WCS Grand Finals Summary

WCS Grand Finals


Today is the final day of the 2015 WCS season 3. After yesterday’s triumphs and excitement, our players must put all of that aside, and get it done today to get that championship. We have some explosive matchups with one of our players, Mana, playing in his home country of Poland really trying to take a home turf win. While we also have two of our players in Lilbow and ForGG who desperately need this for more than just the WCS title, they want to go to Blizzcon! With that being said it is important to note these two players are on opposite sides of the bracket, meaning that they could play in the finals and the finals could mean so much more than just the WCS finals which is already huge. This has been a storybook season for the WCS and now, like every good story that must come to an end, let us see how this story will finish.


Lilbow vs Zanster

Today began with a PvZ between Blizzcon hopeful Lilbow and the Premiere league debut Zanster. We started with a very standard game from Lilbow going for his usual Blink Stalker sentry style and eventually overpowering Zanster’s roach army. In game number two Zanster turns it around getting a huge Roach-Hydra army and crushes Lilbow. Game number three, we have Zanster go for an extremely early pool, but is probe scouted, allowing Lilbow time to prepare and putting him in the driver’s seat where he takes game number three off of very strong standard play. In game four, we had Lilbow playing so well and he had such a good position in the game; but then he missed a critical Roach army moving out on the map and got his sentries caught between his natural and third. Losing these sentries allowed Zanster to follow up with more Roaches and Hydras, splitting them into the third and natural bases, killing off so many probes and workers until Lilbow was forced to leave the game. Now we find ourselves in game five.  This is the decider match – whoever wins goes into the finals. Against the ropes Lilbow went for his typical 3-base blink stalker sentry composition, while we had Zanster going for an early hive to get ultras.  Lilbow scouted this and had timing to attack before the Ultras, but is it enough? Ultras do manage to get out, but Lilbow seeing this uses his sentry energy to hallucinate Archons, which beautifully tank the ultras, allowing the blink stalkers to reign death on the Ultras and everything else as Lilbow crashes into the third, killing it off.  As this happens the crowd goes absolutely insane! We have Zanster trying to hold on but so many Blink Stalkers are left over pushing into the natural all the while the crowd is shouting Lilbow, Lilbow, Lilbow! Finally after killing all of the units, Lilbow could breathe easy after he finally sees Zanster type “ GG good luck in the finals!”. This means we will see Lilbow in the Grand finals to determine his fate for Blizzcon.


ForGG vs Mana

At the beginning of this series Mana was a huge crowd favorite going into the game. ForGG opens the series with an early factory to walk some marines and mines across the map and annoys Mana while killing a good number of workers, and denying a lot of mining time. To follow it up we have Mana taking a early third to try and catch back up. ForGG starts to attack the third as well as dropping the main, but with some really good defense he defends each and picks off a lot of medivacs. Mana continuously fends off drops and eventually sends his maxed army across the map to crush ForGG in game number one. Starting off game two, we had Mana go for an early Oracle into a gateway attack which ForGG was ready for with a ton of bio and two bunkers in the natural which allowed ForGG to power through the rest of the game taking game number two in a convincing fashion. Game 3 starts off a little crazy just being on Moonlight Madness for the first time since the Ro16. ForGG opens up with a 3-rax aggression build, which isn’t scouted by Mana’s Oracle until the units are at his natural, but with the power of Photon Overcharge Mana was able to fend it off. The game continues on pretty standard until ForGG pulls the boys pillaging Mana’s natural, with the vikings killing the colossus. But then when ForGG tried pushing up into the main there were Archons and Colossus waiting for him so he decided to back off with what he had taken. With that hold, Mana kept powering more and more Colossus. Through the power of force fields and the map layout Mana was able to fend off ForGG and end the game. In number four, all craziness breaks loose with Mana doing a 2-base Colossus attack and ForGG just loaded up his entire army and killed Mana’s Nexi causing a draw, and replaying the map! In the re-game ForGG tried more mine drops which failed, and Mana defended everything phenomenally, but  honestly ForGG leaves me with a question mark for this series. ForGG seemed at a loss in every game trying roughly the same thing each game and losing in the same fashion each game. This makes Mana vs LilBow the Grand Finals the first time two foreigners are in the finals!


Legacy of the Void Cinematic Reveal

Release Date: November 10, 2015! The Cinematic reveal didn’t go without a hitch with the Starcraft stream going down briefly, but everything was re-setup before the release of the video.


Lilbow vs Mana

Now it is time for the final game in the World Championship Series season 3 which is a PvP between our Blizzcon hopeful in Lilbow, as well as our home countryman, Mana who hasn’t had a premier tournament win since 2012. The last PvP’s Lilbow have played were against GungFuBanda and Neeb in the Ro16 winning one 2-0, while losing the other 0-2. While Mana hasn’t had to play any PvP at all this season. Either way at the end of this series, we have either a foreigner going to Blizzcon for the first time since Naniwa in his prime, or we have Mana winning a tournament in his home country, could we ask for a better story here? Let’s get into the game! Lilbow and Mana both open game number one with fairly standard Blink openings, with the difference being Mana took an expo and made a robo (where Lilbow did not), for an attack which Lilbow got some damage in but not enough, so he had to pull back putting Mana in a decent position. Mana moves out onto the map for the first time and manages to get his Stalkers sandwiched, losing a good chunk of them. Then even having immortals was not enough, with Lilbow having just too many Stalkers and stealing game number one! Starting game number two, Lilbow went for an early Oracle that he sniped a sentry with but did not accomplish much else. Meanwhile Mana lost his natural in a huge counter attack, but ended up killing the whole army by pulling Probes and mineral walking them, and surrounding the Immortals to push into his own counter attack which will eventually lead to him taking game number two. Mana has been lucky with his four-player map scouting and this game didn’t change that with Mana scouting Lilbow first try and also startinf with quick Dark Templar play. However, Lilbow spots the DTs walking in and gets his observer just in time, and force fields the two DTs in killing two Dts for free. Lilbow then puts on some aggression with a Stalker lead, and Mana skipping his Mothership Core, does not have enough to defend causing him to lose giving Lilbow a lead in the series 2-1. Game number four is here, and we have both players open with a stargate! From this both players start Oracles, Lilbow takes a slight advantage killing 4 Probes to Mana’s 1 kill. However Lilbow sticks to a mostly Stalker based army for possibly too long causing him to have a weaker head up army, but with that Lilbow goes for a counterattack while Mana is out of position. The game was looking grim as it moved into a full on base trade, but Mana gets a Nexus down as his last structure and Lilbow sends all of his forces and kills the Nexus stealing yet another game putting our series 3-1! With that sick play from Lilbow, matchpoint is upon us – if Mana drops another map Lilbow will be our WCS Champion! Start of game five we have Lilbow going for another stargate play, however we have Mana going for some gateway aggression and with some good stalker aggression takes game number five in a very quick fashion. Our sixth game of the series we have both players open up with Blink yet again. Lilbow takes a huge fight and comes out 11 Stalkers ahead pushing into Mana’s Nexus and pushes Mana out of the game!


Lilbow wins! Lilbow wins the WCS Season 3 Championship!

Now the World Championship Series has come to an end with the fairytale ending for Lilbow. Not only has he won the tournament netting himself $30,000 for winning, but the cool 2000 WCS points sending him straight to Blizzcon. We had it all today from draws, nexus snipes to win, and that absolutely insane Polish crowd making today an amazing day for Starcraft 2 GG and Good Luck Lilbow!