (Chile) and earn their spot at Worlds. Their ADC, brTT, has a massive fan base in Brazil and is the star of the team. He will finally get his chance to matchup against some of the world’s best ADC’s in Doublelift and Pray. I think Mylon and SirT will struggle in the top half of the map however, and will be the downfall to Pain Gaming. The team will have plenty of support, because fans love the underdogs. The players will need to show up on the international stage and play thier absolute best for them to have a chance to advance past the group stage.

Prediction: 4th in group


Must See Match-ups

1) CLG ZionSpartan vs KOO Smeb:

These are two of the best carry top laners in the world and it should be a very entertaining battle between them. Don’t expect the boring Malphite vs Maokai matchup, but instead carry champions like Riven, Gangplank, and Fiora out of these top laners.

2) CLG Bot lane vs KOO Bot lane:

The Rush Hour bot lane from CLG facing off against Pray and Gorilla should be an incredible matchup. They are by far the two best bot lanes in this group and some of the best duo lanes in the world. With bot lane being a 4v4 or 5v5 at times in the early game, it would be really nice to see a standard 2v2 battle between some of the greatest players in the world.

3) CLG Doublelift vs Pain brTT

brTT is an aggressive ADC looking to fight early on. It would be nice to see him and Doublelift squaring off against one another and trying to outplay each other.  brTT played on the NA server for a good while at one point in his career, so he and Doublelift have faced off against one another before. Now it will be on the world stage in front of millions. 

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin