The Best of the Best in the Back


As FIFA 16 becomes inevitably closer, teams have begun their recruitment process for ACL XI which is otherwise known as: Snake season. But before we let snake season take over our lives, I think it is very important to address who the best players are, what their plans are for FIFA 16 at the moment, and taking a look at what they accomplished in FIFA 15. Unlike previous rankings you might have seen in the past, I’m going to give you a true ranking of who is the best of the best in the 1% of the Virtual Pro Network community. There will be no favoritism, there will be no unsure calls, this is the best of the best.



So much bias, OMG!

Birgerk1ng: There really isn’t an argument to be had here. Time after time, Birgerk1ng makes huge gamechanging saves. Out of the three ACL’s on 15, Birger found himself in the final of all three, winning the latter two. The part that makes Birger so special is that his impact on the field is known and thus his team would not be champions without him. Serenity after playing a fair portion of the season with either Rodriguez or nojsoccer in net found themselves mid table and struggling to get positive results against even the weakest of opponents. When birger finally settled in come playoff time, he did everything he knows he can do and shut down the “best” attackers in the league.


wHH Ikerinho: Despite a very poor team performance and result in the most previous ACL, Ikerinho’s performances this FIFA surpass that of anyone besides Birger. After bringing back the infamous No Autographs in ACL VIII and leading them to a mid-table finish, Ikerinho managed to find himself in a hell hole and banned from ACL IX competition. While his team’s success this FIFA might not have been to the same extent as that of others in the league, his individual performances surpass that of them all which resulted in countless TOTW’s, a few TOTS and a CS leader award.


That BottleFace: I might have lied in the intro about no unsure calls, because here is where I ran into my one and only problem. Deciding who was the third best goalkeeper this FIFA. While some have more titles and others have more clean sheets, with Bottle we found the in-between of all of that. Sadly that adds up to losing in the playoffs every season and never winning an individual award, but none of that is important. What is important is that despite the skill level of the people in front of him, Bottle has been able to get his team to places they don’t necessarily belong and get the results they don’t always deserve. So with all of that said, I chose Bottle over Skrillex and Tracy. What comes next for Bottle only time will tell, but he was most recently rumored to be joining TerryUnleashed, so things might not be looking so great for him.



Outside Backs

While it may seem rather suspicious that all the outside backs are from the same team, you shouldn’t be surprised at all. They are the best team in the league because they have 4 good defenders not 3.

Gordon23 x: At the beginning of this FIFA I never imagined I would be writing an article about good players and be including Gordon, especially at a defensive position. Banter aside, Gordon proved one thing this FIFA and it’s that years of trying to play FIFA can turn you into one hell of an outside back. After making his debut as a defender in AVL last winter, Gordon found himself on the USA roster as an outside back. A few thousand Facebook posts and comments later, Gordon has found himself as the best outside back on the game with a trophy room that consists of more than his bench ride to a title in ACL V.


Lucio l 3 l: Per the usual with every FIFA, Lucio aka DON LUC found himself playing with the same group of players in a very unsuccessful manner. After a huge failure with The Rec Center, Don Luc was able to make a comeback, in a huge way for AVL. Posting an amazing defensive season with AVL Everton, the Don then moved that performance onto ACL VIII where he was a part of the backline that took the ACL by storm. Lucio also had a spectacular AVL performance again once he got traded to AVL Barcelona. One might be able to argue Lucio only succeeds when he is playing with top players, but that aside Lucio has shown outside back is really his home, whether that’s fate or the fact he has less responsibility, we’ll never know.

FC Serenity

Rodriguez l2l: Despite being a do it all utility player, Rodriguez has found a spot on my rankings as an outside back. After this most recent ACL, I don’t think it is even a question about the fact Rodriguez is good enough to be in this spot. Throughout this past ACL, Rodriguez played everything for Serenity, but his biggest impact was at outside back and especially in the playoffs against Viva where he shut down Omar l 1 l. It is rumored that Rodriguez took Omar to Alcatraz, but I don’t even think Alcatraz has as tight of security as he did in that game. The way he ended this FIFA should be a huge momentum boost for him going into FIFA 16 and should secure his spot on Serenity.

FC Serenity


Center Back

The biggest traffic cones the Virtual Pro Network has to offer.

Viva Pep: While many have come to the feeling that Aztecas has finally become what Streets once said as “the next pep”. I don’t quite find him to be there. While the skill level of the top two central defenders is unreal, I believe the impact Pep has on and off the virtual pitch is unmatchable and makes him the best defender in the game. When you’re up against Viva with Pep in the back, you won’t be going through the middle or winning the ball in the air. And you also know it’s going to take three on your goal line and two marking him on corners to prevent him from scoring. After what he would probably consider a disappointing FIFA, Pep walks away with more clean sheets and Team of the Season awards than any other defender and one title to his prized possession, Viva Futbol.

Viva Futbol

Aztecas l 8 l: While the number two may seem like a letdown for him personally, the difference between two and three is not one like we once learned in math class when we were four. Aztecas has grown from an annoying kid who showed potential on Fc FiFa HoLiCz to a defensive captain and leader for two-time ACL Champions, FC Serenity. Despite multiple cheating scandals this FIFA, Aztecas has been able to put up rock solid performances in every ACL and earn the respect of the whole VPN community. Look for Aztecas to finally make that push into FIFA 16 to become the one and true best defender in the game. Also be on the lookout for a recruitment to Viva because if you can’t beat them, get them on your team.

FC Serenity

Ramani x: Despite, in my opinion, not being on the level of the previous two defenders. Ramani has something that first two lack and that is being fundamentally sound. There isn’t a defender in the game who makes less mistakes than Ramani. While his play doesn’t consist of a lot of big play potential, he reduces mistakes of not only himself, but those around him. This makes the workload for the man behind him very straightforward and simple. Look to see Ramani in the backline for not only Viva but USA as well next FIFA.

Viva Futbol


This wraps up the best of the players in the back line. Look out for the best of the best in the front, aka the less important players on the team.