World Championship Team Rankings

Tomorrow the groups for the 2015 League of Legends World Championship will be drawn. So today I’ll briefly visit each team and rank them in comparison to the other teams in the competition. After groups are finalized, I will break down each group and give more details on each team. This article will just get everyone’s feet wet. So let’s not dive in, but gradually wade our way into the water.

1) SK Telecom T1 (SKT)

skt1worldsThe Season 3 World Champions are back on top in Korea. They dominated the LCK all year long and remained consistent all the way through. Anything less than a finals appearance from them will be a disappointment.

2) LGD Gaming

LGDworldsThe #1 seed from China looked far better than any Chinese side during the LPL playoffs, which included a 3-0 sweep over EDG. Imp looked like a man on a mission and aims to retain his World Championship title with a different team and prove to be the best ADC in the world.

3) Edward Gaming (EDG)

edgworldsThe winners of MSI suffered some hiccups down the stretch of the summer split, but they nicely rebounded in the LPL regional qualifiers and secured the #2 seed from China. Deft and Pawn will need to perform at their highest level in order for EDG to take home the title. Expect them to be in the semi-finals this year at the least.

4) Fnatic

FnaticworldsEurope’s pride and joy, Fnatic, will look perform with home field advantage on their side. Their undefeated run throughout the EU LCS was impressive, but how will they play against the world’s best? If MSI was any indication, look for Fnatic to make plenty of noise.

5) KOO Tigers

KOOworldsThe #2 seed from Korea, KOO Tigers, will be looking to rebound from their last international appearance at IEM Katowice. They couldn’t manage to beat Team WE from China, who was at the bottom of the table in the LPL. Pray and Gorilla are one of the best bot lanes in the world, so their performance is extremely vital to their team.

6) Invictus Gaming

invictusworldsInvictus was the last team to qualify from China as the #3 seed. Kakao and Rookie are the most dynamic players on their roster. Their jungler/mid lane synergy is top notch. They will look to punish other teams with their two stars and hope to surprise a few people and end up as the title holders.

7) KT Rolster

KTworldsThis storied organization finally qualified for worlds and will do their best to make Korea proud. Former SKT T1 support player Piccaboo turned this team around when he was added into the lineup. He will look to show the world why he is a world class support player and help his team get as far along in the tournament as they can.

8) CLG

CLGworldsNorth America’s #1 seed blazed through the NA LCS playoffs and easily defeated TSM for their first title and birth at Worlds. Doublelift and Zionspartan are the stars of this team and will have to play their best if they want to give North America a shot at bringing home the trophy.

9) AHQ

AHQworldsTalk about dominating a region, AHQ made mince meat out of the LMS and easily took the number 1 seed out of Taiwan. AHQ looked great at MSI as well, so they have plenty of international experience. Their longtime star, Westdoor, will look to continue his legacy at another World Championship.

10) Origen

origenworldsThe #3 seed from Europe were the second best team in the EU LCS this year, but not participating in the spring split forced them to qualify through the Gauntlet. Being in pool 3 will result in a difficult group for this team, but they have enough talent across the roster to win some games.

11) TSM

tsmworldsThe drop off from their spring split title has been crazy for TSM. Finishing 5th in the summer split regular season and getting swept in the summer split finals has left TSM fans feeling uneasy as they head into Worlds. Bjergsen and his “4 wards” will need to improve their play immensely if they wish to make it out of groups.

12) H2K

h2kworldsThe #2 seed from Europe has been consistent all year long, but they haven’t dominated. They have question marks about their jungler, Loulex, heading into worlds as well. They will need to bring their best in order to please the home crowd and get some wins on the board.

13) Cloud 9

c9worldsCloud 9 went from 1 game away from the promotion tournament, to now being at Worlds. This team has looked better and better with Hai back in the lineup, but still makes plenty of mistakes each game. This isn’t the old Cloud 9, but they still have a chance to take a game or two and shock some teams. They will most likely have a very tough group as they come from pool 3.

14) Yoe Flash Wolves

yoeworldsThe #2 seed from the LMS barely edged out Hong Kong Esports for this Worlds spot, but they find themselves at the World Championship for the first time. Their solo laners Maple and Steak will have to wine and dine their lane opponents for them to have a shot at making it into the knockout stage.

15) Pain Gaming

painworldsLast year Kabum shocked the world when they upset Europe’s super team, Alliance. This year however, Pain Gaming is representing Brazil and the world will not overlook this team. The team’s ADC, brTT, is their star player and he will have to show up against the best in the world in order for this team to take a game off of anybody.

16) Bangkok Titans

bangkokworldsThe other International Wild Card team that will be looking to show the world what they got. They defeated some stiff competition in their tournament to earn their spot at Worlds. The competition at Worlds, however, may swallow them up and spit them out.


Group draw will be tomorrow at 4pm EST. Like I stated at the beginning of the article, their will be an article for each group where I will further dissect each team and how they matchup against their group opponents.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin