WCS Ro8 Summary

WCS Ro8 Summary


Today was set up to be a huge day for Starcraft 2; the WCS round of eight was a very hyped up event, having two Polish players playing in Poland, as well as two players with a chance at Blizzcon on the line in this group, with Lilbow at 2525 points and ForGG at 2425 WCS points, but man did this group deliver! This group had everything from upsets to reverse sweeps. Two of our series went the full five games in an incredible fashion from our players today. With all of the craziness that went down today with Lilbow vs. Hydra as my series to watch I am beyond ecstatic for tomorrow’s events. Let’s get into the games.



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Zanster vs. GungFuBanda

To start the day off, we had Zanster and GungFuBanda, which had a very one sided match score, but the games were much closer then the match score might lead you to believe. In game one, we had a very strong roach attack from Zanster while GungFu tried taking his third which cost him a lot of sentries and probes, giving game one to Zanster. In game two, GungFu walked zealots across the map which actually put in good work on the drone line getting some drones before dying. Through some strange gateway aggression and some oracles melting some drones, GungFu managed to take game number two. With the start of game three, some different things happened with Zanster, taking his third before his natural, possibly to throw off GungFu’s scout. GungFuBanda opted to go for DT’s, however Zanster reacted swiftly with overseer’s and drone pulling, only losing a few drones when he could’ve easily lost 20+, which set the pace for the game which went into standard Roach Hydra vs. Blink Stalkers and storm. Eventually, after trying to out maneuver the Roach Hydra ball before getting GungFu’s army caught out and being forced to tap out. In game four, we had Zanster constantly getting lings into GungFu’s base, causing chaos and killing probes, and Zanster really dictated the pace. To end the game, GungFu had his entire army on the bridge in Bridgehead getting surrounded and fungalled, leading to Zanster winning 3-1.


Lilbow vs. Hydra

This series was highly anticipated as it was the rematch of last seasons WCS finals. With that in mind, people know Lilbow, currently sitting at rank 17 in WCS points, needs the best possible showing to be in the top 16 to get a ticket to Blizzcon, so he had to play his heart out today against one of the favorites in Hydra. However that dream was quickly looking like it was going to slip away as Lilbow was beaten in two fairly straight up games with Hydra taking a quick 2-0 lead. In game three, Things were looking grim for Lilbow, as Hydra crashed into Lilbow’s natural, killing off his nexus and massacring most of the probes, even forcing a pylon wall of at the top of his ramp. Many people had the game wrote off, even Tasteless had said “I was walking over the analysis desk when I started to wonder.. is he gonna do this?” . Sitting at the base of Hydra’s natural and third base, he amassed a stalker sentry army and with immaculate forcefields kept taking chunks of roaches, drones, and occasional queen. Until Lilbow pushed into the natural and pushed Hydra out of game three. With that win and the momentum on his side, Lilbow forced the series into a tie 2-2 and you could see the look of confusion on Hydra’s face. In the final game of the series, Lilbow showed he had no intentions of taking a third; he was going for a Warp prism gateway attack which was sniffed out and shut down by Hydra sending Lilbow into Plan B. Lilbow quickly threw down a second Robo as well as a Robotics bay, and things weren’t looking good. As soon as he got to two Immortals and two Colossus with some gateway units Lilbow pushed out just as the spire finished for Hydra, but knowing the dire situation he was in Hydra kept spamming out Roaches which were demolished by Lilbow’s army, and Lilbow reverse sweeps Hydra.

Hydra had this to say after the game:

Polt vs. ForGG

Moving on to our next favorite to win. In the first game of the series, Polt made pretty quick work of ForGG with his standard aggressive bio play. After that, however, ForGG decided to go for a cheesy 1-base play that worked wonders vs Polt, evening the series 1-1. After that, they had to play on Bridgehead, where ForGG had really good banshee harass followed up by a bio tank push to which Polt had no response. Things got worse for Polt after his first viking was picked off, which resulted in the banshee being able to reign free damage on workers and tanks alike until the main was completely rooted. This forced Polt out of the game and looking ahead to game four. In game four, Polt was dispatched quite quickly by ForGG’s mass hellion tank play. The series ended in a dominant fashion for Polt after being picked apart by ForGG’s aggression.


Mana vs. Petraeus

Mana vs Petraeus was a very scary series for Mana in his hometown. You could tell he really wanted the win, but even with the hometown crowd shouting his name he started off very slowly going into a long macro game for the first game and ended up losing. Then in game number two, we also had Pet get to the later stages of the game to win. We had Mana down 0-2 to Petraeus. This was due to Pet clearly outplaying him in macro games so he needed to change something up desperately. However in game 3 of the series, Mana started to show some dominance with his blink play. He took extremely cost-efficient fights throughout the game. He didn’t lose any stalkers and had constantly traded for roaches and queens until Pet was forced to tap out. In the end, Mana scores the reverse sweep on Petraeus on the back of some sick blink play to advance into the semi-finals.


crowd hype!

LilBow wins!




Lilbow 3-1 over Zanster

After Lilbow’s showing against Hydra, I feel as if he is definitely the favorite going into this series. However, Zanster also showed he was no slouch vs GungFu today, so I believe the games will be close with Lilbow edging out Zanster.


ForGG 3-0 over Mana

In the games vs Polt, ForGG showed great aggressive play. I do not see this playstyle changing up to much for TvP and I believe ForGG will have an easy time over the hometown favorite and stifling the hometown hype.


Lilbow 4-2 over ForGG

When all’s said and done, I believe we will have our first foreign WCS champion in Lilbow. These two players already met once in the Ro16 and Lilbow took a 2-1 victory to advance as first place from the group. In order for ForGG to pull out a win here, he will have to change some things from last time. He will also have to not show too much in his games vs Mana, which is another big factor into the gameplans. This means we should be seeing Lilbow off to Blizzcon!


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